The Vampire Diaries Recap – 4×16 “Bring It On”

First, let me just point out a few parallels I noticed in this episode (because I’m a genius). The episode started with Elena lying in the street and snacking on the person that stopped to help her. Oh, I’m sorry. HOW did the pilot episode start again? Oh yeah, with Damon tricking people on the road into thinking he was hurt so he could eat them. BAM! #fullcircle. #mindblown. How about the party at the Salvatore house? Did it remind you at all of the rager Caroline threw for Elena in episode 3×01 “The Birthday” that Elena didn’t even want? My, how things have changed. Also, think about Elena and Damon driving away on a road trip at the end of the episode. The last time they went on a road trip together was in one of my favorite episodes, 1×11 “Bloodlines”, and she didn’t go willingly. Do I watch this show way too freaking much? Yes. Yes, I do. Moving on.

In this episode, we saw Elena go into total bitch mode, Damon (unwillingly) team up with Rebekah to hunt down a dying vampire and Stefan trying to keep Elena from murdering a bunch of people including her best friend. Let’s get down to the very dirty deets.

ElenaElena: Let’s have a little chat. You know I love you, right? That being said, you need your ass beat and someone needs to figure out how to flip your humanity switch back on… like yesterday. It’s one thing to let loose a little and speak your mind, but it’s a whole other thing to try to kill your bestie for basically no reason. I didn’t even mind when you said those really hurtful things to Stefan, because he can handle it (and he treated you that way when he was in Ripper mode), but when you try to KILL Caroline? Now, that’s just not okay. So, after Elena skanks it up and bares all in front of Damon and Stefan, she agrees to go to school because she has nothing better to do. She even tells Caroline that she wants back on the cheer squad. Caroline thinks this is a great idea because she assumes, as does everyone else, that Damon telling her to behave would keep her in line. Nope. The sire bond doesn’t work now that she has no emotions because the sire bond was based around her previous feelings for Damon. Does this mean she doesn’t have feelings for him at all now? While at the competition, Elena sets her sights on a cheerleader from a rival team’s blue hair ribbon. Elena wants that shit real bad. She snacks on the girl and takes the ribbon for herself. A meal and a new hair accessory! #TwoBirdsOneStone. Then, during the cheer routine, she steps away from spotting Caroline while she’s in the air and let’s her fall on the damn ground. This is what initially sent me over the edge. I literally yelled, “you f*cking bitch” at my TV when this happened. I can deal with her eating people all willy nilly, but I can NOT deal with her treating Caroline that way. Plus, she just cost the M.F.H.S. varsity cheer squad gold and they probably won’t be able to move on to the next round of competitions. #selfish. Now I’m just pissed.

Stefan has to vervain her to get her out of there. When she comes to (and after she’s done being a complete bitch to him), Stefan realizes that she’s invited people to a raging party at Chez Salvatore. No big deal right? Everyon’e dancing and having a good time until Sheriff Forbes shows up to shut the underage shenanigans down and Elena attacks her. Oh, hell no! Caroline is obviously furious and Elena goes AWOL. Stefan and Caroline go look for her in the woods and Elena says some horrible shit to Caroline about not caring about her mother and tries to kill her. She done lost her damn mind. Luckily, Damon and Stefan show up to stop this and Damon takes her back to the house. Elena pretty much tells Damon that she knows he likes her better this way and you know in his head he’s like, “F*ck yeah. I hope you never get your humanity back so we can run around eating people and being complete bad asses for all eternity.” He’s hell-bent on showing her a good time and we see them driving to NYC, which is where they’ll be in the next episode. YAY! Delena in the city that never sleeps. I can’t wait.

StefanStefan: What an admirable mother f*cking dude. Elena hooked up with his brother and told him she didn’t love him anymore, says really hurtful things to him and he STILL tries to help her out. He even admits that it’s his fault what’s happening to her because he brought all this supernatural shit into her life. #Truth. He does kind of owe her, though. Remember how Elena never gave up hope for Stefan when he was off the Ripper rails? He still cares about her, regardless of what’s happened and he understands what it’s like to lose your humanity because he’s been there… several times. He teams up with Caroline to try to keep an eye on her, but when she leaves the party and goes missing, he has to call Damon and tell him to get his ass here and help him find her. He knows that Damon has more of a chance of controlling her than anyone else even without the sire bond. That has to hurt. We see Stefan and Caroline at the end of the episode talking about how they can’t give up on Elena. I’m looking forward to seeing a friendship between these two grow. Side note: Anyone else notice that Elena got jealous when Stefan and Caroline were dancing together? Careful Elena. Your humanity’s showing.

DamonDamon: Damon deserves the award for worst luck ever. He doesn’t get to see Elena, like ever, and he always gets stuck doing the shit jobs. He sets off to look for a vampire that could have a connection to Katherine, and therefore the cure. Rebekah shows up and brings a vile of Klaus’s blood which we know can cure a vampire from a werewolf bite. She hopes this can entice the vampire into giving up information on Katherine’s whereabouts because she still wants the cure for herself. While Damon and Rebekah are on the hunt for the vamp, they discover a hospital completely drained of blood bags. That isn’t the only hospital in the area that’s had all its blood stolen. We can only assume that this is Silas. Eek! Rebekah also gets into Damon’s head a little when she asks him why he wants the cure for Elena in the first place? Saying, he’ll just cure her back into loving his brother again. I’m sure Damon knows this, which might be why when he comes across the dying vamp (who he actually knows) he kills him. Maybe it was his way of keeping the cure away from Elena, or maybe there’s something else we don’t know. I somehow doubt he was doing it for Rebekah’s benefit. Rebekah and Damon head back to Mystic Falls to find a party going on at his house. Damon tells her he doesn’t know why she wants to be a pathetic human and that vampires are basically f*cking awesome and humans are stupid. I agree. He leaves Rebekah to marinate on that shit for a bit and goes to help find Elena. He stops her from killing Care, has a little moment with her in his bedroom and packs her up in the car to head to New York City for some fun. Vampire field trip!

Klaus and HayleyKlaus (AND HAYLEY): Klaus goes to track down Hayley and saves her from one of Katherine’s lackey vampires who’s about to kill her. Now the vampire is infected with werewolf juice and is dying. Klaus tells Damon about this dude, sending him on a hunt for the dying vampire in hopes of somehow getting to Katherine and the cure because he knows Katherine would probably try to shove it down his throat. Klaus brings Hayley back with him to Mystic Falls and there’s a whole boat load of sexual tensions brewing between these two. Klaus is trying to get information about Katherine from Hayley, but he’s not torturing it out of her in typical Klaus fashion. Nope. He’s being sweet to her and giving her expensive liquor. #jealous. She actually looks pretty turned on when he drops his 1,000 year old wisdom on her. Hayley is a tough chick who doesn’t bite her tongue and isn’t easily intimidated, so of course these two have smoking hot chemistry. Hayley talks about relating to his twisted painting, bites her lip and then *bow chica bow wow* Klayley freaking happens and we finally get to see Klaus with his shirt off. HOT!

While I still think Klaus is truly in love with Caroline, and I don’t know if his sex-capade with Hayley will change that, he was long overdue for getting some action. Have you ever stopped to think about why Klaus is such an asshole all the time? Wouldn’t you be too if everyone around you was getting busy except for you? Anyway, Klaus tells Hayley that he recognizes the scar on her back. He says he’s only seen it on a few other werewolves that roamed in Louisiana, insinuating that could be her blood line. #OriginalsSetup. The question is, do these two go to New Orleans as lovers, friends or even perhaps enemies?

CarolineCaroline: Since you are the perfect example of a vampire, I’m going to need you to kick Elena’s ass and then teach her your ways. I’m also going to need you to stop calling Tyler. You’re just causing yourself more heartache. We know Tyler is definitely still on the run and alive because a) Klaus told Hayley he hasn’t killed him, and b) because Matt calls Caroline over to the Lockwood mansion to give her a note. The note is from Tyler and in a nutshell it says, “Stop looking for me. I’m not coming back because I don’t really want to get my heart ripped out by Klaus. Love you. Bye.” I feel really bad for Caroline, but I’ve thought for a while that the Caroline/Tyler romance had run its course. Also, Caroline PLEASE don’t start hooking up with Stefan. If you’re going to move on from Tyler, please do it with Klaus. That is all.

Matt: This poor soul went from living in a shitty house to living in a ballin’ ass mansion. I hope he puts the house to good use and throws some sweet keggers and dance parties there. Party at Matt’s house! Woohoo!

Ok, so here’s what we know. Silas is still somewhere with Bonnie and he probably has something to do with the missing blood. Katherine is out there somewhere with the cure which means that someone will still get the cure unless she accidentally drops it down the sink. Who do you think will actually get to take the cure, if anyone? We also know, that Damon and Elena go to NYC next week and Rebekah shows up, but not before they get nasty on a rooftop. Ow ow! I don’t know how long it will last (or if Elena’s even being sincere), but at least they’ll finally get some kind of moment together. Sound off with your thoughts and predictions for next week’s episode. Until next time… #FangsOut



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