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Teen Wolf Mid-Season Finale Recap – 3×12 “Lunar Eclipse”

Teen Wolf Lunar Ellipse 2

Sweet mother of Derek Hale. I cannot handle what just happened. I know TeamTSD says this a lot, but Teen Wolf f*cking rules. This show is original, genius, and freaking amazing. Parents were saved, random weird cubbie holes beneath old trees caved, and my shirtless obsession with the cast will now be depraved. Did I just rhyme because I’m so effing giddy from that mid-season finale? Yes, yes I did. Let’s dive into the dirty deets.

Derek & Cora Teen Wolf Lunar EllipseDerek’s Crib: Nothing defines #pureman more that Derek Hale. Derek sacrificed his alpha-ness for his sister, and then he gave all his loyalty to Scott. I love this man. In the beginning of the episode, Cora is trying to get Derek to heal quicker, because the lunar eclipse is nearing, and there are about 10 different people out to kill him. Peter tells him he needs to leave with Cora in order to stay safe. Derek FINALLY agrees, and he leaves with Cora realizing that Kali and crew were coming to his boss loft to kill him. On his way out of town, he hears Lydia’s banshee scream and is all, “we have to go back!”

So, him and Cora turn their FJ Cruiser around (what happened to the badass Camaro, by the way?), and haul ass to try to save the day. What they didn’t know was that Ms. Blake (aka the fugliest monster on the planet) already showed up to the party. She threw about one hundred shards of glass into Kali, and I felt bad for her for all of .0000000009 seconds. Then, Ms. Blake took down the twins in their Frankenstein costume. #nooooooo. I know the twins can be a little annoying, but they’re growing on me. After Ms. Blake bashes everyone in the room besides for Lydia, Derek shows up and Ms. Blake asks him to help her kill Deucalion in order to save the parents. At first, Derek’s all like…

Then, Ms. Blake explains how she can’t kill Deucalion on her own with Scott by his side, and if Derek helps her she’ll free the parents and will no longer need them for the sacrifice. Yeah, like my perfect prince is going to not save the three parents. Ugh. Damn you, Ms. Blake. So off they go riding into the sunset with her chapped leather face and his chiseled porcelain jaw line.

Teen Wolf Lunar EllipseBath Tubs and Tree Stumps: While Ms. Blake was #bizzy conniving her way into Derek’s heart, Stiles, Allison and Scott all woke up from their sixteen-hour sleep session. You heard that right, sixteen hours! The blackness around their hearts has to be darker than their bathtub ensembles. During their coma, they each visited the same chopped down tree stump. We got some great flashbacks during these scenes, and we saw Scott get bit by Peter, Allison follow Scott into the woods after her mom almost hit him with her car, and Stiles witness the scene unfold from the night they were out in the woods. Apparently, all of these instances occurred by the tree stump, so they all knew where to find it. When they wake up, they all devise a plan. They decide Scott has to head back to Deucalion because he “promised” him and they want to use him as J.Blake bait. Allison, Stiles and Isaac are tasked with going to the tree stump (aka the Nemeton) to save the parents. Yay for organized planning! I mean, I can’t even map out my grocery list for the week and these kids are saving the damn world. #hooray

Before they executed “plan-save-the-parents”, Isaac, Scott and Allison all stop by her place and run into Scott’s dad and his posse. Hey Scott, you’re dad’s a dick, FYI.

Scott’s dad proceeds to hold them all hostage in Daddy Argent’s office with a felony’s worth of weapons in front of them, and Allison decides to give him a weapon lesson. She grabs a smoke grenade and sets it off in the room as a distraction for the three of them to get away. I get it, the show is about teenage werewolves, but getting away with that shit isn’t supernatural, it’s just ridiculous. They didn’t even get in trouble! Anyways, they all high-tail it out of there and head out to the woods to find the stump. Showdown: Deucalion and Scott show up at the “were”house (see what I did there?) and do a great phone plug, I mean send a video, to Ms. Blake threatening her to come meet them there to fight to the death. It’s on! Ms. Blake and Derek show up, and then shit got weird. Apparently, when you’re a blind super-Alpha, you transform into the most elaborate Halloween mask I’ve ever seen. Deucalion’s face was straight up crazy train, and his voice also sounded like a muffled tape recorder. Regardless, this scene was still badass. Derek and Ms. Blake try to fight Deucalion, but he beats the crap out of them. After he smacks Ms. Blake senseless, he tells Scott to finish her off.

For all you Mortal Kombat fans, #yourewelcome. Anyways, Scott’s like, “hell no, I ain’t no killer!” Deucalion gets pissed, and then the lunar eclipse happens which makes the werewolves lose all their power (temporarily). Ms. Blake turns the tables and starts to beat up on Deucalion. She punches him repeatedly, and then proceeds to get upset because Deucalion can’t see her “real face.” Girl, ain’t NOBODY want to see that anymore. Ms. Blake then uses her temporary healing powers to give Deucalion his sight back, and after a somewhat girlish scream, he can see again! Imagine being blind for God knows how long and THIS is the first thing you see when you get your sight back:

source: tumblr user/teenwolf

And you know Deucalion was all like:

I’m surprised he didn’t go blind again or claw his own eyes out after seeing the Darach in the flesh (#punning #onaroll). Before Ms. Blake can finish off Deucalion, Derek steps in and tries to stop her. She starts punching him and we see flashbacks of when his now-dead pack, Erica and Boyd, almost shredded him to death. Remember that? And he was doing that to save MS. BLAKE. What a hooker. Any who, Deucalion gets his powers back once the eclipse ends, and Ms. Blake encircles herself in mountain ash for protection. Ms. Blake teases Scott, and Scott’s like, “I got this.” He pushes through the barrier, his eyes glow RED, and he mic-drops his alpha-hottness all over that bitch.



Deucalion still slashes her throat, but somehow she escapes when they aren’t looking. You would think they had learned their lesson with Gerard. Guess not.

Isaac Teen Wolf Lunar EllipseSaving the Parents: On his way to meet Isaac and Allison at the stump, Stiles crashed into a tree with his jeep because the storm was so bad. As for Allison and Isaac, they found their way into the Nemeton and untied the parents. Look’s like Ms. Blake was going to bury them alive for her sacrifice, because she started some crazy supernatural storm to cave the walls in around them. Stiles shows up down there (like they would EVER kill him off) and they use an aluminum baseball to hold the entire ground above them up until the storm stopped. Right… I’m just glad everyone’s safe. Even Ethan and Aiden who were brought back to Deaton’s by Lydia and Cora and healed.

Stiles and Derek Teen Wolf Lunar EllipseThe Aftermath: We get a scene of Scott’s dad trying to talk to him and Scott just slams the door in his face because he’s a big douche bag who was absent from his life for only God knows long and then shows up and threatens to arrest him. Worst dad ever. Also shown, was Derek packing up and leaving town with Cora. Let’s be honest, he will be back! He has to be. He’ll pop up and save someone right as they’re about to get speared by a unicorn’s horn or something. We’re getting more supernatural creatures, remember? Then, we see a touching scene at the end with Scott walking down the hallway at school. Scott talks about how they will always have “darkness” around them from their sacrifice, but their friendship will always keep them whole. Aw, that’s adorbs. We also see Danny and Ethan holding hands, Lydia and Aiden flirting (no Stydia?) and Isaac and Allison laughing and making googly eyes at each other. Stiles comes up behind Scott and gives him a little bro-hug. God, I love those two. Just when we think all is well in the world, and we’re going to start this hiatus on a good note…

The Big Ending: We see Jennifer Blake on her last breaths climbing on top of that damn tree stump begging for her life. Can you say, desperate much? Just before her hand touches the stump of life, someone pulls her away. She mocks this person, tells them that all they want is to kill Scott and be the Alpha again. Then the camera pans out and we see that it’s PETER and he screams…

source: tumblr user/teenwolf

He kills her with one swift nail swipe to the jugular. Yes! I love it! OK, so I am not loving the fact that this is completely implying that Peter will turn bad again, but I’m glad we’ll get more Peter screen time. He’s hilarious, witty, hot as hell and the perfect villain. Bring it on, Teen Wolf!

What did you guys think? Can you barely stand the wait? Because I don’t know if I’ll be able to last until January 6th when the rest of season 3 returns. And Jeff Davis’s dirty deets on Derek’s departure for the first few episodes and Beacon Hills becoming a “beacon” (punning again!) for all things supernatural leaves a lot up in the air. We have a little over 3 months, so leave your predictions below! #FangsOut



Teen Wolf Recap – 3×11 “Alpha Pact”

Teen Wolf Alpha Pact

Dear Jeff Davis, thank you very much for causing me to lay awake all night, wracking my nerves, bringing tears to my eyes and destroying my emotions. This episode was hands down the best one yet. I mean, wow! Jeff, Tim Andrews, the cast and crew, you guys are f*cking amaze-balls and I love you. Way to go, y’all!

In this episode, Derek remains glued to Cora’s side, Stiles and Lydia search for a way to save the parents, Daddy Arg allows himself to be taken by Jennifer McDarachFace and Deaton proposes a deadly solution. Let’s get on down to the dirty deets.

Scott Alpha Pact Teen WolfScott: Scott’s wandering the woods with Deucalion, looking for the Nemeton where Jennifer is hiding the parents. They don’t find it, but they do stumble upon Ms. Morrell. She runs from Deucalion, Scott, Kali and the twins and encircles herself in mountain ash because her human legs can’t outrun them. Ms. Morrell brings shit full circle when she says she sent the girl who helped Isaac in the first episode of the season. She also tells the Alpha pack that their loyal leader killed Ennis after Deaton healed him. Kali and the twins look suspicious when she says this but Deucalion spears Ms. Morrell with his walking stick, causing her to stumble outside of the circle. I understand. I usually shank people too when they start saying things I don’t like. The alphas start going after Ms. Morrell but Scott steps in and tells them to back da fucque up. They listen to him. Hmm… interesting. They could have just thrown him to the side and killed her, but they didn’t and Deucalion doesn’t challenge him. Maybe Kali and the twins will start realizing that a TRUE alpha is more powerful (and more pleasant to be around) than their asshole, power-hunger, back-stabbing leader. Scott tells Ms. Morrell he won’t let them hurt her. Dammit Scott, you’re one noble son of a bitch. #PureMan

Lydia Teen Wolf Alpha PactStiles & Lydia: Stiles is at the hospital still when the cops arrive and in walks a FBI agent that he acts like he’s met before. He’s questioning him about what happened but Stiles isn’t giving anything up. Later at school, he’s with Lydia (who has decided to where her neck wound with pride) when he gets a text from Isaac saying that Allison’s dad was taken. Stiles reacts exactly the same way I did, by having a full-fledged panic attack. I mean, I was more worried about the fact I may never see Daddy Arg show up to places guns blazing in his Italian leather again, but his main concern was that Jennifer could start the sacrifice now that she had all three of the parents. Could Jennifer not have made it easier on herself and just snatched any old parent off the street. Did I miss something here? She always has to be so f*cking dramatic.

Lydia gets Stiles to the locker room where she tries to calm him down and she succeeds when she KISSES HIM. Yup, that’s right. The Stydia kiss finally happened and it was magical. These two f*cking love each other. They don’t have time to revel in the moment though, because Stiles realizes that they should go talk to Ms. Morrell. When they get to her office they find a sassy student waiting on her. When they realize Ms. Morrell is uncharacteristically late, they start going through her files. They find Lydia’s notebook where Lydia’s drawn the exact same creepy tree over, and over, and over. It’s kind of ridiculous that she never found this odd before. Then, Stiles turns the notebook upside down and realizes that it’s not a tree at all, it’s the roots and he’s like

He tells Lydia to go to Derek’s because he and Peter will know where the roots are while he stays behind and gets interrogated more by that pesky FBI agent. Conveniently, Talia took Derek and Peter’s memory away from them about the location of the roots so they have no idea where f*ck they are. Oh, for Pete’s sake. Where are the God forsaken roots? We’re hitting dead-end after dead-end here, people.

DDerek Teen Wolf Alpha Pacterek: You know I love me some Derek, but he was infuriating in this episode. Listen dude, I know your sister is on the brink of death and she looks like Jack the Skeleton King right now, but you should be trying to help find Jennifer and the parents. Isaac has no problem telling him he should be getting off his ass and doing something. Anything! He is taking some of the mountain ash from Cora to ease her pain. It’s a sweet gesture but it’s not healing her. Peter tells him that since he’s an alpha, if he takes it all from her he’ll turn into a Beta. Derek is willing to do this, as he should. She’s family. Peter says he won’t be able to win against Kali if he’s a Beta but Derek reminds him about the full lunar eclipse (when werewolves lose all their power). So pretty much, when the full lunar eclipse does occur, we’ll see an epic battle between Derek & the Scooby Gang, the alphas and Jennifer. I honestly don’t even know who wants who dead anymore. This shit’s crazy. We see Derek at the end, taking all the mountain ash from Cora and his eyes go from red to blue. It’s okay, Derek. Scott can handle running the show for a while… if he doesn’t go dark side that is.

Chris Argent Teen Wolf Alpha PactParent Teacher Meeting in the Nemeton: Daddy Argent joins the gathering in the Nemeton. The best part of the night was when Daddy Arg tried to get all his hidden weapons out and Sheriff Stilinski and Mama McCall are just like, “Yup, she took that too.” That pesky Darach! We finally get more back-story about the Stilinski’s. Papa Stilinski tells them about the night his wife, Claudia, died. He responded to a serious accident where a girl was trapped in a car. There was no way to get her out and she told him, if he wanted to see “her” he should go now. He somehow knew it was his wife she was talking about but chose to stay there anyway, not believing that she could know his wife was going to die. Sure enough, she did die that night and when he showed up to the hospital, Stiles was there with his head in his hands. He’d been alone with her when she died. He didn’t get to be with her when she died because he didn’t believe in the supernatural. Yup. I’m done.

Watching the parents interact in the Nemeton was awesome but I’m a little disappointed that they don’t know each other better since they’re kids are off gallivanting around together all the time. But you know what, friends don’t judge. When Jennifer comes down there and gets in Daddy Arg’s face about how he’s sacrificing himself for a good cause, I wanted to jump through the TV and hit her in the face with a pineapple. The nerve of that bitch! I highly doubt they’ll kill off all three of the parents, but you never know. Jeff Davis does seem to enjoy crushing our hopes and dreams an awful lot.

Allison Teen Wolf Alpha PactDeaton’s Master Plan: We ended the episode with Deaton sharing an idea on how to locate the three parents, and it’s not pretty. He says Allison, Scott and Stiles have to die and be surrogate sacrifices for their parents. I’m sorry, come again. DIE? Deaton says if it goes right, they’ll only be technically dead for a few seconds. Oh, that makes it okay then… NOT. Even if it goes right, this plan ain’t all rainbows and chocolate pudding. He says they should know they’ll be giving power back to the Nemeton, a place that hasn’t had power in a long time. This kind of power is a magnet for the supernatural and will draw supes to it, like a beacon. He alludes to the fact we could see supernatural creatures we’ve never seen before. YES! Okay, I’m ready for them to die now. I want more supes. If my input is being considered, I’d like mermaids, unicorns and centaurs please. The repercussions of this sacrifice only get worse. It’ll have an effect on the three of them for the rest of their lives and will create a permanent darkness around their heart. Is it bad that I kind of want them to go slightly dark side? The dark side could be fun.

Anyway, they go to the vet clinic to get this party rolling. Deaton asked them to bring an item that has meaning to them and their parents. Stiles brings his dad’s badge, Allison brings a silver bullet and Scott brings a watch. They have to be submerged in the ice buckets and Deaton says the person holding them down has to be someone they have an emotional tether to that can bring them back. He tells Lydia to hold down Stiles and Isaac to hold down Allison. Shit gets real awkward as they all realize Isaac and Allison have a new connection that’s not 100% platonic. As they lay in their tubs of ice, Stiles informs Scott that his father’s in town (it’s the FBI dude). I was pretty much sobbing watching each of them get pushed under the water. They better all make it out of this okay or I will lose. my. shit. I can’t even handle this show anymore.

We only have ONE episode left until we have to wait 6-ish agonizing months for the show to return in January. Why do they insist on torturing us this way? I don’t even know what’s going to happen next week but it better consist of Cora being healed, Allison, Scott and Stiles making it out of those ice tubs alive, the parents being rescued, Jennifer being killed and Derek with his shirt off. Leave your thoughts, comments and predictions. Until next time… #FangsOut



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Teen Wolf Recap – 3×10 “The Overlooked”

This episode had my heart racing the entire time and the gang somehow ended up in worse shape than when they started the episode (which seemed pretty difficult). Let’s set the scene. Jennifer attempts to pull one over on Derek, but Scott and Stiles have already warned him about her. She tells them they can’t kill her because she’s the only one who can save Cora and Daddy Stilinski. Off they go to the hospital to get Cora, where Peter’s been looking after her. They run into trouble though, because the Alpha pack is already there looking for Jennifer. Mama McCall is at the hospital, giving orders like a straight boss, which is being evacuated because of nasty storm. Okay! Now, let’s get down to the dirty deets.

Scott Teen Wolf The OverlookedScott: It’s revealed by Jennifer at the hospital that Scott is a true alpha. The group asks, “da fucque is that?” and Peter says it’s an alpha that doesn’t have to murder people to gain power. Now we know that Deucalion wants Scott in his pack because he wants perfection and Scott is the rarest form of alpha. So, if I was Deucalion, Scott would be the Christian Louboutins to my shoe collection. Got it! Scott and Peter team up at the hospital to give Derek time to get Jennifer out of there (so she can help save Cora and Sheriff Stilinski) and keep the alphas from killing her, and give Stiles time to get Cora to an ambulance. One of my favorite moments of the night was Peter busting into the hallway with the syringe of epinephrine sticking out of his chest. Ha! So, Scott and a hopped-up Peter hold the alpha twins off for a time being. Scott meets up with his mom and the Argents in the hospital and together, they come up with a plan. Bad news, though. Scott finds Derek alone and unconscious in the elevator and puts two-and-two together. He rushes to the roof with Stiles on his heels and finds Deucalion who tells him Jennifer McBitchFace already took his mom. We now understand that the “guardians” are parents. NO! Not Mama McCall!

Scott’s in tears. Stiles’ in tears. Deucalion tells Scott if he joins him, he’ll help him get his mom and Sheriff Stilinski back. Stiles begs Scott not to go with him, but Scott sees no other option. He walks away with Deucalion, promising Stiles that he’ll get his dad back. Stop it! Why is this happening to me?

Jennifer Teen Wolf The OverlookedJennifer & Derek: A lot happened with Derek and Jennifer in this episode so I’ll try to keep it as short and sweet as possible. I just want to point out though that Jennifer is so demanding. She’s only alive right now because she’s holding Cora and Sheriff Stilinski’s lives over their heads. What a snatch. She also refuses to go anywhere without Derek. I mean, I don’t blame her. While she was in dictator-mode, she should have demanded he remain shirtless for the whole episode. Maybe I would have liked her for a split second. Jennifer and Derek, once at the hospital and separated from the rest of the group, get stranded in an elevator when the back-up generator gets turned off by Deucalion. She uses this opportunity to tell Derek her back-story. We learn, thanks to Kali creepily calling her down the hall, that her real name is Julia. She used to be Kali’s emissary until Kali was ordered to kill her along with all the other emissaries. Dick move! Kali f*cked her shit up, but didn’t seal the deal.

She left Jennifer/Julia all scratched up, bleeding and on the brink of death (hence the nasty Darach face). She was given strength and power when baby Derek killed Paige and Paige’s blood got on tree roots marked with the Druid symbol (sacrifice). What are the chances of that shit? Things comes full-circle when we learn it was in fact Stiles’ dad who found her. Nothing says, “thanks for finding me and saving me and showing me kindness” like kidnapping him years later to use in an ancient sacrifice. She tells Derek she made an oath to never let the Alpha pack kill people again and that’s why she’s doing these sacrifices. She also talks about how when there is a full lunar eclipse, werewolves lose their power, alluding to the fact that she’ll kill the alphas then. I’m down with that. Okay, so in this moment we feel kind of bad for her and understand where she’s coming from. But just when I started thinking she really cares about Derek and is just trying to protect other from the alphas, she jacks Mama McCall. Now, she’s back on my shit-list and I want her dead. DEAD, I SAY! My poor emotions! I can’t even handle this show anymore. Someone take me away.

We also got a history lesson on the mythology of mistletoe but I don’t give a flying f*ck because all the parents are about to get sacrificed and I have some emotional scarring from a mistletoe mishap at a coed 9th grade Christmas party. Let’s not open that can of worms.

StilesStiles: You make Stiles cry, you die. The single tear rolling down his cheek at Derek’s when he asks Jennifer where his dad is… How could she do this? Give him his daddy, bitch! GIVE HIM BACK! At the hospital, Stiles is tasked with getting an ailing Cora to the ambulance. She’s in bad shape and still puking up mistletoe. He gets her down to the ambulance, but gets separated from Derek and Jennifer when they have to run from Kali. He notices that Cora stops breathing and goes into panic mode. He does successfully save her by giving her mouth-to-mouth though. Way to go Stiles! He makes the comments that she better be awake next time they kiss. What? Am I sensing a budding romance between these two or is Stiles just being Stiles? I’m going with the latter. I mean, we finally get a Stydia kiss next week! OH YEEEAHHH!

Seriously though, Stiles’ worry and sadness right now is freaking depressing. His dad is missing, he watched his friend walk away and into Deucalion’s pack and he’s the only one who isn’t supernatural and therefore, borderline useless in saving his dad. He cannot lose both of his parents. He just can’t.

Argents Teen Wolf The OverlookedArgents & Isaac: Allison, Isaac and Daddy Arg are at school when Isaac says he’s going to the hospital to get Cora because he refuses to leave her alone there with Peter. Okay, I’m hoping there is a romantic relationship brewing between Isaac and Cora (let’s face it, Allison and Scott belong together and so do Stiles and Lydia). Daddy Arg and Allison accompany Isaac to the hospital and automatically know something is up. They run into Scott, Peter and Mama McCall and come up with a plan to get Derek, Jennifer, Stiles and Cora out. The plan is for Allison and her dad to distract Kali and the twins, Scott to get Derek and Jennifer from the elevator, Mama McCall to go up on the roof and flip the generator switch and Isaac to pick up Cora and Stiles in his car. Side note: Who’s bright idea was it to let Mama McCall go by herself? Just saying. Anyway, Kali falls for it and follows Allison out of the hospital and Allison’s like, “hey barefoot-were-bitch, watch me f*ck your shit up in heels.” Bam! Allison starts shooting flare arrows at Kali and the twins and Daddy Arg just starts shooting them up like a boss. Allison and Daddy Arg are the biggest badasses on the show. Your argument is invalid. Observe:

Booyah! The Argent’s save the day. Well… they didn’t save Scott’s mom but they saved everyone else. Gold star!

At the end of the episode we see Sheriff Stilinski and Mama McCall tied up and they are hidden deep underground. How the hell is the gang going to find them there? So, pretty much the show is über depressing now and my emotions are a hot mess and I don’t know how I can go on with my life. Next week, it looks like Jennifer McDarachSkank is gunning for “guardian” #3, Daddy Argent. She best think again. No one, and I mean NO ONE, messes with Daddy Argent, you hear? Let’s just cross our fingers that Scott doesn’t become evil and they can figure out how to save the parents before it’s too late. Leave your comments, thoughts and predictions. Until next time… #FangsOut



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Teen Wolf Recap – 3×09 “The Girl Who Knew Too Much”

Teen Wolf 3x09 The Girl Who Knew Too MuchIs it just me or are these Teen Wolf episodes getter more and more intense each week? It’s literally emotionally exhausting watching it each Monday. This week we got a LOT of critical information. We finally find out what Lydia is, and I’ll go ahead and tell you it’s not a unicorn like I was hoping. Drats! The Darach is also front and center as we find out who it is and more about what they’re doing. And, the lives of one of our favorites hangs in the balance. Let’s get down to the dirty deets.

Scott Teen WolfScott: Scott was trying to do the best he could investigating in this episode, but homeboy is always two licks short of getting to the center of that lollipop. He first starts by questioning Ethan along with Stiles; they want to know what he knows, and I think they can trust him because he seems to be less of a dick than his brother, Aiden. In the middle of the interrogation, Ethan starts to feel the pain of his brother getting slashed in the chest from Cora, who showed up at the school to attack him in vengeance for Boyd’s death. After Scott, Ethan and Stiles break up the fight, Scott pays a visit to Ms. Morrell’s office and tries to pry all the deets he can from her about Deucalion and his hidden agenda. Ms. Morrell basically tells him that he’s f*cked, and he either has to join the pack…or join the pack. Um, OK? She also tells him that Deucalion wants him because Scott is on the path to being a “true Alpha”. Scott plays the modest card and says, “oh, no way…”

source:; user Lord_Conflict

Please, Scott. Your heart is full of baskets of puppies and butterflies. You’re as pure as it gets. If Scott becomes the killer that Deucalion wants him to be, he won’t be a “true alpha” anymore and Deucalion won’t feel threatened by him. Scott takes Ms. Morrell’s riddle-filled advice, and runs off to try to save the victim of the next sacrifice from happening at the school recital. It’s too late, though, because it seemed there were already plans in place for the music teacher playing the piano to have her neck sliced by a broken piano string cord, then proceeded to puke up mistletoe. That was just disturbing and uncalled for. #RIPpianolady

Allison Teen WolfAllison & Isaac: These two jokers keep getting put in life-threatening situations together, and eventually (I think) they are going to hook up. There is always some kind of flirtation going on between them, and Scott and Allison are still putting the brakes on rekindling their romance. In this episode, Scott sends Isaac to check on Allison, and he ends up finding out that she is doing some investigating on her own. Apparently, Allison has been snooping around Daddy Argent’s office, and she found a bunch of research on the Gaelic-Druid shit. What’s her reaction? She thinks her FATHER is the Darach.


You better #respect your daddy because he is, oh, I don’t know…TRYING TO SAVE THE TOWN. Daddy A. just doesn’t want you involved so you won’t get hurt. I love you, Allison, but you need to check yourself. Quit thinking that everyone is out to get you, and stop being so stubborn. I get it, your mother died, and your aunt died, and your family has been a part of a secret werewolf killing cult the last couple of centuries. You know what? My mother showed me and my girlfriends the birth video of my baby brother at a sleepover my freshman year of high school to keep us from becoming skanks. THAT is traumatizing. So #appreciate the dad you have because…

source: tumblr-kerralee

He’s a boss. Her and Isaac run into her dad trying to SAVE one of the teacher’s kidnapped for a sacrifice, and she finds out that she was wrong. The three of them head to the school recital to try to stop the next sacrifice from happening. Lesson learned, Baby Argent, lesson learned.

Lydia Teen WolfLydia: Let’s get going on my favorite character. This was an EPIC episode for her. Okay, so in the beginning of the episode, a female police officer is at the school responding to a 911 call. She goes into the locker room and finds a dead body in the showers… her dead body. The Darach then shows up and kills her. Lydia calls Stiles and tells him that someone is dead at the school because she blacked out and ended up there. She’s getting the hang of this. She hasn’t actually seen the body yet, but Scott spies it draped over the high school sign. If it wasn’t for all the blood, they probably would have thought she was just napping on the job. Later on, we see a teacher at the school get taken after seeing a five-fold Celtic knot on the chalk board. Lydia comes into the room and picks up the chalk he dropped and writes a “2” on the board. Two sacrifices. She’s getting frustrated about what she is and what her part is in all of this. Luckily (or unluckily) for her, she finally finds out. At the band recital that night, she wanders down the school halls alone (brilliant idea!) and gets attacked by Ms. Blake. OMG! J-Blake’s the Darach & she tells Lydia she’s a banshee.

What is happening?! So, Lydia’s a banshee, a.k.a The Wailing Woman. In Irish folklore, a Banshee, is a woman who screams when someone is about to be killed in a violent way…so, murdered. Bingo! It all makes sense now. How did we not think of this before? I can’t wait to find out more about what being a banshee entails in the Teen Wolf World, and I’m so happy they made her a supernatural creature that isn’t already prevalent in pop culture. Mad props to a mad genius, Jeff Davis.

Jennifer BlakeMrs. Blake: I knew my suspicions about you weren’t just rooted from my jealousy, deep love, UNDYING affection and loyalty to my sweet Derek. What a Gaelic Druid-loving bitch. At least we see that Derek gives her the #business next week and doesn’t succumb to her lying, cheating ways. Am I being a bit overdramatic right now because I have an unhealthy obsession with Derek Hale? Yes, yes I am. #DontCareThough. For those of you who were paying attention more so to the fact that she is a lying, cheating, skank face, I’ll briefly go over what we discovered last night. Lydia decided to try to brave her psychic abilities and stop the sacrifices so no one else would get hurt. She left the auditorium where the musical show of death was going on, and ended up in a classroom when the creepy “you’re-about-to-die” music started playing. Then, Ms. Blake pops up and whacks Lydia over the head and starts tying her up and spitting jargon about how Lydia is, “just like her.” Da fucque is she talking about? Is she referring to the fact that they both sleep with students? OK, low blow. I know Ms. Blake only had eyes for D.Hale, but she was sexually innuendo-ing those students #allday. Anyways, so we discovered how Lydia is a banshee, and Ms. Blake is just an evil Darach bitch, but we still don’t know who she is making these sacrifices to and for. We did figure out, though, that she has acquired powers from the people she has killed: healing strength. Ugh. Looks like Ms. Blake is the new big bad. Oh yeah, and she’s ugly as f*ck in Darach mode.

source: tumblr-teenwolf

Sheriff StilinksiSheriff Stilinski: First of all, let me say that I am overjoyed we actually got some quality Daddy Stilinski scenes. The Sheriff is pissed that someone killed a police offer and his buddy so he goes into sleuth-mode. When Stiles sits him down to talk to him about werewolves, hunters, druids, kanimas and the whole supernatural shebang, he doesn’t really take it well. In fact, he doesn’t believe him at all. Would you believe someone if they told you the d-bag on the lacrosse team was bit by a werewolf but turned into a giant lizard whose toenail juice paralyzed people but then turned into a werewolf before heading off to London? Yeah, you would be putting your kid in a mental institution immediately. Anyway, Stiles gets the help of Mama McCall at the hospital and she shows him secret information from some of the files about the flocks of birds committing suicide. The Sheriff realizes they were sacrificing themselves and his wheels start turning. He shows up at the school and barges in while Jennifer Blake is trying to kill Lydia. He says something about a girl who got shredded to shit years ago and put two-and-two together that it was her. She daggers him, twists the knife (BITCH!) and then escapes with him out the window. Oh, hell naw! You did not just take Stiles’ daddy. I refuse to believe that he’s dead or that he will die. It just can’t happen.

One, because I love him. Two, because Stiles couldn’t handle losing both his parents. Three, the last thing Beacon Hills needs is less parental supervision. I mean seriously, these kids do whatever the f*ck they want.

Stiles Teen WolfStiles: Stiles had an emotion episode. He first hears from Allison that, “Guardians” are next on the list for the sacrifice victims, and she thinks Daddy Stilinski is a target. Stiles knows that in order to protect his dad, he as to tell him about the supernatural world they live in. He does the cute little chess metaphor, but as you know Daddy S. goes into a fit of frustration that his son just wasted his time investigating with folklore. Just when Stiles is about to have Cora reveal her were-ness, Cora faints from the blow she took to the head during her fight with Aiden. Stiles calls and ambulance, and he and his pops head to the hospital. Stiles tells his dad that Mama Stilinski would have believed him, and you could see the look of hurt on his dad’s face.

Daddy Stilinski leaves the hospital and heads over to the school recital where he catches Ms. Blake in the act and gets taken. Stiles had to watch THE WHOLE THING. First, he was locked out of classroom, and by the time he could fight his way in, his dad and Ms. Blake were gone. Poor Stiles…#TeamSaveDaddyStilinski

Ethan Teen WolfEthan & Danny: Aiden (the asshole twin) confronts Ethan (the twin we like) about his relationship with Danny at school. Aiden tells him not to get shit twisted and that they’re not here to be students and be gallivanting around with hotties, they’re here to eliminate a threat. I mean, Aiden is getting some loving with Lydia but he is completely emotionally detached, and I’m assuming Lydia is too. He calls Ethan out for actually liking Danny and Ethan doesn’t deny it. He actually holds his own against his brother. Later on at the band recital, Danny and Ethan share a tender moment. Ethan calms his nerves, feeds him a mint and then tells him to come to him first if anything happens. Okay, guys. Ethan’s feelings for Danny are more real than my hatred for J-Blake. He might even love him. Adorable!

Derek Teen WolfCora/Derek: Cora was a little badass this week. She attacks Aiden in the school locker room and ends up getting a weight to the face. Lydia, Stiles, Ethan and Scott step in and stop the fight but she has blood oozing from her hairline. Cora joins Stiles when he goes to tell his dad about the supernatural world and ends up passing out there. AS mentioned, they call an ambulance and Derek comes to visit her in the hospital. She’s not healing and there has to be a reason for that. Is the Darach responsible or is the Alpha pack to blame? I’m guessing the Alpha pack since they are always down for threatening him with violence. We all know Derek isn’t going to let anyone get away with trying to hurt his sister and if she dies, he’ll raise Hale. Get it? Like, I care about Cora’s well-being and all but my main concern is my main man. You feel me? #DerekHale #TheOriginalPureMan

Side note about the recital: What is this? Carnegie f*cking Hall? There’s no way that band could sound that good (I mean, pre-possession). My high school band sounded like 20 dying ally cats in a trash can and apparently, they were good. Just wanted to throw that out there.

Okay so next week, Derek gets Jennifer McDarach in a chokehold, Deucalion visits Scott’s mom at the hospital (and I’m assuming it’s not because he’s due for a physical), Jennifer says she can help save Cora, and we learn more about why Deucalion wants Scott in his pack. Leave your thoughts, comments and predictions. Until next time… #FangsOut



Teen Wolf Recap – 3×08 “Visionary”

Teen Wolf Visionary

I haven’t emotionally recovered from this episode yet. Thanks for that Jeff Davis. Visionary was a game changer. It gave us more insight into the lives of the Hales, Argents and Alpha pack than we’ve ever gotten before. Plus, we actually got some clarification on the Druids, Ms. Morell and Dr. Deaton. So pretty much, my brain is overloaded with supernatural Beach Hills history right now. The whole episode was split between story time with Peter and tall-tale-telling with Gerard. Let’s break down the Deucalion and Derek flashback sequences, as told by two not-so-trustworthy people who both embellished/omitted/straight up lied.

Peter Hale VisionaryIt’s Derek Story Time With Peter: Cora and Stiles are chilling at Derek’s pad when Peter comes downstairs and starts telling the tale of blue-eyed Derek. We flashback to Derek when he was 15 and a sophomore in high school. He fell in love with a fellow classmate named Paige, an extremely good cello player for her age and innocent to the world of werewolves. Flashback Peter puts it into Derek’s head that he can never truly be with Paige unless she turns into a werewolf and says he should get one of the alpha pack members that are in town to do it. Of course, Peter tells Cora and Stiles that it was all Derek’s idea to turn her. Kind of a dick move but I guess it’s irrelevant because Derek asks Ennis to do it anyway. We see Paige wandering the halls of the high school at night… alone (okay, Derek must have a thing for girls that hang out in schools late at night). Ennis VisionaryEnnis shows up and Derek, whose in the locker room waiting, can hear a frightened Paige yelling. He has a sudden change of heart and runs to stop Ennis, but it’s too late. He’s already bit her. When I say “bit” her, I don’t mean he gave her a little love bit on the arm. No, he mauled her to the point she was bleeding profusely. It wouldn’t have really mattered if the bite actually took and she healed… but that wasn’t the case. Her body doesn’t take the bite and Derek holds her in his arm as she’s dying. She tells him that she knew he was a werewolf from the moment she met him and asks him to take the pain away. He does as she wishes and kills her. Holy f*cking Boyd parallel. He’s holding a dead Paige in his arm, a girl he loved and whose life he took. I literally lost my shit. That’s why Derek’s eyes are blue… he killed an innocent.

Gerard VisionaryA Deucalion & Argent History Lesson With Gerard: Allison brings Scott to see Gerard who has promised to tell them the story of Deucalion if Scott takes some of his pain away. Done deal. Now spill the deets, G! From Peter’s story, we’ve already learned that the Argents and other hunters have killed one of the Alphas and Ennis wants revenge. Deucalion, Big Mama Talia Hale (is she Derek’s mom?), Kali and the others want peace, though. So now we know that Deucalion wasn’t always this evil murderer out for blood. Turns out Gerard and Deucalion go way back. Deucalion and some of the pack members go to meet Gerard at the abandoned distillery to talk peace. But NO, Gerard has other plans and he filled the place with gas that incapacitated the werewolves. He starts attacking them with a spiked club before setting his sights on Deucalion who is desperately trying to pull himself from the distillery. Gerard takes two arrows and gauges his eyes out. Are you f*cking kidding me with this shit? Teen Wolf Visionary Gerard and DeucalionOkay, now we know a) how Deucalion lost his sight (even though we learned he can “see as a wolf”), b) why Deucalion is such a sour wolf, and c) that Gerard is just a ruthless, lying sack of shit with no moral compass. Of course, he tells Allison and Scott that the Alphas attacked him and not the other way around. I don’t know what Gerard’s motive is right now. He’s just sitting in a chair with black shit spewing from his mouth. What’s the purpose of lying and what does he have up his sleeve? Is he just trying to make it look like he has a purpose so that they don’t kill him? Whatever he’s up to, I’m sure it’s not good. You scoundrel. I’m watching you.

Here’s Where The Druids Come In: In the flashback told by Gerard, him and Daddy Argent find an ancient Druid symbol carved into a tree and here’s where we get our werewolf/Druid back story. I’m going to sum this shit up in like, 3 sentences. Ready? In Greek mythology, Lycaon pissed off Zues by serving him human flesh and he turned him and some others into wolves as punishment. Lycaon went to the Druids (who were believed to be shifters) for help, and though they couldn’t cure them, they could help them control their shifts. From then on, packs have had “emissaries” who are basically like guidance counselors for werewolves. BAM! Dr. Deaton was one for Talia and Ms. Morrell is one now for the Alphas. Gerard tells Allison and Scott that Deaton is the one whose been doing all the ancient sacrifices, hence why he didn’t die but another doctor did after Scott saved him from the vault. Sure, it’s suspicious… but it just can’t be true. I refuse to believe it.

Okay, let’s wrap this shit up, shall we? We’re in present time now and Stiles tells Cora he needs the real story (he’s smart enough to know Peter could be lying) and says if he has to, he’ll ask Derek. Well, that should go swimmingly. Scott tells Gerard if he lied about anything and someone dies because of it, he’ll pay for it (a.k.a kill his ass). And the last thing we see is a depressed Derek Hale standing in the distillery from the flashbacks. My poor baby. So, what’s next for our Scooby Gang? We’ll find out what Lydia really is, Stiles finally gets to kiss the girl and Scott’s mom is taken by Deucalion who still wants him to become a killer. Sound off on your thoughts and predictions. Until next time… #FangsOut



Teen Wolf Recap – 3×07 “Currents”


Source: MTV

Oh sweet lord. This episode was just a full lunar eclipse of emotions. Scott watches his mom be a hero and save someone’s life, Stiles almost reveals to his dad that werewolves are real, and Derek almost saw his girlfriend get killed, but sees someone else die instead. Yup, you read that right. This episode had a tragic death of one of our beloved cast members. Before I start sobbing all over my already tear-soaked keyboard, let’s get down to the dirty deets:

Scott Teen WolfScott: Scott brings his mama some dinner at the hospital not expecting to see the place overflowing with victims from a pile up on the highway. The doctor is MIA so they’re waiting for the on-call doc to come in. Too bad she gets attacked by a pack of moths coming into her car from the vents. Needless to say, she never makes it there. Scott uses his wolfy powers to take a waiting patient’s pain away just because he’s a nice dude and he can. #pureman. Then, we see Ethan bring Danny in who is on the verge of death. I mean, I could have done without seeing him yack all over the f*cking floor. Danny’s lung are collapsing but Mama McCall steps up to the plate and saves his life. Outside of the hospital, Ethan tells Scott that he means Danny no harm because he realizes that Danny isn’t the one that’s of use to Scott (implying that Lydia is). Umm… sexy wolf twin say what? Don’t f*ck with my girl, okay? Scott thinks his mom is at risk of being the next sacrifice since two doctors (or more generally, healers) were killed, so he and Isaac keep an eye on her. Too bad they both fall asleep while on watch. Nice. Scott gets a phone call while at school the next day from Deaton saying, “I’m going to be taken. I need you to find me.”  Can we say Liam Neeson boys and girls? Scott and Stiles head to Deaton’s animal hospital and find Daddy Stilinski already there. Why didn’t they think of him when they realized healers were being sacrificed? And after all he’s done for you, Scott! Anyway, Scott goes back to school where hears a tapping sound echoing through the halls. Obviously it can’t just be the janitor mopping up hot dog juice in the cafeteria. Nope. It’s Deucalion tapping his cane to attract Scott. Deucalion says he’s not the Durach but that someone will die tonight. He gives Scott a clue to finding Deaton: “let the current guide you.” PLEASE, be a little more vague will you? Jesus. Stop being so over-dramatic.

Scott later goes to Allison’s (which will be discussed in a bit), where he loses control of little Scott and gains more insight into where Deaton may be. When he finds out he’s at the bank vault, he sees Deaton hanging and seemingly close to death. Not so fast Scotty boy. Deaton’s protected by a circle of mountain ash. Son of a biscuit!

While Scott is using all his might to try to push through the mountain ash magical circle shit (which doesn’t work), we see his eyes glow red. That’s some Alpha shit right there. Luckily, Daddy Stilinski shows up, shoots Deaton down (could he not have just untied him?) and he falls to the ground. Deaton tells Scott that every once in a hundred or so years, a werewolf becomes an Alpha simply because of the strength of their character and the fact that they’re a natural-born bad ass mother f*cker. Scott is a NATURAL ALPHA, y’all. That is why Deucalion really wants him, not Derek.

Lydia Teen WolfLydia: She was definitely getting #bizzy in this episode. We first see her with Aiden in the storage closet about to do the nasty when the fire alarm goes off. She quickly dismisses him, and then is confronted by Cora. Cora threatens her to stop sleeping with the enemy (I mean, homegirl does have a point), and Lydia tries to sass her off. “My last boyfriend was a homicidal lizard, I think I can handle a werewolf.” Cora tries to show her authority and grabs her arm when Stiles steps in to break up the cat fight. Stiles explains how they need Lydia’s help and wants to see if they can tap into her odd and unexplainable ability to connect with the dead. He explains that Dr. Deaton has been kidnapped, and Lydia begrudgingly decides to help. Cora, Lydia and Stiles start off with a Ouija board, but nothing is happening. Stiles gets frustrated and starts to tell her that she needs to focus more. Lydia? Focus? You know who you’re talking to, right? He also has her hold some of Deaton’s belongings. Still nothing. When he tells her to grab a pencil and paper and write where Dr. D could be, she just starts doodling that damn tree again. Stiles just gets more pissed and disregards it. Dammit, Stiles! Don’t you think he’d at least look into the tree and research it to exhaust all their options? UGH. Spoiler alert! Word is we find out what’s really going on with Lydia in a couple of weeks in the episode, “The Girl Who Knew Too Much.” The title of the episode is apparently a clue to what she is. Any guesses? I’m still pulling for a unicorn.

Stiles Teen WolfStiles: Okay, Stiles. So before you neglected a HUGE clue, a-la Lydia’s tree drawing, you were about to confess to your dad that werewolves are real and some druid mofo may be behind all the town murders. Scott is trying to convince Stiles to tell his dad, but Stiles is too worried that it will put him in danger and he just can’t lose both of his parents. Stop being so adorable Stiles. Stop it! So, Stiles finally agrees that he should tell him but just as he’s about to do it with Scott’s help (assuming Scott would need to were-out in front of Daddy Stilinski to prove what they’re saying is true), Ms. Morrell steps in and confronts them about all this hooplah going on and stalls the big reveal. She tells them that Lydia may be able to help locate her brother (Deaton), and Stiles goes off to investigate further. When they realize Danny was a target and that he might have known something, Stiles heads to the hospital where Danny is still being kept. He rifles through his book bag, telling Danny that he’s dreaming it all, and finds a research paper that he wrote about geomagnetic fields in Beacon Hills. Naturally, his research includes a map that leads the gang to the vault where Dr. Deaton is being held. Bingo!

Derek Teen WolfDerek: Cora and Derek are just kicking it at his apartment, catching up on lost time, when an alarm goes off and he sees a giant Alpha symbol written on the window. Dammit, he JUST renovated the place! Apparently, the symbol on his window means the Alphas are coming for him tonight. Not in the morning, not in a couple of days. F*cking tonight! Isaac and Boyd show up to help and suggest rigging some shit where they flood the place and use electrical currents to shock Kali and her nasty-ass bare feet when she shows up. That’ll teach her to wear some shoes. #DSWBitch. They lay the trap but realize that someone cut the auxiliary power. This shit is all too technical for me to follow. The main point is, Kali shows up with Ethan and Aiden and they have taken Ms. Blake captive. Her and Derek literally had sex last episode and she’s already in danger. Well, that’s what you signed up for honey child. Derek tried to warn you. Anyway, Kali and Derek duke it out and when Stiles, Lydia and Cora get the power working again, Isaac electrocutes them. It was a nice attempt but the plan doesn’t keep Kali from killing Boyd… with Derek’s nails. That’s all sorts of f*cked up. I literally pouted like a 12-year-old who just got grounded from going to a One Direction concert while watching that scene. Kali threatens Derek by saying he has until the next full moon to join their pack or she’ll kill everyone. I do not like her, or any of the Alphas for that matter. NONE OF THEM! Nobody puts my baby in a corner!

Allison Teen WolfArgents: Allison tells Scott to come over because she knows her dad is up to something. Daddy Argent shows up though, sending Allison and Scott into hiding in a closet. Apparently, little Scott enjoys the danger of lurking in closets with cute girls he used to have a deep connection with, because he makes his presence aware. You get my drift? No? Okay, Scott got a boner and Allison thought it was f*cking cute rather than creepy. Anyway, when Daddy Argent leaves, Allison shows Scott a map that her dad has been marking symbols on related to the recent sacrifices. Jack pot! Later on, we see Daddy Arg go to Gerard (yes, black shit is still coming out of his face) and say, “you’re going to tell me the story and you’re going to tell me the truth.” He’s talking about Deucalion. Then, Allison pops in like, “surprised to see me, bitch?” Okay, so what’s going on with the Argents right now and how long will it be before the rest of the gang finds out Gerard is still alive and Allison knows it?

Boyd Teen WolfBoyd: Okay, the writers kicked ass with this episode. The way they set up Boyd and then… his awful death. That was just heart-wrenching. I was texting  my girlfriends about Boyd when he was telling Derek about the plan to attack the Alphas like, “OMG he is so sweet!”. Yeah, they totes  did that on purpose to get the audience to REALLY love him, then have Derek be forced to kill him with his Alpha claws thanks to that dumb Kali bitch. #CantStandHer. Not only does she need a pedicure, but she needs some shoes… like yesterday. That’s just a staph infection waiting to happen. Anyways, at the same time when Derek’s claws were in Boyd, Boyd was remembering when he and Erica were in the vault sharing a tender moment reflecting on the lunar eclipse and how it may affect them. Erica then says, “f*ck this shit,” and she charges towards Kali and falls to her death. I mean, you know I love me some Derek, but his pack is straight f*cked. Could Scott be their only chance?

source: tumblr-btifulnightmare

But most importantly, RIP, Boyd. You were a good man, and it was a total shock to see you go. #I’llBeMissingYou

I know, that was a lot to handle. Well, put on your big kid diapers because next week looks just as crazy. Grandpa Gerard may finally spill the beans on Deucalion, and the whole gang works to save the town and their own lives. Anyone else think that Allison and Scott may have another closet rendezvous, or is she destined to find love with someone else? Leave your thoughts! Until next time… #FangsOut



Teen Wolf Recap – 3×06 “Motel California”

Teen Wolf Motel California 2This was literally the creepiest episode of Teen Wolf so far. I mean, seriously. I had to turn the lights on when the old woman at the front desk started cackling about suicides. Christian Taylor wrote and directed this episode. Team Teen Wolf needs to be hiring him on the reg because this episode was on another level. In the episode, the cross-country team stops at a road-side motel to stay the night. The motel has a history that puts Scott, Boyd, Ethan and Isaac in danger. Meanwhile, Derek returns from the brink of death and finally gets a little loving. Let’s get down to the dirty deets.

Scott Teen WolfScott: What did I say last week?! This boy is an emotional hot mess. He is a woman having PMS, plus a woman 8 months pregnant, plus a confused  boy going through puberty. He doesn’t know what da fucque to think right now, and it didn’t help that he was hallucinating his mom being sliced in the throat by Deucalion. This vision, along with his guilt of getting Derek killed, (he is unaware Derek is alive and tapping his English teacher’s ass at this point), is putting him over the edge. Scott creepily shows up while Allison is showering #SerialKillerStyle, and then once Stiles finds out that this whole sacrificial suicide mess it tied to werewolves, is saved by Stiles, Lydia, and Allison from burning himself into a crispy turkey dinner. Yeah, apparently once the the kids got to the hotel de-death, the werewolves started hallucinating and tried to kill themselves. Let’s dive deeper into that…

Stiles Teen WolfStiles: What do I always say? Stiles is AMAZING. Not only did he figure out why this creepy f*cking motel had a shit ton of suicides, he saved Scott from killing himself in front of him and his ex-girlfriend. #TrueFriend. Stiles notices that Scott is acting weird, and he gets into investigator mode, per the usual. #LikeFatherLikeSon. He gets a text from Lydia with her suspicions, and he leaves a suicidal Scott to go dissect the situation with her. He comes to the conclusion that the suicides in the hotel are tied to a “3-person sacrafice.” Apparently, when Lydia was at the front desk she saw a “198” sign. She asked what it was, and Honey boo-boo’s mom, I mean the front desk clerk, told her that it was the number of suicides that had occurred at the hotel, and it was an inside joke her husband refused to table. Um…what?

Source: tumblr-gifbuffet

When Allison and Lydia went back to ask the front desk bitch some more questions, she had left for the evening, but the creepy sign had gone from 198 to 201…OH SNAP! When they told Stiles this, he concluded that his must be a part of the pattern of “3 sacrifices”. Stiles, you’re so smart. What really got me this episode, though, was Stiles saving Scott. Scott went on this whole rampage on how he and Stiles were losers before Scott became a werewolf, and they weren’t good at Lacrosse, how they had no friends, they weren’t popular…basically every high school kid’s nightmare. Stiles could have just said, “well eff you man I’m awesome, and sorry you thought we sucked balls that whole time.” Instead, Stiles grabbed his hand, told him that he loved him, and not only was Scott his best friend but his brother. He also said that if Scott was going to die, he was going to go down with him. ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME? This was me after that scene:


I am always #TeamSterek, but #TeamStott #TeamSciles is my number one. They’re adorbs. Their couple name sucks, though.

allisonAllison: I absolutely loved Allison in this episode. Maybe because she was only one of a few people who didn’t go crazy and she took charge like a straight boss. Plus, instead of treating Lydia like she belongs in a looney bin (which is what I would have done), she tells her she believes her and helps her figure out what’s going on in the mystery-motel-o-death. Their friendship is my favorite relationship on the show right now! #Lydison4Life. So, Allison decides to entertain the idea that Lydia can see dead people/hear dead people/whatever. Along the way, we see Allison investigating with Lydia and Stiles, and they end up saving Scott’s life. Scott, in a weird wolfsbane trance, decides to douse himself in gasoline and light a flare, as you do when you’re at a haunted motel. Per our recap above, Stiles has a coming to Jesus with Scott and is able to remove the flare from Scott’s were-grip. #Phew. Allison spent this whole scene hyperventilating and bawling her eyes out. I don’t blame a woman. 

Teen Wolf LydiaLydia: Can I please just say that Holland Roden could be a horror queen. Her scared faces, screams and crazy blank stares are f*cking perfection. Lydia goes to the front desk where she meets a creepy old lady who tells her that the motel is famous for having the highest number of suicides. Oh, that’s comforting. I’m confused why the place hasn’t been investigated and shut down by the government yet, but what the f*ck do I know? Back in her and Allison’s hotel room, she starts hearing a couple in the next room shooting themselves. Creepy! She goes next door to check it out with Allison and finds the room is empty, but under construction. Later on, she’s outside the motel in the parking lot with Stiles when she hears a mother drowning her baby through a drain in the ground. THEN, when Scott and Stiles almost go up in flames, she sees a freaky looking hooded man/creature/Druarch in the fire. I’m not sure what Lydia is exactly, but she’s something and she’s special and I’m ready to find out already dammit! Once on the bus, she grabs the coach’s whistle and discovers (because she’s a muh f*cking genius) that someone put wolfsbane in it, so every time the coach blew it, the werewolves on the bus would get infected and weakened. Priming them for the kill at the motel.

Isaac Teen WolfIsaac: Daniel Sharman (the actor who plays Isaac) KILLED it in this episode. He also almost killed himself. #whoops. Isaac was one of the werewolves who got laced with wolfsbane from coach’s whistle. That poor boy started hallucinated about his abusive father and the freezer he would put him into. He also started watching static-screened T.V. and hiding under the bed…talk about acting a little cray. I don’t have much to say here other than I’m glad he snapped out of it, and I’m still up for the writers revisiting him and Allison doing the nasty at least once. Thoughts?

Boyd Teen WolfBoyd: Sweet Jesus. Poor Boyd really had an awful night at the haunted motel. He goes to get ice and sees his dead sister, Alicia, buried in there and he can hear her asking him why he left her. That is fifty shades of f*cked up. Then, in his room, his alarm clock radio is possessed and playing little Boyd talking to someone about his sister drowning beneath ice. He turns it off, unplugs it and eventually has to smash it for it to stop. At this point, he’s completely lost it and he goes to the hotel lobby and picks up a safe. He fills the bathtub in his room, gets in and weighs himself down with the safe in order to drown himself. Luckily, Lydia hears the baby being drowned in the drain and realizes one of the werewolves must be drowning. She and Stiles end up saving him by putting a flare in the water, making him shoot up out of the water. That was a close call.

Chris Argent Teen WolfChris Argent: What in Sam Hill are you up to, mister? Daddy Arg goes to the site of the Alpha/Derek Pack showdown from last episode looking for… I have no f*cking idea was he was doing there. He talks to Allison on the phone though, who tells him where they’re staying for the night. The name of the motel rings a bell. Why? Because Daddy Arg is all-knowing and he’s wiser than Gandolf, okay? So… then something happens and I’m not quite sure what to make of it. He visits GRANDADDY ARGENT, GERARD. We all knew he was alive still. Remember black blood spewing from his face like the Gulf oil spill and then him disappearing when everyone’s backs were turned? The black shit is still all over his face. It’s called Wet Wipes, dude. Daddy Argent asks about the guy who killed himself in he motel all those years ago (who also happens to be his uncle #shitsfullcircle), saying he had a werewolf bite on him and wants to know who did that. Gerard says, (very creepily I might ad) “Deucalion”.

That bastard! So, is Deucalion responsible for the attempted werewolf suicides/sacrifices? Is he the bad druid or is he just besties with him or is he trying to fight him? I don’t get it! And why is Daddy Arg keeping the fact that Gerard’s alive a secret? Better yet, why hasn’t he just killed him? So many questions, so little patience.

Teen Wolf DerekDerek: Ms. Blake (somehow) carries Derek to his loft. Home girl must be hitting the school gym between grading papers at 9pm at night. He’s injured, badly. Like Ms. Blake says, he looks like one, giant open wound. Somehow he doesn’t look that disgusting with his pecs, biceps and rippling 8 pack, though. He finally wakes up saying that he’s got to find the others because they think he’s dead, but she advises against that. Derek tries to tell her to leave because she doesn’t “know him” and she’ll get hurt and blah blah. Pretty sure if Derek’s sitting in front of you with his shirt off… you’re not leaving willingly. I mean, look at him.

They end up making out… with blood all over his face. Then, they do the horizontal mambo… with blood all over his body. Take a f*cking shower at least! That’s how diseases are transmitted, people. Apparently, their romp made him heal up. Well, that’s convenient. Even though I’m wildly jealous of Ms. Blake, I like these two together because Derek deserves to feel love and happiness. He’s been celibate for over 2  seasons now, which was totally uncalled for. He was right about one thing, though. He is putting her in danger by being with her, and I’m guessing she has a 70% chance of getting killed before the end of the season for dramatic effect.

Ethan Teen WolfEthan: So, Ethan doesn’t seem as bad as he did in the very beginning of the season. He and Danny room together and they get hot and heavy. Not going to lie, that was a pretty steamy scene. I mean, DAYUM. Ethan was being pretty sweet with him, and I think he sincerely likes him. All of a sudden, he starts shifting, or he thinks he does. He rushes to the bathroom, and although he’s not shifting, he sees a face bulging from his stomach… which was incredibly disturbing. It looked like it was trying to climb out of his skin. I wanted to vomit.

Then, Ethan tries to kill himself with a band saw, but Allison, Lydia and Stiles stop him (they done saved everybody up in this bitch). He tries to tear his stomach open with his claws, but he snaps out of it. He doesn’t even know how he got there! Later on the bus, he thanks Scott (instead of Stiles) for saving him and offers up some crucial information. Ethan says that Derek’s most likely alive and since he killed one of them, he’ll have to join their pack or die. #TeamSaveDerek #TeamThatsSomeFuckedUpLogic. I mean, think about it. “Oh, you killed one of our pack, so we want you to JOIN US OR YOU DIE.” That shit doesn’t even make sense. Derek’s hot as hell though, #SoIGetIt.

Other happenings from last week that weren’t addressed in this episode were Kali, Ms. Morell and Aiden taking Ennis to Dr. Deaton and forcing him to try to save him. Remember how Deculaion’s bitch-ass showed up and killed Ennis, proving to us that he literally cares about no one but himself? He’s one bad mama jama. Now, we know that he has been up to this shit at least since 1977 thanks to Allison’s weird ass grandpa, who is still bleeding black shit from his hairy nostrils. Next week we see more of the Alpha pack, so I’m anxious for what will be revealed! Leave your thoughts, were-lovers. Until next time…