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Tonight is the Season 5 True Blood finale. What a season it has been. Season 6 will find itself sans True Blood creator Alan Ball. In a nod to the fantastic work Alan has done over the past 5 seasons, we are bringing up some of our True Blood favorites. Whether it’s characters, scenes or relationships… here’s what has stuck with us since Season 1.

Russell’s Live News Cast: If you mix vampires, nudity, some Southern charm and Alan Ball into one show, crazy shit is bound to happen. TeamTSD’s personal favorite “WTF moment” is when sociopath Russell Edgington popped out of NOWHERE and ripped that news anchors spine out on live TV like he was untying a ribbon off a present. Happy Birthday!! “And now for the weather, Tiffany.” That scene took things to a whole new level. Russell became the best villain on TV. Well done.

Lafayette: Lala in general has been one of the best parts of True Blood over the past few years. He might be my favorite character on any show right now. Between his fabulous bedazzled head wraps, his fancy faux eyelashes and his sassy one-liners, Lala is the fiercest hookah in Bon Temps (and on TV). I don’t know how he is even still alive or not absolutely nuts after everything he has been through. Let’s think about this. His mom is cray cray, his cousin Tara hates him, he’s been possessed, locked in a vampire dungeon, had his lips sewn up, struggled with a V addiction, killed his boyfriend, got used for his median abilities… I mean, we could go on forever here. This hookah just can’t catch a break. Yet, he is STILL standing and fierce as ever. We love you Lala!
When Sookie & Bill First Met: After 5 seasons it’s hard to look all the way back to the beginning and remember where it all started. The night that Bill sauntered into Merlotte’s, Sookie’s life changed forever. She made googly eyes at Bill across the restaurant and acted like a 4 year old that just saw Santa when she realized he was a vampire. “OMG! I think Merlotte’s just got its first vampire.” If only she knew what she was in store for. Her saving Bill from those trashy ass V-thieves was one of the best scenes ever. She was totally smitten over Bill from the beginning, especially since she couldn’t hear his thoughts. No matter what their relationship has been through over these 5 seasons and what Bill has done, their love story is still sweet. 😦 I miss good Bill.

Newlin Loves Jason: One of the most fun scenes has to be when Newlin breaks into Jason’s house and professes his love in Season 5 Episode 1. How cute was Newlin and his shoulder-slung periwinkle cardigan putting tape over Jason’s mouth? Such a touching moment. When Newlin pronounces that he’s a “gay vampire American” it’s like the weight of the world has lifted off his shoulders. Phew! Finally got that out! I love how bad Jason felt when he had to break it to him that “this dog don’t bark this way.” The best part is Newlin yelling “I love yoooou” as he’s pulled out the door. Jason is just too sweet. Now Newlin is dancing to Teenage Dream with a fairy-blood-thirsty, old ass vampire and eating houses full of frat boys. You sure know how to pick em’ Newlin.

Eric’s Haircut: Ok, he was super-hot with his long golden locks of Viking goodness, but when he cut his hair it was like the man of my dreams suddenly appeared. He went from Fabio to Brad Pitt (Fight Club Brad. Oh yeah, I know what you’re Redbox-ing tonight.) The scene where Eric gets blood in his hair and says, “Pam’s going to kill me,” was effing hilarious. This brings me to my next point…

Eric & Pam: The dynamic between these characters is just the most perfect, twisted, jacked up love story. Pam is a fierce bitch who doesn’t take shit from anyone, except for Eric. Eric is a badass mofo ready to fang bang your head off if you cross him, and nothing makes him more vulnerable than effing with his prodigy. Eric is a family man and we see him break down at certain times (with Nora, Godric, Sookie), but we see it most consistently with Pam. That scene where he released her?! UGH. My Fangtasia t-shirt from Hot Topic still has bloody tear stains all over it from that shit. He released her because he didn’t want The Authority coming after her. He didn’t want Pam to walk outside to check the Thursday evening shipment at the bar and instead of finding the beverage napkin delivery truck, get delivered the True Death. That is the unselfish noble shit I am talking about! Team Peric, Pamic, Eram (whatever their couple name is) forever!

Queen Sophie Anne: I loved this character. She annoyed the fucking shit out of you, but at the same time you wanted to be her. She had a baller ass house and played Yatzee all day with her hot minions. Isn’t that every girls dream? Her annoyance ultimately came to hatred though, when we discovered her true motives to drink Sookie’s fae blood. She was a smart cookie for picking up on the whole fairy thing, but her youthful and careless attitude dropped the bomb on that plan. I love when Bill redeemed himself (well… for like two seconds) by killing that whiny broke bitch in his mansion. I wonder who got all her clothes. Hadley? She could use them because currently at Cirque de Fairy, she’s dressed like a Munchkin from the Land of Oz.

Godric: Come on, like you didn’t see this one coming. How beautifully ironic was it that Eric’s maker just happened to be a sixteen year old kid with crazy tats? In flashbacks Godric was an evil, malicious vampire. Seeing him actually evolve and want to be a better person/vampire brought some deep shit on to the show and into our heads. What is the point of wreaking havoc and chaos if it gets you nothing but cheap thrills and a bloody outfit? Where do vamps go from here? Do they hunt? Do they mainstream? Godric questioned his very existence and most importantly, he wanted his children to as well. Talk about great parenting skills. Take note Octo-Mom. However, I DID NOT like that he let himself burn in the sun. #rude. However, I understand it was for cinematic purposes. Bring on the drama, True Blood writers! Having Sook there to be with Godric when he burst into flames was also the beginning of the deep connection her and Eric have….and I am totally Team Seric right now. P.S. Thanks for the Godric flashbacks. Now can he kick Lilith’s bloody naked ass, please? I am starting to hate her more than the girl that beat me for Prom Queen in 2006. OK, thanks.

Hats off to you Mr. Ball. Thank you for bringing us some of our absolute favorite television moments and characters over the past few years. Trubies, get ready for tonight’s final episode. It’s going to be fangtastic. 😉 #FangsOut

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