The Vampire Diaries Recap – 4×11 “Catch Me If You Can”

Last night’s episode was another fantastic one! Bravo Team TVD. I feel like the season is just getting better and better. Last night, we saw a HUGE shift in the dynamic of our Mystic Falls residents. Stefan and Rebekah took their alliance to a whole new “level”, Kol proved that he’ll prevent Silas from rising at any cost and Elena is stuck between a moonstone and a hard place when it comes to Jeremy, Stefan, Klaus AND Damon. What’s a girl to do? Let’s get down to the dirty deets.

Stefan2Stefan: Stefan, your recap gets to be first this time because you were a freaking badass in this episode and you deserve it. Where do I even start? So, Stefan and Rebekah go to Shane’s office to look for cure shit, and end up having a little heart-to-heart. You know, I really liked Rebekah in this scene. She was trying to get Stefan to have a little fun, which he definitely needs to do. He is the most uptight, serious, tightly wound, brooding son of a bitch on the face of the planet. He really needed to huff a little magical herb and get jiggy with a hot blonde. Jaw dropping Stefan moment #1: Him telling Rebekah that their sex was awesome in the 20’s because she was crazy and crazy sex is always good. Ooohh… #2: Him telling Elena to pretty much piss off when she came to his house and wanted to see Damon. #3: Stef getting downright dirty with Rebekah. That super sexual scene between them at the end was hotter than two rats screwin’ in a wool sock. These two “said” just sex, no emotions but we all know that doesn’t work. Apparently, they’ve never seen “Friends With Benefits” starring Mila Kunis and JT. (Great movie by the way) Even though Stefan acted like he totally doesn’t care about Elena anymore, I’m not sure I believe it. He’s keeping Damon locked up and not letting Elena see him in order to save Jeremy. If Jeremy dies, the quest for the cure may be over, but why does he even want to find the cure anymore if he doesn’t care about her? I thought he originally wanted to find it to make sure Elena’s feelings for Damon were real and to give her her human life back. He was trying to cure her because he thought that’s what was right for her, so if he doesn’t care anymore, why is he still looking for it? Maybe next episode he won’t be. I don’t know. I think he’s just hurt and trying to shut out his emotions, which is completely understandable. P.S. You know he loved getting to stake and drain Damon. Let me just say that I LOVE emotionless Stefan. He is MUCH more fun than “in love with Elena” Stefan. Bring on the Ripper!

DamonDamon: You got the girl, but you’ve officially lost your brother. I have no doubt that you guys will reconcile at some point (I mean you’ve got another century or so to work it out), but for now you’ve only got Elena. Jeremy thinks you’re using him and Klaus is just using you. What I loved about Damon in this episode was the obvious responsibility he felt for protecting Jeremy. He really cares and I don’t think it’s just for Elena’s sake. Remember him telling ghost-Alaric in 4×02 that he’s stuck “taking care of the kids” now? Well, that’s exactly what he’s doing, but I think it gives him purpose. A reason to live. Damon with a purpose is more intriguing than a unihibited and unrestrained Damon. Kol compelled Damon to kill Jeremy and for a second I thought his love for Elena could override the compulsion, but nope. Not the case. Since Klaus doesn’t want Jeremy dead, I’m hoping he just heads on over to the Salvatore abode and UNcompels Damon. UNLESS, he likes the idea of Damon being out of his way so that he can do what he wants with Jeremy, sans interference. EEK! I’m not too worried since (Spoiler Alert) the promo for next week shows that someone obviously released him.

ElenaElena: Elena kind of took a backseat in this episode. Homegirl tried to negotiate with Klaus, which she should know will never work because he’s the sneakiest little bastard this side of the Milky Way. When has Klaus ever been known to do anything for someone else that wouldn’t further his own motives and cause death and destruction to the people of Mystic Falls? Drumroll please… never. My heart broke a little for Elena in this episode because Stefan was extremely harsh with her. I understand that she broke his heart, but she still cares about the dude and he was a complete asshole to her. You could see the hurt all over her face when he told her “This will be the second time Damon has tried to kill Jeremy. I guess nobody’s  perfect, right?” and then “You don’t know what I look like when I’m not in love with you.” Ouch! I think I was as shocked as she was by his comments. I was legit stunned.

I honestly couldn’t believe he was so cold towards her. Elena, if you really want to protect your brother, you should just move to another state… or country. It’s not like you’re worried about missing graduation because you don’t even attend classes anymore. Get the f*ck out of town!

Kol2Kol: I’m going to have to side with Kol on this whole cure matter. He’s doing what is best for humanity right now. He said raising Silas from the dead could end the world, didn’t he? I mean, I’m not trying to die here. I haven’t even met Ian Somerhalder yet. Kol is making a lot of sense right now. Sure, he compelled Damon to kill Jeremy, but let’s remember that he has no emotional ties to these people. We can’t really blame him for being the vampire he is AND trying to save the world. All I have to say is, if that bar ever opens for business again, it’s going to take about 50 gallons of bleach to sanitize that f*cking freezer. Did you see all those dead vampires laying right next to the ingredients for Sunday’s chile? So nasty. I don’t want Kol to kill anyone, but he seems to be the only one who’s looking at this objectively since he’s not personally invested.

BonnieBonnie: I don’t know how many times we have to tell you to get the hell away from Shady Shane. He gives you a necklace made of human bone as an “expression” graduation gift (some flowers would have sufficed), admits to being involved with the Pastor Young murder shit, THEN he gives you the whole “I’ll help you figure out what’s up with your dead Grams” spiel and you STILL won’t chuck up the deuces and walk away. This guy is so blatantly using you, it’s like he’s writing “Hey Bonnie, I’m about to seriously f*ck you and your friends over” in the damn sky. I’m just frustrated because I love BonBon, and she is a fierce woman. What would Grams say about all this hoopla? #WWGD. Bonnie needs to recognize that this joker is no good and do something to stop him before things get worse than they already are. Seeing her go expression crazy on Shane was seriously awesome. Looks like she’s more powerful than we realized. Shane took her from Harry Potter in his freshman year at Hogwarts to full-blown Voldemort in a matter of weeks.

You can see the similarities though, right? Watching Bonnie do badass witch shit is a lot of fun, but she’s going to need to open her eyes and see what’s really going on here before the people she loves get hurt. I have a feeling Shane has her hypnotized but maybe her dad can help her out since he thinks she’s gone completely nutso.

JerJeremy: I’m glad to see Jeremy stepping up to the plate and handling his own shit, but he is no match for Damon, Klaus, Kol or anyone else for that matter. He’s going to get used and there’s nothing he or Elena can do to stop it. Maybe Bonnie could help him out if she wasn’t so far up Shane’s ass. Jer, you might want to think about the consequences next time before you smart off to Klaus. To him, the lives of your friends are expendable so could you please start making smarter life choices? I’m not down for seeing Matt get used as vampire bait again.

klausKlaus: Klaus doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He’s going to do what he wants, when he wants, and that’s just the way it is. Can people please realize this and stop trying to trust him? He’s mother f*cking Klaus Mikaelson, y’all! El Capitán of #TeamDontGiveAFuck (refer to our recap of 4×10 for clarification).


My mind is still completely blown from last night’s episode. Everyone is so divided right now, this race for the cure is going to be a complete clusterf*ck. Plus, there might be people we don’t know about yet gunning for the cure as well. Remember that dude that bit his own tongue off and stabbed himself in front of Stefan and Rebekah? Where the hell did he come from? And why on God’s green Earth did he need to bite his tongue off if he was just going to stab himself in the jugular anyway? So unnecessary. Next week, Kol stirs up more trouble by coming after not only Jeremy, but Bonnie too, and Klaus turns to Stefan for help. Oh, and I’m hoping to see EXTRA Caroline and Tyler scenes next week since we didn’t get to see them at all in this episode. Until next time…



Music from 4×11 “Catch Me If You Can”

3 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries Recap – 4×11 “Catch Me If You Can”

  1. Heather

    I’ll say it — and I know it’ll be blasphemy — but in many ways this episode was very frustrating. First off, we had a huge setup in the previous episode for an awesome Delana moment. She tells him she trusts him, he warns her he’s going to do things she won’t like. What happens this episode? As soon as she sees what’s happening she’s all over Damon’s grill about what’s going on, telling us and him that she neither trusts him nor understands what ‘you’re not going to like what i have to do’ means. HUH? Left turn anyone? Then there’s the whole we didn’t get a romantic interlude thing — note to writers, when you tease people over and over, they do eventually give up and go away.

    Then there’s Stefan. He’s left Elena alone countless times over the seasons, which allowed Damon to step into her life and fulfill an important role in her life. She’s also been rescued about a thousand times by Damon. She knows that in the end Damon and mighty his pecs will come for her and save the day. He might screw things up, but his primary objective is that she lives. So now Stefan can’t understand that Elena would fall in love with Damon over him? Dude, have you ever SEEN your brother? Been carried in his arms? Eye roll. BUT, Stefan also knows that she’s sired. So…factoring in that, no reason to be that way. I do appreciate his backbone — he can be firm, but he doesn’t need to be a dick about it.

    And speaking of dick…he’s already in bed with Rebekah? Seriously?? I guess it’s just revenge sex or whatever, but if he’s that in love with Elena, knows she’s being driven by the sire bond — makes sense? Not to me. Pppppffftttt on epic love.

    I hate Shadypants and wish Bonnie would get a backbone of her own. And maybe there will be a brain attached at the end of it that she could also use. I just hope she knows which end is up. Brains or Booty, which to choose? I digress…

    And then there’s Silas. How do you make a new bad that can surpass the very hyped up Klaus in badness? Why you invent the Very First Immortal Ever guy. Even Klaus will quake in his frilly girl boots. But then one day we’ll find out that Silas was actually sired by someone else, which opens the door for the Next New Bad.

    I’m losing patience with this show. Maybe I’ll just start reading your recaps instead. Thanks for letting me vent.

  2. teamtsd Post author

    “Dude, have you ever SEEN your brother? Been carried in his arms?” Hahaha! That’s awesome. I honestly wonder if we’ll ever see Silas at all. I wouldn’t mind seeing what would happen if he was real and was awakened, but I don’t know if it’s going to happen. Shane is a big fat liar.
    No need to apologize for venting. This site is here for fans to discuss the shows they love, good or bad. #FangsOut


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