We’ve only made it through 9 episodes of season 4 of The Vampire Diaries so far, but this season has been incredible. It’s been so different from the previous seasons making it exciting, fresh and unpredictable. I’ve loved every single episode so far, but some of them have had more of a lasting effect on me than others. In an attempt to make it through this winter hiatus, I’ve ranked the episodes starting with “loved it” to “completely f*cking obsessed and watch it every other day”. Let’s count them down, shall we?

#9: 4×03 “THE RAGER”

Just because this one is ranked number 9, doesn’t mean I didn’t like it. I mean, how could I not love watching Elena do a boss keg stand at Rebekah’s party?


Excellent form. Trust me, I’d know. Oh, and don’t forget Rebekah pencil stabbed Elena in the middle of a classroom. #bitchmode. Plus, we got to see a lot of Connor action and if you know me at all, you know I LOVED me some Connor Jordan. Oh, how I miss him.

#8: 4×05 “THE KILLER”

What I loved about this episode was that we got to see Elena and Damon acting like they truly cared about each other. Poor Stefan was trying to do what was best for Elena, but it just pushed her away. Stefan! When are you going to learn that girls always goes for the bad boys in the end. Stop being a bunny-eating-goody-two-shoes and grow a pair. We also got to see more Connor action before Elena snapped his neck in a blind rage. I was actually pretty surprised because I didn’t feel like we had learned enough about his story yet. Oh, well. Elena’s breakdown at the end when she was digging Connor’s grave was touching, emotional and powerful. Excellent scene. Good job Nina. #madprops

#7: 4×01 “GROWING PAINS”

In the season 4 premiere, we got to witness Elena’s transition into a vampire. The effects in this episode were amazing. The sensitivity to sound and light and her wacked out emotions were portrayed perfectly. Watching Elena struggle with light bulbs, tuna sandwiches and her new fangs was just plain fun to watch. Then, there was Elena and Stefan’s heart wrenching conversation while they were locked up in those damn barn jail cells. Sweet Jesus. My heart almost exploded. Good thing Elena has long ass arms so she could reach that dude’s blood and survive! The rooftop scene with Stefan and Elena was adorable too. Little did they know how short-lived their happiness would be.

#6: 4×04 “THE FIVE”

Wait. Did Elena have *gasp* FUN at that frat party? Well, she sure as shit did. One of the things I really enjoyed about this episode was watching Elena let loose and have a good time. FINALLY! That was refreshing. Another enjoyable aspect of this episode was watching the pec-tacular Alexander in the flashback scenes. You know, the one that daggered Rebekah, rocked a fierce wig and wielded that ancient sword. No?

0000000How about now? Still no? What about…


now? Ok, so I just wanted to look at his pecs and force you to do the same. #noshame. The shocking moment of the episode was watching Klaus stab Rebekah. What a bastard! Not that I loved him any less for it though. The Originals are seriously the most dysfunctional family ever.


This episode was quite interesting. Elena lost her damn mind and Klaus tried to help her by locking her in a super posh room (Klaus who’s your interior decorator). Of course the Scooby gang had to bust her out though, and she ran straight to the one place with plenty of wood to kill herself and where she’s almost died a couple of times before. Smart move… NOT. The scene where she was on the bridge and talked to her “mom” made me cry like a little baby. Poor girl. Thanks to Elena’s hallucinations, we also got to see a little of “Katherine” so I can’t complain there. I’m just hoping the REAL Katherine returns to Mystic Falls soon. Just as Elena was about to burn up in the sun, Damon swooped her up and did a swan dive off the Wickery Bridge. So it wasn’t really a swan dive. It was more of a frantic snatch and free fall into the water, but it looked really f*cking graceful to me. Stefan and Elena broke up and while it was sad, they were actually honest with each other and it needed to happen. Way to be mature about it guys!


One word: FLASHBACKS. And another word: LEXI. Ok, two more words: GIRL’S NIGHT. Stefan and Damon were hot as hell in uniform and it was fun getting to see what they were like back in the day. Plus, we got to see the lovely Lexi again even though she was being a little bitch to Damon. One of my absolute favorite scenes so far this season was watching Elena, Bonnie and Caroline drink and dance around the Salvatore house. Their fun time didn’t last long (because Caroline likes to run her mouth), but it reminded me of season 1. The friendship of these three is unbreakable. Well, at least for now.


Klaus. Is. A. F*cking. Badass. Besides the fact that this episode was chock full of Christmas songs, we got to see some serious Klaus action so how could you not love it? Just when you thought Klaus was getting soft, he reminded you who the boss is by massacring 12 hybrids and drowning poor Mama Lockwood in a matter of minutes. This intensified my love affair with Klaus, and I didn’t think that was even possible. Just look at him:

000001Sweet Mother of Pearl. Klaus, I think you just landed yourself on the naughty list. My second favorite thing about this episode was seeing April standing over Rebekah’s daggered body. You know why? Because that means she’s going to wake her up and I’ve missed Rebekah dearly. #TeamBarbieKlaus


The best part of this episode? No, not the Damon/Elena sex. Caroline’s amazing gold dress and Elena’s fierce fishtail braid. Seeing Elena and Damon finally get it on is a close second. After watching their sexual tension build for 3+ seasons, they finally just let go and hit the sheets. It was hot. It was passionate. It was about damn time. I loved the Klaus and Caroline scenes almost as much as the Damon and Elena ones. That hummingbird story Klaus told Caroline warmed the cockles of my heart and seeing him make her laugh made me giggle like a school girl. There’s nothing I want more than to see Klaus and Caroline fall in love and run away together and live happily ever after. I love these two. This episode was just incredible. Way to go Team TVD!

#1: 4×02 “MEMORIAL”

I still stick to my guns when I say this episode is one of the best of any season. It had suspense like we’ve never seen on TVD before. I definitely didn’t expect to see Connor shank April and then use her as vampire bait in the middle of her father’s service. That shit was hardcore. Elena straight up fed on Matt in the middle of the church for crying out loud! And how could we forget the super sexual and intimate blood sharing scene between Elena and Damon in the Mystic Grill bathroom? Then, the scene where the crew sent lanterns into the sky in remembrance of the people they’ve lost. As if I wasn’t bawling my eyes out enough already, we see Damon talking to Alaric at his grave and then *BLAMMO* we see Alaric.


Do you know how many times I’ve watched this scene on YouTube? It’s a problem. It’s the best scene of season 4, hands down. I was convulsing on my living room floor after this episode. No joke. Hats off to Team TVD for giving us the spectacular gift that is “Memorial”.

If the first 9 episodes are any indication of what we can expect from the remainder of the season, I’m going to need reconstructive tear duct surgery. Comment with your thoughts and let us know what episodes so far in Season 4 are your favorite! How would you rank the episodes? #FangsOut



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