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Save The Supes – Liam McClean


First things first. I don’t know if his last name is McClean or McClain so don’t come at me if it’s wrong. You know who I’m freaking talking about regardless.

I know some of you might be a little bit pissed off right now at Liam, since he came at Nora for answers and they are missing from the storage unit now, but let’s pause for a moment. I want to point some things out that you might be too blind with rage to realize on your own. Let’s not write the dude off just yet. Here are four reasons you should cut Liam some slack.

1. Mental Instability: I can only assume that seeing your son’s head plastered on a wall would be a complete mind f*ck. If this happened to a normal person in the real world, they would need years of extensive therapy and even then they’d never get that image out of their head. At first, I was all “Boohoo. Stop your whining,” but I think it’s just because I’m used to seeing dead animals mounted on walls and his son just looked like something I’ve seen in my grandpa’s basement like, a million times. When you stop and think about it though, that was his SON! His child! What if they mounted his f*cking cabesa in human form on their wall? We’d probably be a little more understanding about his meltdown then… and we probably would have puked in our mouths a little. Just imagine that shit. Ew! This is getting weird, and frankly a little morbid, so let’s move on.

2. Great Father: This dude is a great father. Haven’t you guys ever seen the movie “Taken”? Liam (See? Same freaking name.) Neeson slaughtered the shit out of some people who took his daughter and did we hate him for it? Hell no! Because he was being a good parent. Let’s cut Liam a little slack for going after Nora for answers. Don’t kid youself. If you got murdered by some vampires, you’d want your dad to avenge your death too. This dude deserves the truth and if he has to knock some heads to get it, then so be it.

3. Xander Berkeley: I missed this dude so much. He was Percy in Nikita and when he got killed off, I went into hiding for like a week (more like I cried under my covers for 30 seconds, but whatever). He’s such a boss. I’m stoked I get to see him on my TV again and in one of my favorite shows.

4. He’s a Werewolf: We need more werewolves on this show. Why? Because I f*cking love werewolves. That’s why. Also, this dude is a purebred and he’s been around a lot longer than Josh, Nora or even Brynn and Connor. He might be able to reveal more about the curse and/or the cure. I want someone to drop some more werewolf knowledge on me, and Liam may be my guy. He seriously looks wise as f*ck so hopefully he can share some werewolf history with us.

So, you see? He’s not such a bad guy. In fact, he’s just like you and me. He’s just your typical dad, going on a journey to uncover who decapitated his werewolf son and kill whoever’s responsible. We’ve all been there! Hopefully, I’ve convinced you to give Liam a chance, or at least convinced you that his actions are 100% rational in light of his current circumstance. I’m just crossing my fingers that he lasts at least one whole season because I love this dude! Comment and share your thoughts, hopes and dreams for Liam. #FangsOut




Just being a boss leaning against a tree in period attire. #nobigs

Just being a boss leaning against a tree in naval-period attire. #nobigs

I feel like something is coming up soon…hmm…I can’t put my finger on it…ugh…um…OH YEAH-IT’S THE RETURN OF SUPERNATURAL! #BOOYAHBITCHES! In order to get y’all pumped and ready to rock, TeamTSD is doing a Save the Supes. This time we are saving…Benny Lafitte! (Yeah I had no idea his last name was Lafitte, either. That was just a result of a Google search.) Regardless, Benny is the shit and a tortured soul who is daily fighting the urge to rip human’s throats out. AKA, we love him. Let’s dive into why you should totally love Benny as much as TeamTSD does:

1. He is unconventionally hot. If you’re 15 and you love this man, then you are right on target. If you’re my age (which is cough, cough older than 15) and you think he’s hot, then you’re like every other adult woman/fierce gay man on the planet. Observe:

“Oh hey…sup girl.”

That shit’s even in black and white to class it up. #itscalledbeingclassy

2. He broods. Brooding is hot. Especially when you’re a hundred year old vamp with an eternal 5 o’clock stubble. He fights evil, and he can do it forever. Imagine Dean as a “saved” vampire, with a husky voice and two feet taller. *i die*

3. He’s badass. He took on an entire coven BY HIMSELF. He went rogue Kate-Beckinsale-Underwood-Style on their ass, and they weren’t just your average vamps. They were like million-year old vampire royalty, and one of them was his freaking MAKER. Then, after he slices and dices those jokers like a waiter at Benihana (pun-intended), he discovered that they turned the love of his life, and he had to kill her, too! What does he do after that? Brood for a hot minute then try to re-build his life. Can I marry him, please?

4. He won an award. Benny won an award for best new character on an established show. The only thing cooler than that is winning two People’s Choice Awards…

5. …He’s on a show that wins awards. Supernatural won TWO People’s Choice Awards, one of which was a win for the second year in a row (for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show). #ballerstatus

“Second year in a row…yes!”

6. He’s a family man. He went back to his town of origin and took up shop in a local diner where his great-great-great-great granddaughter waitresses. He then saved her life when that crazy hunter-mofo Martin threatened to kill her unless he killed himself. Why didn’t he just kill himself? Because he deserves better than that! Also, as a woman (who also has waitress-ed at a diner: Bob Evans in high school) I would not want to see my vampire ancestor beheaded Game of Thrones style on the same counter where the local retirees have their coffee every morning. #justsaying

                               Ned losing his head. #notcool

Still not convinced? Well then screw you, because he rocks. Just kidding, I don’t hate you. But really, it’s f*cked up if you don’t love this guy. Are you guys pumped for Supernaturals 2013 return?! What do you love about Benny?! Comment below! #fangsout

“Yeah, girl, I’ll make you a meatloaf.”

“I may make Denver omelettes for a living, but don’t f*ck with me, bitch.”






He’s not a supernatural creature, but he is on a supernatural show and he’s supernaturally f*cking amazing, so here we go. At the end of the Mid-Season Finale, we saw Daryl face-to-face with his long-lost brother surrounded by a sea of people all chanting for a public execution. #GladiatorShit. If these dumb asses were ever even lucky enough to see Daryl in action, they would be wanting him to run Woodbury instead of some creepy mother f*cker who ends his nights sipping whiskey in front of fish tanks filled with walker heads and combing his dead daughter’s hair. If our Sweet Prince of the Trailer Park was killed off (and we know he won’t be), we would literally start a riot. He is the true hero of The Walking Dead, so we thought we’d share a few reasons why Daryl Dixon should be saved. Here we go.

1. F*cking Badass: Daryl is the biggest badass this side of the zombie apocalypse. He rides a boss motorcycle everywhere, he rocks a bow and arrow, he never complains, he gets shit done and he doesn’t give a shit how he dresses. Have I ever seen a grown man in a cut-off flannel or Mexican serape and thought, “Oh, boy. I’d sure like to get my hands on that fine specimen?” Nope. Sure haven’t. But Daryl is a different story. He could wear a hot pink Spandex unitard and I’d still love him. He pretty much just does what he wants, when he wants. I’ll admit that most of the time when I’m watching The Walking Dead, I don’t even know what the hell is going on because I’m just sitting there wondering how Daryl got so cool and how I can become more like him. I haven’t figured it out yet, but I’ll let you know when I do.

2. Fatherly Love: There’s about a 75% chance that Rick will go nuts and become an absentee father again. He did see “Shane” in Woodbury in the last episode. After all he’s been through, I’m not sure how he couldn’t have some sort of brain damage. Anyway, Daryl has already exhibited superior fathering skills. How can we forget him rocking little Ass-Kicker? I was convulsing and crying into my bottle of wine from all the cuteness. Look how happy he is to be rocking that babe:

Geez! Not only has he demonstrated his infant care abilities, but he also played father to Carl while his dad was off chopping up zombies and talking to non-existent people on the telephone. He pretty much told Carl, “Life sucks. Everyone goes through some shit. One time, my mom… ummm…” I don’t really remember much else because I was just gawking at Daryl. #deadserious. Pretty much, we need Daryl to stick around and father Rick’s children should he go off the deep end again.

3. Carol: Even though Daryl is one bad mother f*cker, he definitely has a soft side as well. We typically get to see this when he’s around Carol. I’m not really sure about the dynamic of their relationship and where the writers are going with them, but they have a deep love for one another. It seemed to start when Carol lost her little girl, Sophia, in Season 2. He was so gentle towards her and supporting. He didn’t want to give up looking for Sophia. And then when Sophia’s walker ass popped out of Hershel’s barn…

Oh, sweet Jesus. What I wouldn’t give to be Carol in this moment. Then, there was the scene this season when he found her in that broom closet in the prison after he thought she was dead. Remember that shit?

UGH! He’s tender as f*ck. Doesn’t that shit just warm the cockles of your heart? She definitely brings out the best in him and Carol couldn’t bear to lose another person she loves. #TeamCaryl

4. The Gov: Let’s face the facts. The Gov is one sick and twisted dude who we grossly underestimated. He’ll stop at nothing to have complete control, and I still don’t think we know exactly what he’s up to. Plus, losing Penny and one of his eyes has probably pushed him one step closer to being certifiably insane (if that’s even possible). Way to go Michonne. While Rick and Michonne are both complete badasses, I don’t think they can take down the Gov without the help of Daryl. Daryl is a central part of Team Prison and he’s part of the reason they have been so successful in staying alive. I really think they are going to need Daryl if they have any chance of taking down the Gov.

Okay. So, saving Daryl really needs no explanation, but it sure was a f*cking release writing about how much I love him. I don’t even understand how you could feel any different. Unless you have some sort of head trama, don’t understand the concept of being a badass, are offended by cut-off shirts and unkempt hair, or are an alien watching TWD from another galaxy. We’ll leave you with some f*cking awesome gifs in case you need more convincing. #yourewelcome.


This week we are choosing to save Jeremy Gilbert. 4×05 ended with Connor’s invisi-tat being possibly transferred to Jer. His life is about to get totally f*cked up. If he knows he has to grow that tat by killing vampires in order to cure Elena, he might become the bad guy. What if he goes full-blown hunter and tries to kill some of our favorites? Here are 5 reasons why we should stand by Jer’s side during his… transition.

1. He’s the only person Elena has left: Their parents died. Jenna got turned into a vampire, used in a ritual and then killed. Alaric died like 4 times, turned into a murderous psycho, turned into a vampire hunting vampire and then died. Apparently they have no cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, godparents or family friends… so they are all they have left. Now, Elena is a vampire and Jer’s about to become a vampire hunter. #lifesucks. It’s actually pretty sad when you think about it. I don’t think I could bear to see Elena lose Jeremy, or anyone else for that matter. She would definitely flip her damn humanity switch (which could be kind of cool). She would truly be alone in this world. Sure she has Damon, Stefan, Bonnie and Caroline, but family is forever. Plus, Bonnie might turn into a dark magic evil witch, Caroline might run away to Paris with Klaus, and Damon and Stefan might say “f*ck the drama” and cut town. You never know. Well, she would have Matt too because he would pretty much do anything for her, but who wants to hang out with their ex for the rest of their life? No one! We know Jer would never betray her. Blood is thicker than water.

2. He adds some diversity to The Five: Jeremy could add a little diversity to The Five. He’s a hipster with an emo past. Remember that shit? You think Connor would have painted his nails black and smoked a joint in the Mystic Grill bathroom? Hell naw! Jeremy has what kids these days call ‘swag’. He rocks v-necks and Chucks like a f*cking boss. #hipsterhunter. He isn’t all brainwashed and shit like Connor and Alexander were either. He has heart and his damn sister’s a vampire so his perspective is a little different. He tried to turn himself once for crying out loud. He’s probably the new hunter. Now that’s f*cking poetic. #ShakespeareShit

3. He’s hot: When did Jer get so hot? I mean… DAYUM! I think Steven was working on his biceps on the off-season because last episode when Jer and Matt were walking outside together in their tight T-shirts, I was pretty much drooling on myself. All the ladies love Jer too. Vicki? Anna? Bonnie? Possibly April if Matt doesn’t snatch that shit up first? Even when these bitches died they came back to see him. I mean, that’s saying something. Sure, they were kind of using him for their own personal motives, but that’s okay. It’s safe to say that Jer isn’t the emo, stoner brother anymore. He’s a full-fledged hottie who’s about to become an ass kicking vampire hunter. Lay down the law Jer-Bear.

4. We already knew being a hunter was in his blood: No matter what happens with him as a hunter, we can’t really get mad at him. We’ve always known that this shit was in his blood. Remember Uncle John trying to tell him about his heritage? His family’s history was all about keeping Mystic Falls safe from vampires so we shouldn’t really be that surprised here. I think we’ve always known that he would someday be a vampire hunter. And you know what? He f*cking deserves to do whatever he wants to do. He’s had the shittiest life ever and if he wants to stab up some vamps to grow his tat and turn his sis back into a human, then he should do that.

5. He’s the key to the cure: So, Jeremy and his ink are the key to the cure. I’m guessing maybe Klaus or Stefan will try to force him to kill vampires in order to finish his tattoo. Who really freaking knows though. I can honestly say that I don’t want anyone to turn back into a human. I want them all to be vampires. I want everyone in Mystic Falls to be vampires. I want the whole world to be vampires. I really f*cking like vampires. I’m still curious about the cure though, and I want to see how it works. Maybe they could cure Rebekah so she can stop being a little bitch, grow out of her teen years and be with Matt. I think she hates being a vampire anyway. #TeamHumanRebekah

There are about a million and one more reasons we love Jeremy and will love Jeremy even if he becomes the hunter. Let’s make sure we don’t hate on him when he starts slaying vamps. Oh and Elena, now would be the time to compel him to head back to Colorado. They even just legalized marijuana there so you don’t have to worry about him getting arrested for toking it up at the batting range. Share your thoughts on Jeremy possibly becoming the next hunter and what you think that means for our Mystic Falls posse. Until next time…




There are a lot of people who are hating on Klaus right now. I know that it seems like he’s just being one giant asshole and it’s true his actions have been less than admirable. I feel like I should stick up for him though. I think he’s gotten a bad wrap, and he’s come such a long way since we first met him in Season 2. I’m going to attempt to persuade you to look at Klaus in a different light. Ready?! Let’s go.

1. Daddy Issues: I think everything that he has done has stemmed from his 1,000 year old daddy issues. Remember his dad basically telling him he’s a worthless piece of shit in the Season 3 flashbacks? Klaus was another man’s child and Mikael always resented Klaus because of that. It’s not Klaus’ fault that your wife decided to go bop around with some werewolves in the woods. Geez! Can’t you take it out on her instead of embarrassing him in front of his siblings? That’s how serial killers are made. Also, think about how upset Klaus got when Mikael reappeared at the Lockwood mansion in Season 3 and tried to kill him. He was crying! He obviously has emotions, he just doesn’t deal with them very well. If my father stabbed me and all my sibling and turned us into blood suckers for all of eternity, I’d probably be pretty upset too. If this happened today, Klaus would need a lifetime of extensive therapy and Michael would be in prison. But no! Klaus didn’t get any damn therapy and his father hunted him for 1,000 years. How is that fair? It’s not.

2. He Needs Forgiveness: Not once has anyone ever said, “I forgive you Klaus.” Ok, maybe his siblings did at one point but that never lasted long at all. Sure, he’s done some things that seem unforgivable like killing Jenna, killing his father, trying to kill Elena and Bonnie, daggering his sister like 3 times, keeping his family in coffins for a few centuries, using Elena as a blood bag, killing a whole pack of werewolves in an attempt to create a hybrid army, compelling people to do his dirty work, turning Tyler and trying to steal his girl, kidnapping Stefan and turning his humanity switch off, using his family and everyone around him to get what he wants, using Bonnie constantly for her witchy joojoo, lying about his father killing his mother, breaking his sister’s neck after everything she did for him, killing a bunch of humans over the last 1,000 years without regret and… wait, this isn’t helping is it? Even though he has done some pretty evil things, I think he just needs someone to give him a huge hug and tell him he is forgiven and it’s all going to be ok. Maybe if he felt accepted into the MF crew, he’d be nicer. My mama always said, “Kill them with kindness.” #JustSayin #MamaKnowsBest

3. He’s lonely: The issue of him creating hybrids because he doesn’t want to be alone forever has been address a few times in the show. Why can’t someone just be his friend already? If people were nice to him, I feel like he’d be a happier person and wouldn’t feel the need to make a bunch of hybrids. Maybe Elena should just say, “Hey, Klaus. Here’s a couple of bags of my blood. I’m giving this to you willingly without you asking because that’s what friends do.” Maybe Stefan should call him up one day and say, “Hey Klaus. Want to head to Denny’s for brunch and reminisce about the 20’s?” Everyone needs a friend and everyone wants to feel loved. Be the change you wish to see in the world. #ManInTheMirror mother f*ckers.

4. Caroline: I feel like Caroline is his saving grace. She is his greatest weakness. I think the key to him regaining some humanity and being capable to love again depends on her. A Klaroline love would certainly change him, for the better. Things that are important to her (like the whole town of Mystic Falls) may suddenly become important to him. Maybe she can make him see the good in the world again and teach him he doesn’t have to be lonely anymore or make a shit ton of hybrids (see #3). The chances of this are slim to none. Klaus has been a murderous villain for about 1,000 years, but I still have hope Caroline can change him. Or maybe she’ll join the dark side and travel the world with him murdering people and doing whatever the french toast they want. Either way, I don’t care as long as they are together. #TeamKlaroline

5. He Dresses Well: He dresses like a freaking boss. His style is impeccable. He has totally classed the town of Mystic Falls up with his dapper attire and his swoon-worthy accent. He’s also hot as f*ck. That alone is enough for me to want him to stick around, loves.

So, did I convince you this hybrid deserves a little love? Maybe in the Christmas episode everyone will chip in and get him some free therapy sessions. Aw! Wouldn’t that be sweet? Leave your comments and share your thoughts.

Until next time…




You know it’s time for a Save the Supes campaign. The first supe to be saved this fall 2012… CONNOR! Todd Williams rocks it the f*ck out as badass hunter, Connor Jordan. We’re not sure if he’s actually a supe, but there is something not totally human about him. Honestly, I was like “ugh” when TVD announced that a new hunter would hit town. However, when he did, all of my doubts were washed away like a bad non-waterproof mascara. I know a lot of people are angry at him right now, but we think he deserves a chance. Let’s get down to the dirty deets as to why Connor blows our supernatural minds:

1. He’s hot: Hello! Have you seen him? Just when you thought the TVD cast couldn’t get any more good-looking, BAM! They stick Todd Williams in there with the rest of the sexy Scooby-gang.

2. Ultimate Bad Guy: Connor is straight ruthless. Right now we see him as the bad guy because he’s trying to take down all our favorite characters. We don’t know his agenda yet. Reveal dat shit! I have a feeling we’ll be developing a soft spot for him at some point this season. For now though, he is a freaking bad ass. Think about it. Damon (season 1 asshole) and Klaus were technically the bad guys but they don’t hold a candle to Connor. Connor’s flying solo right now and he’s not dicking around. He stabbed poor little April and used her as vampire bait at her father’s funeral. That’s f*cking commitment to your craft right there. He dove right into Tyler’s mouth last night with a freaking needle and spiked beer at a high school rager. He escaped from Klaus AND Damon. He has a trailor with vampire booby traps. See what I mean? No hesitations. No fear. Complete. f*cking. badass.

3. Jeremy: He could be linked to Jeremy in some way. Well, it’s pretty evident that he is. Jer was the only one that could see Connor’s invisi-tat. If Connor can give Jer some sort of purpose in life, that’d be great. Lord knows that boy needs somethin’. We don’t want to see Jer revert back to pot smoking and painting his nails black. We know the Gilbert’s were protectors of the town so maybe we’ll see these two team up.

4. Fighting Machine: Let’s face it. TVD has been lacking in street fights for quite some time. So unfortunate. Sit down Neo (Matrix reference)! Whatever one level higher than a third degree black belt is, that’s what Connor is. I’m totally down to see more fight scenes and sweet pyrotechnics courtesy of Connor. Dish out some more ass kicking Conny-poo! Just don’t kill Damon or I’ll have to start rooting for your demise. Mmkay? *Everybody was kung fu fiiiightin’! Those cats were fast as lightniiin’!* Ok, sorry. Moving on…

5. Klaus Needs Him: We don’t know jack shit about Connor yet. What we did learn last night was that Klaus wants to keep him safe for an unknown reason. So he must be pretty important. Like Tesseract important (Avengers reference). We predicted in our 4×03 recap that this could have something to do with turning Elena back into a human, but we really have no freaking idea. If Klaus needs him alive and knows who he is, there is certainly a juicy hidden story, and I want to know it. Also, this could mean flashbacks… and who doesn’t love Originals flashbacks?

So, before you start throwing around shitty comments about how much you wish Connor would get staked in the face, think about what we just said. He deserves another chance. There’s much more to this street fighting, funky weapon wielding son of a bitch. Let’s all just give this BAMF a break and see what happens in the next few episodes, ok? Leave your comments. #FANGSOUT

Until next time…




“It’s Rebekah, bitch.”


I know many of you are asking, “why da fucque would you save Barbie Klaus when she tried to kill Matt and Elena?” Well, bear with us for a minute, OK? We choose to Save a Supe like this every week because every Supe deserves saving. Well, except for Daddy Klaus. We didn’t like him and he got killed in like, two episodes, so shit worked out. ANYWAYS! Let’s get down to the dirty deets as to why Rebekah Mikaelson should be saved:

Blondes rule. You all are aware of my un-dying love for Caroline, who was the only bubbly blonde on the show for a couple seasons. When they introduced Rebekah I thought I would hate her, but I love me a fun, fierce blonde that’s vulnerable to hot boys and school dances. Give the girl a break. She just got un-daggered and all she wants is to join the cheerleading squad and go to homecoming. Actually, come to think of it, she is the only cast member that actually wants to attend school rather than frolic with hot vampires all day. Props to you, girl. #booksoverboys

She gets shit on. Hard. I ain’t mad at a woman for trying to kill Elena. Let’s look at the facts: 1) Rebekah is a vampire. VAMPIRES LIKE TO KILL PEOPLE. So, we can’t be that surprised at her instinct to rip Elena’s head off. 2) Her brother has lied to her for 1,000 years about how her mom died. How would you feel if you’ve been living it up with your brother who ripped your mom’s heart out? I’d be teetering on the crazy bitch fence, too. 3) She has no friends. No, seriously, like, none. She tried to bond with Elena before the homecoming dance, but got stabbed in the back. Literally. 4) She woke up from a 90-year coma to a new world with reality television and global warming (at least she missed The Great Depression #optimism). AND her boyfriend hates her AND some doppelgänger is rocking her family heirloom. Need I go further? Like I said, step into her Louboutin’s for a second and think about where she’s coming from.

She gave Elena the best gift ever. As much as Rebekah hates Elena and tried to kill her, Elena should be grateful. Get out that thank you card, Elena, because you are about to become an immortal badass. I do not want to hear you whining about how being a vamp sucks. You don’t know what it’s like to have some stranger say you look five years older than you really are, start having to buy your Oil of Olay moisturizer with the SPF in it, or have it be illegal for you to day dream about making out with all the members of One Direction. GETTING OLD SUCKS. The only nice thing about getting old is that you can drink all the boxed wine you want without getting grounded by your parents. Actually, forget that. Because your Mom will want to drink boxed wine WITH you, and then your evenings consist of having awkward conversations with your mother over a box of chillable red. #pathetic. See? Stay young forever and be hot and fierce with all your baller status vampire friends! UGH. Rebekah, you can run me and my ex-boyfriend off of a bridge any day. #realtalk

She does a sick round-off back-hand-spring. No other description necessary. Gabby Douglas is the only other girl I’ve seen that can do that and she’s a fracking Olympic gold medalist. #boss

Despite everything she is loyal to her family. She broke down crying when Elena told her about Klaus and how he murdered their mom, but she still wants to be with him. Who’s anyone else to talk? Elena has clearly forgiven Damon for snapping Jeremy’s neck that one time. Elena was balls deep in that hotness at the Super 8 Motel. If that doesn’t scream “forgiveness” I don’t know what does. Rebekah can get a little whiny and impulsive, but at least at the heart of it she does it for all the right reasons: her family.

Alright guys, tune in and get ready, because The Vampire Diaries season four is about to start and shit will get real. Also, from the promo videos/photos it looks like Rebekah will have some fierce new extensions and a fantastic blowout. #fangsout


Team TSD