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Being Human Recap – 3×13 “Ruh-Roh”

The season three finale had my heart racing the entire time. It was the most intense and heartbreaking episode of the season, hands down. Not only because of what was happening on my TV, but because I don’t know how long I’m going to have to wait to see it again (this shit better get renewed). Sam Witwer seriously deserves an Emmy after his performance in this episode, and the whole season for that matter. Aidan, Sally, Josh and Nora’s lives just got completely flipped upside down and things are not looking up. Aidan got his ass kicked (in present time and in the flashbacks), Sally got dragged down a mysterious ghost hole and Nora and Josh’s marriage got off to a less than ideal start. Let’s get down to the dirty deets.

Aidan Being Human SyfyAidan: At the beginning of the episode, we see Kat and Aidan making out in the house. SOMEHOW, he totally forgot that he had a goblin chained in the basement and a rotting body upstairs. Common mistake. I was just waiting for Kat to go upstairs and see Sally dead in the room. Oh, I’m sorry. What happened? She went upstairs and saw Sally dead in the room. Called that shit. Here’s my question. How would a rotting body not stink up the whole house (or neighborhood)? Just saying. You’d have to have dropped a solid grand in Febreeze Plugins at Wal-Mart to mask that stank and then it would smell like Spring just took a f*cking shit in your house. Moving on. So, not only does Kat leave the house thinking her boyfriend is a certified psycho, but Kenny’s transformation has been.. problematic. That poor thing looks like Darth Vader without his head-gear on. There are not enough plastic surgeons in Orange County to fix that face. I actually feel pretty bad for him, though. He didn’t ask for this shit. Well, he asked for eternal life but he didn’t ask for a face his father couldn’t even look at. Seriously, Aidan could barely look at him. You weren’t alone, Aidan. He goes to Blake and asks her to compel Kat for him and she agrees but with the understanding that he “owes her.” I have a feeling she’s not going to be asking him to dog sit while she’s vacationing in the Hamptons. When they get to Kat’s house and she sees Aidan, she starts freaking out. You can’t blame a girl for having a negative reaction. She’s trying to escape and Aidan grabs her and is pretty much like, “Have you ever seen Total Recall? Sit down, bitch.” So, Blake takes the memory of seeing Sally away and all’s good in the world again, right? Yeah, not so fast.

Let’s talk about Aidan’s flashbacks for a minute. Throughout the episode, we see Aidan with his son from back in the day. His boy tells him that a group of people have his wife and Aidan runs to save her. The evil Reverend dude and his posse are drowning his wife (Suzanna) in a river and telling her that she was with a “demon” and accuse her of being a witch. Aidan shows up just in time to watch her drown and the people start kicking his ass and slinging an array of insults at him. Then, when Aidan vamps out and starts attacking them back, they act surprised. You’re kidding me right? You assholes just jumped a so-called “demon”. What did you think he was going to do? Lie there and take it and then go home and bake you some f*cking cookies in his wood-burning oven? Idiots. Anyway, flash forward to present day. Aidan’s walking down the street like a boss in his Italian leather when we see his WIFE get out of a taxi. Suzanna is alive!

So, she’s been alive this whole time and never found Aidan? This makes me think she’s not up to any good. Can’t wait to see the love triangle between him, Kat and his Revolutionary War-era wife he thought was dead. Things are going to get dicey. We also see Aidan with Kenny in the woods. We think he brings him out there to kill him and it looks like he’s about to snap his neck. He has a moment of weakness (or maybe compassion) and tells Kenny to run. He can’t bring himself to do it. I have a feeling this is going to come back to bite him in the ass, perhaps literally. You just never know.

Aidan and Liam Being HumanLiam: So, Liam put a major damper on Nora and Josh’s honeymoon by showing up and scaring the shit out of her while she was outside getting wood. He takes her and Josh to see a pile of vampire abominations and then locks them in with them. Josh whips out a box of matches (good find) and burns them all. Props to Josh for doing what he had to do. Liam’s pissed at Aidan for killing his son and knows that he created another vampire. When Aidan and Sally are talking in their kitchen, Aidan gets a bullet through the brain. Liam pops in, shoots him in the head some more and demands to know where his vampire son is. Luckily for Liam, Kenny f*cking YELLS from the basement. Perfect. Aidan runs down there and tries to save Kenny but just gets a shovel to the face and then staked to a wall. Nora and Josh show up and spring into action. Liam throws Nora against the wall, knocking her out. Enraged, Josh goes after him. Liam is choking him when Aidan grabs Liam and spears him on the pipe that’s currently staking him to the wall, killing him. Finally! (Sorry, Xander Berkeley. You know I love you.)

SallySally: Sally’s in ghost form again and she’s feeling a little blue. At least this time she’s in an adorable dress with a fierce blowout instead of in that damn grey sweater. We know something’s not right when we see the candles in the living room flare up in the beginning of the episode. Later on, while Sally’s alone in the house, Donna’s ghost appears to her. She tells Sally that they’re linked and Sally says, “That’s fine hookah. I will shred you. You don’t know what I’m capable of.” Donna scoffs at her and all of a sudden they’re at the top of the stairs. Donna’s like, “Naw, son. You don’t know what I’M capable of.” She pushes her down the stairs, replicating her initial death scene from season one, and she hits the landing at the bottom with a thud. All of a sudden, the wood beneath her starts crumbling, giving way to what seems like an endless abyss of only God knows what. Sally tries pulling herself up the stairs but the stairs start to fall apart as well. Donna grabs her from behind, pulling her down into the hole. They disappear and the floor returns to normal. Umm… what the f*ck just happened?

Where did Donna just drag Sally? A hell realm? Purgatory? Limbo? An alternate reality where Sally will be forced to be sous-chef in Donna’s soup kitchen for all of eternity? Someone just tell me already!

NoraJosh & Nora: After Nora and Josh get back from Liam locking them in the room with the vampire/werewolf creatures, they head home knowing that he’ll be there for Aidan and Kenny. Although they do kill Liam, Nora doesn’t come out completely unscathed. During the chaos, and while Nora is unconscious, Kenny’s blood lust kicks in and he feeds on her. She doesn’t die from it, but I feel like there may be consequences from her being bit by whatever the hell Kenny is (hybrid?). Nora’s all healed up and her and Josh head out to the woods. Oh, were you expecting to see a sweet newlywed moment between these two lovers? Because that’s not what happens. We see Nora in the woods, in broad daylight looking fabulous with no makeup on. #Jealous. She looks up and sees Josh… still in wolf form. He didn’t change back into a human! SHIT! There isn’t enough space in the house to accommodate a werewolf. Here’s my theory. I’ve always said I thought Josh was going to be able to control his werewolf side. I think that’s what’s happening now. I’m going to predict that he’ll now be able to control when he turns, how often and for how long. Regardless, this is the worst way EVER to kick off your marriage.

Where does this leave our favorite roommates? We don’t know where Donna took Sally, we don’t know where Kenny went, we don’t know why Suzanna’s in Boston (or what she is or how she’s alive for that matter) and we don’t know why the hell Josh didn’t return to human form. This is almost too much stress for me to handle. I want to give a round of applause to Kristen, Sam Witwer, Sam Huntington, Meaghan, Anna Fricke, and the rest of the cast and crew for bringing us the best season of Being Human so far. It was spectacular.

You guys are amazing. I have my fingers crossed that the show is renewed for 22 episodes. Hey, I’d even take 13 again. Just as long as we get a fourth season. Leave your thoughts and comments about the season finale and your predictions about what’s next! Until next time… #FangsOut



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Being Human Recap – 3×10 “For Those About To Rot”

Being Human 3x10 - For Those About To Rot

Goodness gracious great balls of parent-eating zombies in tragic sweaters. While this episode was actually one of the funniest (Sally is witty as hell and I love her), it was also pretty damn depressing. I mean, Stevie? Nick? Pete? Stevie’s parents! In this episode, Aidan and Kat run into someone from her past, Sally and Josh try to help Stevie and fail, and flashback Aidan rocks some seriously sweet facial hair. Let’s get down to the dirty deets.

Aidan Being HumanAidan: In the beginning of the episode, Sally tells Aidan she thinks he’s “backed up”. Meaning, he needs to get horizontal with Kat real quick. Oh, Sally. You’re such a good friend. #GreatAdvice. So, Aidan goes on a date with Kat in this episode. First, she takes him to the library where she shows him an old-ass book written by Edmondson Waite (something like that). He says that’s his great-great-great-great-grandfather, which really means it’s his dad. While at the library, Kat spies someone from her past. Her ex! She tells Aidan that she dated him when he was her professor in college. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal, right? They can’t avoid talking to him though, and we see that he has a new girlfriend who’s also a college student. Dude knows what he likes. After that uncomfortable run-in, Kat says she needs to go somewhere with alcohol. I’m starting to like this girl. So, they’re chilling having some drinks and then they get into a seriously deep conversation for barely knowing each other. Kat starts talking about the ex they just met and she’s like, “He didn’t want anymore kids.” Aidan’s like, “I’m sterile.” Kat, “That sucks. I’m sorry.” Aidan, “No bigs.” That’s really all I got from it, but it was awkward. It’s kind of great that they get into a deep convo, because after all that Aidan’s been through, he needs someone who isn’t superficial and one-dimensional and it’s probably comforting to know that he’s not the only one with baggage. Granted, his baggage is a little bit heavier and packed full of blood bags and people he’s murdered, but whatever. When Aidan’s leaving they start making out but he gets the black vamp eyes and leaves, making Kat feel slightly dejected. Don’t worry though! He has a blood bag on him, drinks it behind a bush and then goes back to Kat’s so they can get it on. I really f*cking hope Aidan carries mouthwash with him or something, because that’s so unsanitary and disgusting.

All’s good in the hood right? NOT! He apparently blacks out and when he wakes up (in an alley) he walks away not realizing that he ate Kat’s ex, who’s lying dead in the street. Yikes! This is the vampire equivalent of eating a whole pie in the middle of the night while you’re sleeping and not remembering it. It happens. What the hell is going on with him?

Throughout the episode, we also see flashbacks of Aidan and his wife trying to conceive. They struggle for a while and he has to deal with a jackass pastor getting up in his face about him being a dark soul that shouldn’t procreate or some shit like that. How rude. Aidan hits the joker and his wife gets pissed about it. Really? You’re going to let that ass-hat talk to your husband like that? Whatever. Finally, his wife is giving birth in the other room and he’s praying that she and the baby make is through safe and sound. Alas! He hears the baby crying and when he goes in there, his wife looks freaking amazing for just popping out a babe and his new son is perfect. #Success. Seeing Aidan that happy isn’t something we’ve seen before and I loved it. Oh, and PS, I want to braid Aidan’s flashback chops.

Sally Being HumanSally: She has her rot spot back in this episode since she cut herself off the raw meat diet cold turkey. She goes to see Zoe, who’s just killed Nick because he tried to eat her. Zoe asks her not to come around anymore because she’s worried that Sally will eat her too. I don’t blame the girl. That’s a legitimate fear. Sally does her a favor though, and enlisting the help of Josh, buries Nick’s body in the woods. Shit! What about Stevie? Josh goes with her to Stevie’s parent’s house to scope out the situation. They find Stevie there alone, and while Stevie bullshits them about where his parents are, they eventually realize that he ate them. Ew. We can see how hopeless Sally is in this moment, realizing that she will probably turn into the same monster with no control over her actions. I understand what she’s going though, because I wouldn’t want to eat my friends and family either. #Relatable. She mourns Stevie’s death for a bit until she gets a strong hankering for that arm in the kitchen cabinet. Nom nom nom. I feel like the whole eating people thing doesn’t have to be all bad. Here’s an idea. Only eat people who are doing evil in the world and deserve to die anyway. Then, you’re a zombie exacting justice on the world and keeping the streets safe. It’s a win-win. Watch the first few seasons of Dexter and tell me what you think.

Josh Being HumanJosh: How does Josh always get stuck doing the worst shit for his friends. He helped Sally bury a body in the woods. He is about one corpse burial away from making this a part-time job. When someone needs help disposing of a body and thinks, “Oh, I know. I’ll call Josh,” you know you have a problem. He also backs her up when she goes to find Stevie and of course, has to be the one to discover an arm in a cabinet. Even though it’s a tough call, Josh realizes that he needs to help Stevie end his life. He gives a speech about how, in order to survive in the world they live in, they have to make hard decisions. #truth. #preachit. Josh gives Sally a pep talk and tells her they’ll figure something out for her. Can I please have Josh as my best friend? He’s amazing. After Josh is done helping her out, he goes back to Pete’s for their meditation date only to find that some vamps are feeding on him. Pete! NO! They knock Josh out, but not before he hears them say how he and Nora are “off-limits”. Watching Pete die was actually heart breaking. Pete was a quality f*cking dude and he was going to help Josh come to peace with his wolf. I hope this doesn’t put Aidan and Josh at odds when he finds out he told Blake.

Stevie Being HumanStevie: Stevie is at his parent’s house (in a god-awful sweater) when Sally and Josh come to make sure his family’s still alive. Stevie blows them some shit about how his parents are away and he knows they won’t be coming back. Yeah, they won’t be coming back because he ate them. I repeat, STEVIE ATE HIS PARENTS. Looks like he needs a “hand” keeping his hunger under control. Ha! No? There’s no coming back from this shit. It’s all down hill after you eat your mom and dad. He also ate a harmless US Postal Service Worker. #UncalledFor. Josh helped Stevie kill himself which was actually tragic to watch. We see Stevie as a ghost and he tells Sally thank you for giving him another chance to live. His door appears and he says she was her best friend. How sweet. He walks through, but Sally sees the same golden shell on his door that was on Nick’s. Doors are never supposed to be the same. What the hell is going on? Hmm… I think it has to do with Donna. Why? Because she’s a sneaky bitch. I wasn’t really that sad to see Stevie go, but it was awful seeing Sally so upset about it. RIP Stevie.

My one problem with this episode? No Nora. I need to see her face at least a little bit each week! We’re going to see the fallout next week from those werewolves eating Pete. Him and Josh formed a bond very quickly, and Pete was a stand up guy that didn’t deserve to die. Nora will probably be especially pissed and blame it on Aidan because that’s just how she rolls. We also didn’t see Bubble Boy in this episode, but we’ll be revisiting his quest to become a creature of the night and make Aidan’s life suck soon I’m sure. Oh, and where the hell is Max? #Sax reunion please! In next week’s episode, “If I Only Had Raw Meat”, Sally tells Nora she’s food, Josh and Nora are apparently about to get married the next day and Aidan comes across something he’s never seen before. Until next time… #FangsOut



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Being Human Recap – 3×09 “Of Mice And Wolfmen”

Let me just say, I NEVER want to see Aidan that close to death ever again. It was heart wrenching and my stomach was in my freaking throat. I hated it. So, while Aidan’s situation just got significantly better (because he’s not dead), Sally is pretty much screwed and Josh and Nora are in major danger. In this episode, Sally punches a hole in her face with her toothbrush, Aidan has flashbacks of his wife, and a lone wolf serves Josh and Nora a crock pot dinner. Aw! How sweet. Let’s get down to the dirty deets.

Aidan Being HumanAidan: My baby’s got the plague! He doesn’t want to spend his last days lying in bed, so he goes to work. Kenny begs him to change him before he dies. That’s freaking rude, Kenny. When Aidan goes home, he starts having flashbacks of leaving his wife and returning home as a vampire. His wife was straight balls to the wall, because she cut her hand and fed him her blood. She also tells him that he’s a beautiful creature and that he deserves the chance to live. What a good wifey. While Josh and Nora are having a dinner party and meditating downstairs, Aidan’s upstairs about one hallucination away from kicking the bucket. Aidan looks like he’s just about to die, having a seizure with blood streaming out of his eyes. THEN he gets better. Say what? Yup! All better! We learn that werewolf blood is the cure to the virus! Booyah! Then Aidan makes the dumbest f*cking decision EVER. He tells Blake. Really? You might be able to trust Blake (well, probably not), but you don’t even know all the vampires in the area and what they’ll do. In fact, they killed the first werewolf they came across. So… fail. #poorlifechoices.

Let’s talk about Kat for a second. Kat comes to the house and thinks Aidan has the flu and tries to take care of him. How sweet is that? She barely knows him and she wants to make sure he’s okay. If some dude (a sketchy one at that) told me he had the flu, I would NOT be hanging out at his house. I’d just tell him to call me in a couple of weeks when he knew he wasn’t contagious anymore because I wouldn’t want to be catching that crap. I don’t care if you’re Brad f*cking Pitt. I’m not nursing you back to health. It’s gross.

Plus, why would you think someone would want you to hang out with them when they’re sick? No one wants to hang out when they’re puking all over themselves and rolling around in their own stench, especially when you’re still in the courting phase of the relationship. Don’t you agree? Okay, this has gotten out of control. Moving on. In one of Aidan’s flashbacks, we see his wife tell him that she doesn’t want to be a vampire but that one day, when he’s able to love again, he shouldn’t run from it. *cue the waterworks* Aidan goes to the school where Kat works and kisses her! Aw! These two are so cute. We’ll see how long he can keep her in the dark about the fact he’s a blood-sucking creature of the night… with a reanimated corpse and werewolves for best friends. I’m sure she’ll find out in a less than ideal way because that’s just his luck.

Sally Being HumanSally: First and foremost, where is that orange blouse from that she was wearing? I really need that in my closet. So, Zoe tells Sally that Nick bit her, and not in a hot and heavy sexual way. Like, in a f*cked up, serial killer way. Sally goes to see Nick and tells him she ate a rat. She’s so ashamed until Nick tells her that it’s not that bad that they have to eat fresh animals if they want to survive. Of course he doesn’t think it’s a big deal, because he’s been mowing down on the neighborhood felines every day. On her way home, Sally eyes caged animals in a pet shop window like I eye the dessert line at a Golden Corral. Mmmm… puppies.

When Aidan’s all better, he asks Sally how she’s doing and she says, “I ate a mouse. It was just one time!” She tells him how she was falling apart, literally, and that she’s going to cut herself off cold turkey and essentially let herself die. Sally! Don’t give up hope girlfriend. There has to be something they can do to save her. I feel a Donna visit coming in the near future.

Josh and Nora Being HumanNora & Josh: Nora sees that Josh has been scratched, and even though she looks upset, I bet inside she’s like, “F*ck yeah. Now I don’t have to change alone for the rest of our lives.” I mean, that’s what I’d be thinking. Josh tells her what Aidan did for her when he was in Liam’s captivity and that he’s infected. Shocked, Nora goes to the hospital to find Aidan and tells him thank you and that he needs to go home and rest. So, when Nora woke up in the woods after changing, she met a naked werewolf dude named Pete who lives out there in a trailer. She told him to come by the house sometime, and he takes her up on that offer that same night. Pete shows up to the house with a crock pot full of chile. While the timing is inconvenient, the gesture is nice as f*ck. He shares how he got scratched while on a back-packing trip with his parents when he was 14 and how he had a rough time dealing with it. Pete struggled to find peace with his wolf until he discovered meditation. He suggests they try it too (which they do) and Josh actually starts seeing shit in his head from his wolves’ perspective. This Pete dude actually dropped some solid werewolf wisdom on them. Pete leaves and they’re like, “Oh, shit. Our bestie is dying upstairs alone. Whoops.” Josh and Sally stay by Aidan’s side when they think he’s dying. I love when these three are in scenes together, although I prefer it when one of them isn’t dying. Let’s face it though, one of them is always on the brink of death. Anyway, at the end of the episode, Josh meditates again and he sees his wolf. It’s f*cking beautiful and I’m hoping this means that Josh will start embracing and coming to peace with his wolf. #Namaste

Oh, and Nick’s a full-blown zombie and I think he might have eaten Zoe. Aw shit. I’m assuming in the next episode we’ll see the fallout from Aidan telling Blake about the cure for the virus. I’m still wondering if Aidan will actually turn Kenny and if he does, whether or not he’ll be able to handle a newbie vampire while trying to court a lady. I seriously doubt it, but who knows. Next week, we’ll see Stevie has the raw meat munchies too, Josh and Sally bury a body and Aidan tries to hide his true self from Kat. Good luck with that one, buddy. Until next time… #FangsOut



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Being Human Recap – 3×08 “Your Body Is A Condemned Wonderland”

Being Human 3x08 You're Body Is A Condemned Wonderland

What on God’s green Earth is going on? This episode was insane. Sally was literally falling apart, Aidan got tortured by Liam for intel on Brynn and Josh got down on one knee. Let’s get right down to the dirty deets.

Aidan 3x08 Being HumanAidan: Nora and Aidan run into each other at the hospital while they’re both working, and when Aidan asks if they can just get along, Nora tells him that she needs to get to the bottom of what happened to Erin first. She is not having it right now. Feeling like seeing Kat would cause more trouble at home, he goes to find her and break off the date. She doesn’t allow it though. She literally tells him that he may not cancel their date. Kat doesn’t want to let a sexy history buff slip through her fingers. I feel you Kat. I wouldn’t just let Aidan walk away either. They never actually got to have their date though, because Liam comes to get Aidan and ends up chaining him up and torturing him for information on Brynn. Aidan doesn’t give anything up. In fact, he actually covers for Nora. For this, he deserves the coveted TeamTSD hashtag, #PUREMAN. Josh shows up to save him, and although he gets him out of there, he doesn’t make it in time to keep Liam from injecting him with infected blood. NO! NOT MY AIDAN!

You guys know how I feel about him. We know Aidan won’t die, therefore we know there’s a cure. What could it possibly be? Could it have something to do with Kenny? I’m sure we’ll be seeing him again next episode since we didn’t see him at all in this one. Let’s just hope they don’t go to Soup Kitchen Donna for help. That never seems to end well.

Josh Being Human 3x08Josh: I just want to start out by asking, does anyone else feel like Josh is always the one holding everything (and everyone) together? More than any other character, he is the one who sticks up for his friends and would do anything to protect them.  For this, he also receives the coveted #PUREMAN hashtag this week. Josh finally asked Nora to marry him, and he did it in the cutest way ever! He took her to see a house they could never afford and actually put an offer on it so that they’d let him look at it. When he proposes, he promises her that one day they’ll have something like this, have a normal life and then he tells her he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and that he loves her no matter what and that… UGH!!!! I can’t.

They are just too cute. Nora says yes and they celebrate by bopping around in the house. Josh’s happiness is pretty damn short-lived, because he runs into Kat who says that Aidan left with some guy that said he was “Brynn’s dad”. Josh realizes what’s happened and asks Nora where Liam changes. He goes to save Aidan and we learn he’s somehow a great shot. He shot one of Liam’s look-outs in the leg from the damn wood line. #impressive. When he gets to the room where Aidan is being tortured, he’s just a little too late. Liam has injected him with the virus already. He manages to shoot Liam though, which gives him enough time to untie Aidan so they can escape. Liam changes into a really f*cking scary wolf, and before Josh can get out of the room, he gets scratched! I knew Josh wouldn’t remain a human very long! I actually yelled “YES!” out loud when he got scratched. Now him and Nora can wolf out together forever and ever. How freaking cute is that shit?

NoraNora: You were a smidgen better in this episode. You actually said yes to Josh when he popped the question which was so sweet (even though you’re still grieving). You two are meant for one another. So, Nora is still skeptical of Aidan and the part he played in Erin’s death. Ugh! I can’t wait for her to find out that Liam smothered Erin to death in the hospital. I also can’t wait for her to find out that Aidan completely covered for her when he was being brutally tortured by Liam. If Liam knew she killed Brynn, he’d kill her in a heart beat. You get that Nora? That’s what friends do! They protect one another. Now, forgive Aidan for killing people and kicking Erin into a coma so the house can once again be in harmony.

SallySally: Let me just say, Sally looks freaking fabulous for having a rotting skull. Work it girl. Sally goes to see Nick, who also came back from limbo, to see if he was having any trouble with his body staying fully intact. Sally also notices that he’s feeding stray cats. Aw! How nice. Nick acts just fine until she leaves and he pulls his shirt up and we see that he too, is rotting. Oh, yeah. And remember the cute cats Nick’s feeding? He’s actually eating them. It looks like it stops the rot. Hey, at least he’s not eating people like a full-on zombie. #perspective. #couldbeworse. Later that day at the office, Sally is watching Max put makeup shit on a dead body. Sally tries to swipe some product to take home to mend her rotted face, but Max walks in and asks what the hell she’s doing. Sally actually tells Max the truth and he not only believes her, he takes it surprisingly well. Really? If someone told me that they used to be a ghost, got brought back to life by black magic and are now decomposing, I think I’d handle it a little differently. Like, I don’t know, maybe run really f*cking fast in the other direction.

But no, Max is an excellent boyfriend and he brings his Caboodle full of dead people make-up over to her house to patch her up. She’s looking funky fresh and everything is going smoothly until Aidan (who’s just been beaten to a pulp) comes in the house with Josh and Sally refuses to tell Max what’s going on. This could put a strain on their relationship. So, that’s pretty much it. Oh yeah… and Sally mowed down on some raw meat from the fridge and f*cking loved it.

Our trio has officially hit rock bottom. Well, I’m sure things will get even worse because that’s just their luck, but shit’s real bad right now. Aidan’s been infected with the virus and it’s spreading, Josh will be turning on the next full moon and Sally just polished off 2 pounds of raw hamburger from the fridge. I don’t know how they come back from all of this. Especially Aidan because as far as we know, there’s no cure. Oh, and Liam is still NOT dead and I doubt he’s going anywhere anytime soon. Next week, Sally eats a rat and… ok, that’s honestly the only thing I got from the promo. Leave your thoughts, comments and predictions. Until next time… #FangsOut



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Being Human Recap – 3×07 “One Is Silver And The Other Pagan”

Our favorite little supernatural family is in a lot of trouble. In this episode, Aidan has to deal with Victoria from Twilight who’s trying to use Kenny for his blood, Sally meets up with an old pal, and Nora blames Aidan for Erin’s hospitalization. Let’s get right down to the dirty deets.

Aidan Being HumanAidan: When Aidan goes to see Kenny (aka Bubble Boy), he comes across another vampire, Blake. She’s an 11-year-old (vamp years), ginger bitch who’s told Kenny she’ll give him the gift of eternal life. The deal is, Kenny sustains Blake until he’s eighteen and then she’ll turn him. When Aidan goes back to the hospital later to see Kenny, he finds that Blake has taken way too much blood from him and he gets straight pissed. He really cares about Kenny. Blake tries to play the victim and then says, “We could run Boston.” Really, bitch? Aidan’s like, “Been there. Done that. Get out mah face.”  He is NOT having it. Aidan tries to tell Kenny that the relationship between a vampire and their maker is complicated, but Kenny tells him he has to get out of this hospital no matter what. I don’t blame him a bit. Aidan tells Blake that he’s going to turn Kenny himself so she can just go fly a f*cking kite. Deuces, Blake!

Bubble Boy isn’t the only thing going on in Aidan’s life. He happens to see Nora’s friend, Kat, again. She is having trouble with the pipes under her sink and Aidan offers his help. They bond over their shared love of history and Kat’s obviously impressed by his knowledge of old-ass shit. Usually, a bottle of Grey Goose and 12 Boneless Mild Wings from Buffalo Wild Wings impresses me, but to each his own. Kat shows up to the hospital to bring Nora food and her and Aidan talk until Nora shows up and acts like a little bitch about it. That doesn’t stop Aidan from going to Kat’s house later that night to ask her on a date. I feel like having a lady in his life is probably the last thing that Aidan needs right now. He has people who are trying to hurt him, and Kat will end up in the crossfire. Guarantee it.

Sally Being HumanSally: Remember Bridget from Season 1? Yeah. She’s back… with a (questionable) black bob and a new hobby. Sally and Bridget have lunch where Sally explains that she’s not a zombie, just a reanimated corpse that can accessorize. Bridget’s new hobby just happens to be taking part in a Wicca group. Couldn’t just pick up cross-stitching or scrap-booking Bridge? Anyway, she invites Sally to a Wicca group meeting and while Sally doesn’t really want to, she eventually caves. She goes to the meeting and pretty much looks at everyone like they’re a bunch of crazies (because they are). She realizes that the passed “loved ones” they think they are connecting with are just old geezer ghosts taking over their bodies for perverse reasons. Hey, the after-life has to get pretty f*cking boring. I’m sure people can get quite crafty. Sally tells Bridget that the reason she feels her “mind empty” is because she’s getting possessed, not because she’s doing cool witch shit. Sally wants her to forget about her and the whole ghost world so that she can move on and have a normal life. When Sally goes home and gets ready for bed, she puts on her PJs, makes a cup of tea and brushes out clumps of hair. Yeah, you heard me. Clumps of hair. In fact, it looks like her scalp is rotting. Donna, what the hell did you do? #SaveSally

JoshJosh: After getting bitched out by Nora for trying to stand up for Aidan in the slightest, he has a little talk with Liam. Josh asks what the f*ck he’s up to with Erin. He knows that he has something to do with Erin trying to hurt Aidan. Josh’s attempt to threaten Liam had literally NO effect on Liam. Like… zero. Liam doesn’t give two shits. Josh meets up with his sister at the hospital (he literally calls her “Sis” instead of her name to remind us who the f*ck she is), and he talks to her about wanting to marry Nora. I feel like with everything going on, he would have put the proposal plans on hold, but whatever. #priorities. His sister already knew what was on his mind, because she brought him their Grandma’s gorgeous engagement ring. Stop bringing up Julia by the way. Nora is 100x better than her. Although, I’m starting to question how I feel about her. Which brings me to…

Josh and NoraNora: Yeah! Let’s all defend the rando, troubled teen-wolf we met literally 2 or so weeks ago! Get a grip. I love you, but you don’t even know this girl. Nora automatically jumps to conclusions about Aidan’s actions. I think she forgets that she too, is a monster capable of murder. Oh wait, she DID murder someone. If she accidentally busted out of her storage unit mid-change one night and killed some people, Aidan wouldn’t judge her because he’s her FRIEND. Nora wants Josh to admit that Aidan did something wrong and puts him in a horrible spot by asking him, “If it came down to it, which one of us would you choose?” Oh, I’m sorry. Are we in fifth grade again? Josh is an adult. If he wants to have a best friend and a main bitch, then he can. We’re about to see Nora straight lose. her. shit because Liam killed Erin. I repeat, LIAM KILLED ERIN. I hope it doesn’t take her too long to figure out it was him so she can spend her energy hating him instead of Aidan. Oh, and RIP Erin.

Well, it looks like the gang is in a shit ton of trouble. Blake left the hospital but I’m not sure she’s out of the picture just yet. Aidan has to decide whether or not to give birth to a new fanged-son. If he does, I hope he realizes that between finding a viable food source for his progeny and keeping him from murdering a bunch of people, there might not be a lot of time to court a lady. #JustSayin. And what the hell is up with Sally’s scalp falling apart? I’m sure Donna conveniently forgot to mention a pretty important part of bringing her back. In next week’s episode, Josh pops the question to Nora and Aidan gets tortured by Liam for information on Brynn. Until next time…



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Being Human Recap – 3×06 “What’s Blood Got To Do With It”

Being Human Syfy 3x06

This season is causing me some major anxiety. I think I’m getting way too emotionally attached to these characters. In this episode, Sally almost killed her brother, Erin’s in cahoots with Liam and Donna proves that she’s the one in control. Oh, and we got to see some pretty sweet Revolutionary War era flashbacks of Aidan and Bishop. Let’s get down to the dirty deets.

Aidan and Bishop Being HumanAidan: This was probably one of the coolest episodes ever because I love me a good vampire birth flashback scene. We already knew Bishop turned him, but we didn’t really know how it all went down. Long story short, Aidan (armed with a sweet pony and mutton chops) saw Bishop draining soldiers and went after him. He realized that Bishop wasn’t human but he still tried to fight him because it was the right thing to do. Bishop is like, “You’re a bad ass. You’ve got spunk. I’m going to turn you.” Aidan’s like, “You better not.” Then Aidan wines about being a vampire, gets turned, wines some more and then eats one of his comrades. Bam! And that’s the story of how Aidan became the most awesome creature on the face of the planet. I feel like Aidan should write a book about all his life experiences. It would be the most amazing, mind-blowing book ever. I’d read the shit out of that.

Anyway, so Aidan goes back to work and Bubble Boy starts asking him questions about being a vampire. Turns out, he wants to be turned into a creature of the night. Can you blame the kid? Vampires are f*cking ligit. They can’t (usually) die or get sick and he wouldn’t have to live in a glass hut inside a damn hospital anymore. However, there are also some pretty solid reasons why turning him would be a horrible idea. For one, there’s a vampire plague and Bubble Boy is Aidan’s only source of clean blood. Then, there’s the fact that he’s like 16 years old. Dude, just wait a few years. No one wants to spend eternity as a teenager. There’s also the fact that Aidan would need to look out for this kid and show him the ropes. He’s got enough shit on his plate right now and that house doesn’t need another emotionally damaged teen living in it. Their posse is dysfunctional enough as it is. Speaking of damaged teens, Aidan came home from work and went in the fridge to get his dinner. Little did he know, Erin had spiked his blood with her own and it poisoned him! The last scene we saw, was him lying on the kitchen floor with blood coming out of his eye balls and Erin standing over him with a stake. Seeing him like this just kills me.

Aidan Being Human

Son of a bitch! This is too much. How is Josh going to react when he realizes that Erin’s been brain washed by Liam and trying to gank his bestie?

Josh Being HumanJosh: I feel so bad for Josh in every episode. He’s such a good dude. He just wants to live happily ever after with Nora, save his friends from dying and keep the house clean. Josh’s moments with Erin in this episode were cute, even though she was being completely fake. He walked in on her in Aidan’s room and expected the worst, but she tells him she was looking for a place to turn on the next full moon. Josh tells her he’ll get her a storage unit right beside Nora’s so they can change together. Aw! Isn’t that so sweet? Erin would rather run free in the woods, and I don’t blame her for that. I really believe that even though she has ulterior motives, she looks up to Josh. I mean, he has given her a home and SOME stability which is better than her previous situation. P.S. I’m still sticking to my theory that Josh isn’t completely human and that killing Ray just broke the curse of having to turn on every full moon. I’m waiting for something to piss him off enough that he hulks out and turns into a werewolf. Something is going to happen, because he can’t be a human for too long. That’s not the way this show works.

Sally Being HumanSally: She had it rough in this episode. There’s a knock on the door and when she goes to answer it, she sees that it’s her brother. Well… shit. She tries to hide from him for a while but he eventually runs into her. She can’t bear the thought of losing her brother (even though he seems like a shady character) so her and Josh visit soup kitchen Donna for help. Donna, in typical dark magic bitchy fashion, tells Sally she can’t help her. Sally gets the bright idea to hold her at knife point and force her to help. That doesn’t work at all because Donna uses her witchy joojoo to levitate Sally and strangle her. This bitch is serious. She does have SOMETHING she can do, though. She tells Sally that she’ll take away the curse of her killing whoever she sees from her past in exchange for her soul when she dies. Sally jumps all over that and agrees, even though Josh tries to get her to stop and think about it for a minute. I get that family’s important and shit like that, but who knows what Donna is planning on doing. We all know it isn’t something good.

Max, I need to talk to your for a second. Are you listening? Okay. Stop pouting and being a little bitch. Sally barely knows you and she’s obviously really close with her roommates. If she doesn’t want to talk to you about her family issues, then you should just leave it at that. Just because you had a super hot bonding sesh on the grieving couch and she told you she liked your french toast, doesn’t mean you’re privy to all the details of her life. If you think the fact that she has family issues and won’t tell you about them is bad, wait until you find out she’s a reanimated corpse who’s sold her soul to a ghost-grits-guzzling witch who works at a soup kitchen. #ManUp.

Erin Being HumanErin: You little trickster. In the beginning kitchen scene, I really liked her. I felt like she was a part of the family the way she stole Aidan’s orange zest french toast and sprayed whip cream straight into her mouth. It was almost like she fit right in. I knew that Liam was up to something and I thought maybe he turned Erin, but NO! He jedi mind-tricked her into thinking they’re “family” and convinced her to kill Aidan by doping his blood with her own. You are officially back on my shit list chica. I want to like you, but if you continue to come between Josh and Nora and attempt to kill my future husband again, I’ll reach through my TV and end you myself.

I just want to mention how much I loved seeing Bishop in this episode. He is such an awesome character and I’m a big fan of Mark Pellegrino, so I’d like to see him in some form or another in every episode. Please and thank you.

Things are not good for our gang. Not good at all. Sally is going to have to figure out how to keep from dying because Donna’s going to be on a soul quest. Maybe Aidan can turn her so she’s immortal! Aidan will have to decide whether he wants to turn Bubble Boy or not, which I’m 100% won’t end well no matter what he decides to do. Josh is going to have to step up to the plate and deal with Liam because he’s getting out of control. Oh, and I really missed Nora in this episode. In next week’s, Sally starts shedding and Nora defends Erin. Until next time…



Being Human Recap – 3×05 “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth”

Being Human Syfy 3x05

Excellent episode! Sam Witwer deserves a f*cking Emmy for his portrayal of Aidan, and I’m not just saying that because I’m in love with Aidan and currently trying to figure out how to marry a fictional character so that we can be together forever. He even hit himself in the head repeatedly in this episode. That’s dedication to your craft right there, because you know that shit hurt. Seriously though, I thought he was amazing in this episode. Anyway, in 3×05, we saw Sally get jiggy with it on the comfort couch (da fucque?), Liam threaten Nora and Josh, and Aidan bond with a Bubble Boy/his food source. Let’s get down to the dirty deets.

AidanAidan: Aidan’s as good an actor as Sam Witwer. When Bubble Boy was testing Aidan to see if he was a vampire, Aidan played it off like a boss. Then, the boy straight up asked him if he was an eternally damned, blood sucking creature of the night (kind of rude). Aidan’s response: “Haha! You crazy little f*cker you. You’re not allowed to watch scary movies anymore.” *chuckles as he walks out the door* When he gets in the hallway he pretty much projectile vomits all over himself because he totally got called out and he made that kid feel like a freaking dumb ass. He hangs out with the boy and watches TV with him the next night, which I think is really sweet because the kid has to be lonely as f*ck in there and he even says he has no friends. Unfortunately, Aidan dreams about a nurse coming in and confronting him about the blood he has been taking and says she’s going to report him. He snaps her neck and then wigs out. When he wakes up, his eyes are black and his fangs are poppin’ out. Bubble boy sees! Oh, shit! This is bad. I’m not even going to go into the naked, dead girls that were following him around because they just pissed me off. Aidan has a kick ass moment though, where he jacks up some werewolves that attacked him in an alley. That’s right bitches! Nobody f*cks with Aidan! Unfortunately, this has now landed him on Liam’s radar/shit list. We just have to hope Nora doesn’t sell him out. Speaking of…

NoraNora: You’re being quite the judgy little bitch for someone who’s also killed and is currently hiding it from said victim’s father. You, like Aidan, have had your ups and down and made mistakes. Don’t forget the fact that you’re also a monster. Where do your loyalties lie anyway? Girl, you know I love you, but Josh was right to get shitty with you for even thinking for a nano-second about throwing Aidan under the bus. I agree that having your boyfriend screen his patients so that his vampire friend can safely drink their blood is a little weird, but you change into a giant, murderous canine inside of a storage unit once a month, so let’s not point fingers. Liam brings Erin back to the house which really chaps my ass. Obviously, Nora feels motherly toward Erin and I’m sure they bonded when they changed together, but this girl is crazy, has really poor manners and a bad attitude. She’s so needy!

Josh and Nora have enough of their own shit to deal with (like Liam not finding out that Nora killed his daughter and trying to protect Aidan from getting staked) and I know that Erin is just going to cause a riff in their relationship. It literally stresses me out. I don’t want anything to come between #Jora #Nosh #Norash. Ok, those all sound like shit.

JoshJosh: I feel really bad for Josh right now. He is trying to make Nora happy and protect her from Liam all while being a good friend to Aidan. Liam confronts Nora and Josh outside of their house and says he tracked Aidan’s vamp scent back to their house and he knows he lives with them. Josh stands up for Aidan and says he won’t give him up or kill him. He ultimately goes to Liam’s hotel room, points a gun at him and tells him that he’ll never betray Aidan because he’s his friend and a good man. #truth. Liam calmly tells him to get the f*ck out right now, and Josh does as told. You can tell Josh was shaking in his boots during this confrontation, probably because Liam wasn’t even phased by the fact he had a gun in his face. Poor Josh. Then, he has to go home to Nora who makes some super emasculating comments and actually entertains the idea of f*cking over Aidan. Josh pretty much says, “bro’s before hoes Nora” and walks out of the room. Ok not really, but he was still pissed. Josh is going to have a hell of a time trying to protect himself and Nora from Liam, help take care of Erin, try to be a friend to Aidan and keep him out of trouble AND keep the house clean (because Lord knows Sally & Aidan don’t do jack shit around the house).

SallySally: Shit got REAL awkward for Sally in this episode. She is working for Max at the morgue now which is cool. Downside? It’s filled with dead people and she can see them. One of which is Max’s lingering, overprotective ghost mother. She’s not down to see her son get used or played by anyone and she tells Sally she’s watching her. This is all just so weird. Sally invites Max to hang out with her, Zoe and Nick so she’s not a third wheel. It looks as though they’re about to kiss but then Max turns into a little bitch and just leaves. The next day at work, he apologizes and asks for that kiss, which leads to sex on the grieving couch. Ow ow! Sally looked super happy about their romp but then Max gets weird as shit and acts like an awkward 15-year-old little boy. He just walks out of the damn room! I feel like this cat is Max’s spirit animal:

Just so scared and awkward as f*ck.  The worst part of the situation? Max’s mom appears as Sally’s getting dressed and is basically like, “You boinked my son. Take this you slut.” His mom possesses Sally and says some pretty unforgivable things to Max and quits the job. Zoe gives Sally a necklace that will keep her from getting possessed again. At the morgue, Sally confronts Max’s mom, who tries to possess her AGAIN and fails. This bitch is persistent. Sally has a little chat with her, telling her that she’s keeping her son from being happy and that he doesn’t deserve to be lonely. Fortunately, Max agrees to meet Sally. She apologizes and they have a super sweet kiss. Aw! Man up Max! Sally is fierce woman and she needs a man who can handle her… and all the drama that comes with the fact she’s a reanimated corpse.

I say it every week, but the episodes just keep getting better and better. Season 4 is BY FAR the best yet. Next week, Bubble Boy asks Aidan to turn him into a vampire, we get to see a sweet flashback and Sally goes to the soup kitchen to threaten Donna (which looks like it doesn’t go so well). Leave your thoughts, comments and predictions. Until next time…



Music from Being Human 3×05