TeamTSD.com (Team Teen Supernatural Dramas) was created by two overly obsessed, supernatural TV show fan-girls, Liz and Lindi. Two best friends who love all things supernatural and are dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest about your favorite shows. This is a fan site run by fans, just like you. We’re here to make you laugh, cry, and above all, get excited about the shows you love. We wanted a place for fans to interact positively with other fans and share their mutual love for their favorite shows, which led to the creation of this site.

How it all started:

This site sort of started out as a joke. No seriously, we were a box of wine in one night and decided to publish all the funny shit we said to each other on a blog and jokingly started calling ourselves “Team Teen Supernatural Dramas”, TeamTSD for short. The name stuck and apparently, we aren’t the only ones who find our slightly inappropriate, yet totally hilarious thoughts on these shows entertaining. What started out as a silly Tumblr blog recapping a couple of shows a week, started to take on a life of its own. And that’s the story of how TeamTSD.com was born. Yeah, that’s literally it.

So, take a look around, subscribe, share your thoughts with other fans and just enjoy!

P.S. Yes, we realize that our name is Team “Teen” Supernatural Dramas (remember how we said it started as a joke and stuck 10 seconds ago?) and that we cover shows with mature content, our posts are typically not appropriate for all ages, and we are definitely not teenagers anymore. Umm… sorry? So, if you’re easily offended and have absolutely no sense of humor at all, then this site is not for you. Please find the nearest exit and go grow a pair.

Lindi and Liz...and red wine. #duh

Lindi and Liz…and red wine. #duh



*TeamTSD is not affiliated with any featured shows or television networks. (But hey CW, SyFy, HBO, AMC, etc., if you want to pay us for representing and promoting the shit out of your shows, we’ll take it.)

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