The Vampire Diaries: Hope

The Vampire Diaries has shown us how special a first love can be

and how much it hurts when it comes to an end.

It shows us how hard it is to say goodbye to the ones you love,

especially when it’s permanent.

And that no matter how many times you lose someone, it still hurts.

It shows us how much it sucks to be betrayed,

to feel like you’re alone,

and to feel like you’re never good enough.

It teaches us what it’s like to be in love with someone when you know you shouldn’t be

and what it feels like to finally give in.

How it feels to be confused and unsure

and to lose sight of who you are.

It teaches us that everyone needs a little girl time

and sometimes you just need to let lose.

How even when you have ups and down with the ones you love,

you always know right where you belong.

And that just when it seems like there’s nothing left to live for,

you find a reason to keep living.


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