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TeamTSD to Host at Wizard World Comic Con Ohio!

Yup, you guys heard that right. TeamTSD, the fantastic Liz and Lindi, are hosting another, ‘Dead Fans Walking’ fan panel on the hit AMC show, The Walking Dead. What’s in store? Well, you’ll get to see Liz and Lindi be awesome, and you’ll get a chance to win some awesome prizes. We’ll have your favorite Pop! dolls, The Walking Dead season 3 DVDs, the official soundtrack, graphic novels, t-shirts, and more!

The panel will be at the Greater Columbus Convention Center at 1:00pm EST on Saturday, September 21st.




Get Zombiefied! A behind the scenes look at The Walking Dead zombies

The CableTV team rolled out AMAZING interactive infographics that show you exactly what goes into the Walking Dead zombies. Watch videos showing how the actors learn to walk like zombies, how the zombie clothing and fake blood is mastered and more. It’s a must watch for Walking Dead fans.

Cable TV

The Walking Dead Zombified: A Behind the Scenes Look at a Day in the Life of the Dead
Click image to open the interactive version. Created by the team at www.cabletv.com.

The Walking Dead Recap – 3×13 “Arrow On The Doorpost”

Holy freaking Cowabunga! This episode was so intense. The cast did an outstanding job. Bravo! We knew we’d see a showdown between The Gov and Rick at some point, and this episode set everything in motion. The two leaders have a talk, and while it’s quite unproductive, we did learn a thing or two about The Gov. Like how creepy and unnerving he is and that he lost his wife. Also in this episode, we saw Maggie and Glenn “rekindle their flame”, Merle try to leave the prison against Glenn’s orders and Andrea continues to make poor life choices. Let’s get on down to the dirty deets.

Rick The Walking DeadRick: He has a little sit down chat with The Gov (horrible idea by the way). He realizes pretty quickly that this mother trucker isn’t going to be negotiating anything, and he doesn’t give a shit about land. I honestly think he doesn’t know how to handle The Gov. He’s calm and collected and he’s not giving in. When The Gov took that damn eye patch off, he looked intimidating as f*ck. I would have been like, you can just have the prison AND I’ll hand deliver you Michonne with a bow wrapped around her f*cking face. He gives me the heebie jeebies. The Gov is just NOT someone you want to mess with. He plays mind games and he may not be any match for Rick in hand-to-hand combat, but he’s still alive so that means something. Rick tried to talk The Gov out of killing Michonne, telling him it’s a petty vendetta but he wasn’t havin’ none of that. Rick goes back to the prison and talks to his peeps. He lies to them and tells him that The Gov told him he wants the prison and wants all of them dead. “We’re going to war.” The purpose of this lie? Why to scare them of course. TRIPLE SHIT! I already know some of our faves aren’t going to make it to the end of this season alive and it kills me.

The Gov The Walking DeadThe Gov: I feel like The Gov quite enjoyed his meeting with The Ricktator. He even calls out the fact that Rick’s baby may not be his. Really? #LowBlow. #DickMove. The Gov pulls out some whiskey for him and Rick to drink. Geez, he really loves his liquor. He’s way too calm about this whole situation, making me more sure than ever that he has some sort of psychological malfunction. Like, he’s legit bonkers. We finally got a LITTLE bit of a Gov back-story. He tells Rick how his wife died in an accident. That’s it? Is that REALLY what made him as crazy as he is now? No f*cking way. Rick woke up from a coma in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, traveled alone through a walker infested city, found his wife and kid, found out his wife bopped his bestie, killed his bestie, lost his wife, sees visions of his dead wife and has a possibly illegitimate screaming ball of poop living with him in a prison. And guess what? He’s still (sort of) holding it together. Take note Philip, because that’s how it’s f*cking done. Stop pouting. The Gov tells Rick that he wants Michonne and he’ll leave them alone if he gets her. If he doesn’t get her, he’ll kill him and his whole prison. Eek! He’s one bad mama jama. He tells Rick to think about it and he has two days to make his decision. Then, he just walks out of the barn like a flipping boss without looking back. #done. #out. #marinateonthatshit. #micdrop.

He’s a sneaky f*cking bastard. He tells one of his dudes when they see Rick and gang to just open fire on all of them but leave Michonne alive. His own people even gave him looks of disgust. I hope this is an “eye”-opener for them. Spoiler Alert people of Woodbury: Your leader’s a whack job.

Daryl The Walking DeadDaryl: First of all, who were those jokers thinking they could talk shit to Daryl mother f*cking Dixon? It was infuriating. They obviously don’t know anything about him, or they’d think twice about talking smack to him. Oh, I’m sorry. Did you see Daryl throw a knife into a walker’s face like it was no big deal? Yeah. That just happened. He even called that one guy a douche bag for not smoking menthols. Ha! AND how about him riding off on his Ape Hanger like a damn boss? #PUREMAN. Our Prince of the Trailer Park is back in action. I hope when this whole “war” goes down, he’s a major player and we get to see him slay the shit out of some zombies/bad guys/The Gov. I wouldn’t mind seeing team Dixon kick some ass together either. #ZombieApocalypseBrotherBonding. I’m also hoping we get a Daryl/Carol scene next episode. I want to know if they’re planning on taking that relationship to a different level. Just tell me!

Glenn The Walking DeadGlenn: So, he takes charge at the prison while Rick is away. Okay, we see you. He’s trying to keep Merle from leaving and going to help Daryl, saying it would put them in danger. I mean, I understand that Merle wants to help his brother and all, but he got into a fight with Glenn and he put his nub blade in his face. Totally unacceptable. Then, we finally get a Glaggie scene where they weren’t being shitty or awkward with one another. Glenn apologizes to Maggie and they hug it out… and then they straight get it on. They are so FREAKING cute and in love. Can we get a Glaggie marriage in the prison please? Side note: They really took their time with the Glenn and Maggie sex scene. It’s almost like they were trying to make a point with it. I guess it could have just been to prove they were still in love and reconciled and that tender moments can still happen amidst an apocalypse/brewing war, but I have a feeling it might mean Maggie will be getting preggers in the near future. Calling that shit right now. ALSO, I’m still calling that the new generation (Lil’ Ass Kicker) could hold a cure or immunity of some sort. Just saying.

Hershel Walking DeadHershel: OMG! They let Hershel go on the expedition to Woodbury? How dare they put Daddy Hersh in danger? If anything ever happened to him, I’d be devastated. It was nice to see him out and about though. Plus, I’m sure it was good for his ego. The Gov’s little plaid rat (Milton) talks to Hershel while Rick and The Gov are doing their little dance in the barn. The dude asks Hershel to see his stump. I’m sorry, say what? What a weird little conversation. Moving on. Thankfully, Hershel makes it out of Woodbury unscathed. As soon as I saw him hobble out to Rick at the prison, I knew he was about to drop some one-legged wisdom on him. Rick is honest with Hershel about what The Gov said regarding Michonne. Rick and Hershel both know that The Gov would probably kill them all anyway, but it’s obvious that Rick’s contemplating giving her up. I mean, what’s the leader of a successful zombie apocalypse survival group to do? Hershel sticks up for Michonne, saying that she’s earned her place among the group. Then Hershel pretty much says, “Why are you telling me this shit, dude?” Then Rick says, “Because you’re wise as f*ck and I want you to talk me out of it.” It went something like that. Even righteous Daddy Hersh may be waffling about this decision.

There is no way in holy hell that Michonne will be dying any time soon. I feel like she belongs in the group and I’m not done seeing her samurai sword the shit out of walkers. #TeamSaveMichonne. The question is, what would she do if she knew the truth about the deal The Gov tried to make with Rick? Would she sacrifice herself? No doubt she’s starting to care for these people. Whatever happens, I hope we don’t have to say goodbye to this fierce warrior. Next week, Andrea comes to her senses about The Gov a few weeks too late and the two groups prepare for war. Oh! And we get to see Tyrese again. Woohoo! Go Team Prison! Until next time..