TeamTSD to Host at Wizard World Comic Con Ohio!

Yup, you guys heard that right. TeamTSD, the fantastic Liz and Lindi, are hosting another, ‘Dead Fans Walking’ fan panel on the hit AMC show, The Walking Dead. What’s in store? Well, you’ll get to see Liz and Lindi be awesome, and you’ll get a chance to win some awesome prizes. We’ll have your favorite Pop! dolls, The Walking Dead season 3 DVDs, the official soundtrack, graphic novels, t-shirts, and more!

The panel will be at the Greater Columbus Convention Center at 1:00pm EST on Saturday, September 21st.




Season 7 To Be True Blood’s Last

Bad news, Truebies! We are so sad to report that the upcoming season of True Blood will be its final one. The 7th season, which will air in the summer of 2014 (no formal premiere date has been set), will be the show’s last.

True Blood, based off of Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse Novels, was known for its explicit sexual content, wild plot lines and crew of colorful characters. As Michael Lombardo, HBO’s president of programming, said in a statement, “True Blood has been nothing short of a defining show for HBO.” When it first aired, it was truly bolder than any show currently on TV.

The show re-“vamped” the career of Anna Paquin and helped catapult Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard into small-screen stardom. Alexander Skarsgard has since taken on multiple movie roles and Stephen Moyer has even dabbled in directing on seasons 5 and 6 of the show.

Though many True Blood fans have stayed loyal to the show, the last few seasons have been widely criticized for having disjointed and over-the-top plot lines that steer clear of the storylines from the novels. Still, True Blood was HBO’s third watched TV show ever, following The Sopranos and Game of Thrones.

Show creator and executive producer Alan Ball (American BeautySix Feet Under) passed the torch to Brian Buckner at the end of season 5. Brian Buckner said of taking over as show runner:

I feel enormously proud to have been a part of the True Blood family since the very beginning. I guarantee that there’s not a more talented or harder-working cast and crew out there, and I’d like to extend a personal heartfelt thanks to them for their dedication and tenacity over the years, especially this past year, as I stepped into a larger role. Thank you also to HBO for their unwavering support and of course to Alan Ball, whose genius enabled all of us to share in this incredible journey. Finally, a huge thank you to the most passionate fans in television. As we take a final walk through Bon Temps together, we will do our very best to bring Sookie’s story to a close with heart, imagination and, of course, fun.

We here at TeamTSD, and as lovers of the novels, are simply curious how they’re going to wrap up the storyline in just one season. Leave your thoughts about the cancellation of the show and your predictions on what the final season will have in store. We miss you already, True Blood!

Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Shows of Fall


There are so many old and new sci-fi/fantasy shows coming to our TV’s this Fall, we’re hardly able to contain our excitement. With Fall quickly approaching, make sure you’re in the loop on all the premiere dates. AND we’re asking you to vote for the show you’re most excited about.

Premiere dates for some of the hottest shows coming to TV this Fall:

Arrow (The CW): Wednesday, October 9th

Beauty and The Best (The CW): Monday, October 7th

Dracula (NBC): Friday, October 25th

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (ABC): Tuesday, September 24th

Once Upon A Time (ABC): Sunday, September 29th

The Originals (The CW): Thursday, October 3rd

Ravenswood (ABC Family): Tuesday, October 22nd

Supernatural (The CW): Tuesday, October 8th

The Tomorrow People (The CW): Wednesday, October 9th

The Vampire Diaries (The CW): Thursday, October 3rd

The Walking Dead (AMC): Sunday, October 13th

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Teen Wolf Mid-Season Finale Recap – 3×12 “Lunar Eclipse”

Teen Wolf Lunar Ellipse 2

Sweet mother of Derek Hale. I cannot handle what just happened. I know TeamTSD says this a lot, but Teen Wolf f*cking rules. This show is original, genius, and freaking amazing. Parents were saved, random weird cubbie holes beneath old trees caved, and my shirtless obsession with the cast will now be depraved. Did I just rhyme because I’m so effing giddy from that mid-season finale? Yes, yes I did. Let’s dive into the dirty deets.

Derek & Cora Teen Wolf Lunar EllipseDerek’s Crib: Nothing defines #pureman more that Derek Hale. Derek sacrificed his alpha-ness for his sister, and then he gave all his loyalty to Scott. I love this man. In the beginning of the episode, Cora is trying to get Derek to heal quicker, because the lunar eclipse is nearing, and there are about 10 different people out to kill him. Peter tells him he needs to leave with Cora in order to stay safe. Derek FINALLY agrees, and he leaves with Cora realizing that Kali and crew were coming to his boss loft to kill him. On his way out of town, he hears Lydia’s banshee scream and is all, “we have to go back!”

So, him and Cora turn their FJ Cruiser around (what happened to the badass Camaro, by the way?), and haul ass to try to save the day. What they didn’t know was that Ms. Blake (aka the fugliest monster on the planet) already showed up to the party. She threw about one hundred shards of glass into Kali, and I felt bad for her for all of .0000000009 seconds. Then, Ms. Blake took down the twins in their Frankenstein costume. #nooooooo. I know the twins can be a little annoying, but they’re growing on me. After Ms. Blake bashes everyone in the room besides for Lydia, Derek shows up and Ms. Blake asks him to help her kill Deucalion in order to save the parents. At first, Derek’s all like…

Then, Ms. Blake explains how she can’t kill Deucalion on her own with Scott by his side, and if Derek helps her she’ll free the parents and will no longer need them for the sacrifice. Yeah, like my perfect prince is going to not save the three parents. Ugh. Damn you, Ms. Blake. So off they go riding into the sunset with her chapped leather face and his chiseled porcelain jaw line.

Teen Wolf Lunar EllipseBath Tubs and Tree Stumps: While Ms. Blake was #bizzy conniving her way into Derek’s heart, Stiles, Allison and Scott all woke up from their sixteen-hour sleep session. You heard that right, sixteen hours! The blackness around their hearts has to be darker than their bathtub ensembles. During their coma, they each visited the same chopped down tree stump. We got some great flashbacks during these scenes, and we saw Scott get bit by Peter, Allison follow Scott into the woods after her mom almost hit him with her car, and Stiles witness the scene unfold from the night they were out in the woods. Apparently, all of these instances occurred by the tree stump, so they all knew where to find it. When they wake up, they all devise a plan. They decide Scott has to head back to Deucalion because he “promised” him and they want to use him as J.Blake bait. Allison, Stiles and Isaac are tasked with going to the tree stump (aka the Nemeton) to save the parents. Yay for organized planning! I mean, I can’t even map out my grocery list for the week and these kids are saving the damn world. #hooray

Before they executed “plan-save-the-parents”, Isaac, Scott and Allison all stop by her place and run into Scott’s dad and his posse. Hey Scott, you’re dad’s a dick, FYI.

Scott’s dad proceeds to hold them all hostage in Daddy Argent’s office with a felony’s worth of weapons in front of them, and Allison decides to give him a weapon lesson. She grabs a smoke grenade and sets it off in the room as a distraction for the three of them to get away. I get it, the show is about teenage werewolves, but getting away with that shit isn’t supernatural, it’s just ridiculous. They didn’t even get in trouble! Anyways, they all high-tail it out of there and head out to the woods to find the stump. Showdown: Deucalion and Scott show up at the “were”house (see what I did there?) and do a great phone plug, I mean send a video, to Ms. Blake threatening her to come meet them there to fight to the death. It’s on! Ms. Blake and Derek show up, and then shit got weird. Apparently, when you’re a blind super-Alpha, you transform into the most elaborate Halloween mask I’ve ever seen. Deucalion’s face was straight up crazy train, and his voice also sounded like a muffled tape recorder. Regardless, this scene was still badass. Derek and Ms. Blake try to fight Deucalion, but he beats the crap out of them. After he smacks Ms. Blake senseless, he tells Scott to finish her off.

For all you Mortal Kombat fans, #yourewelcome. Anyways, Scott’s like, “hell no, I ain’t no killer!” Deucalion gets pissed, and then the lunar eclipse happens which makes the werewolves lose all their power (temporarily). Ms. Blake turns the tables and starts to beat up on Deucalion. She punches him repeatedly, and then proceeds to get upset because Deucalion can’t see her “real face.” Girl, ain’t NOBODY want to see that anymore. Ms. Blake then uses her temporary healing powers to give Deucalion his sight back, and after a somewhat girlish scream, he can see again! Imagine being blind for God knows how long and THIS is the first thing you see when you get your sight back:

source: tumblr user/teenwolf

And you know Deucalion was all like:

I’m surprised he didn’t go blind again or claw his own eyes out after seeing the Darach in the flesh (#punning #onaroll). Before Ms. Blake can finish off Deucalion, Derek steps in and tries to stop her. She starts punching him and we see flashbacks of when his now-dead pack, Erica and Boyd, almost shredded him to death. Remember that? And he was doing that to save MS. BLAKE. What a hooker. Any who, Deucalion gets his powers back once the eclipse ends, and Ms. Blake encircles herself in mountain ash for protection. Ms. Blake teases Scott, and Scott’s like, “I got this.” He pushes through the barrier, his eyes glow RED, and he mic-drops his alpha-hottness all over that bitch.



Deucalion still slashes her throat, but somehow she escapes when they aren’t looking. You would think they had learned their lesson with Gerard. Guess not.

Isaac Teen Wolf Lunar EllipseSaving the Parents: On his way to meet Isaac and Allison at the stump, Stiles crashed into a tree with his jeep because the storm was so bad. As for Allison and Isaac, they found their way into the Nemeton and untied the parents. Look’s like Ms. Blake was going to bury them alive for her sacrifice, because she started some crazy supernatural storm to cave the walls in around them. Stiles shows up down there (like they would EVER kill him off) and they use an aluminum baseball to hold the entire ground above them up until the storm stopped. Right… I’m just glad everyone’s safe. Even Ethan and Aiden who were brought back to Deaton’s by Lydia and Cora and healed.

Stiles and Derek Teen Wolf Lunar EllipseThe Aftermath: We get a scene of Scott’s dad trying to talk to him and Scott just slams the door in his face because he’s a big douche bag who was absent from his life for only God knows long and then shows up and threatens to arrest him. Worst dad ever. Also shown, was Derek packing up and leaving town with Cora. Let’s be honest, he will be back! He has to be. He’ll pop up and save someone right as they’re about to get speared by a unicorn’s horn or something. We’re getting more supernatural creatures, remember? Then, we see a touching scene at the end with Scott walking down the hallway at school. Scott talks about how they will always have “darkness” around them from their sacrifice, but their friendship will always keep them whole. Aw, that’s adorbs. We also see Danny and Ethan holding hands, Lydia and Aiden flirting (no Stydia?) and Isaac and Allison laughing and making googly eyes at each other. Stiles comes up behind Scott and gives him a little bro-hug. God, I love those two. Just when we think all is well in the world, and we’re going to start this hiatus on a good note…

The Big Ending: We see Jennifer Blake on her last breaths climbing on top of that damn tree stump begging for her life. Can you say, desperate much? Just before her hand touches the stump of life, someone pulls her away. She mocks this person, tells them that all they want is to kill Scott and be the Alpha again. Then the camera pans out and we see that it’s PETER and he screams…

source: tumblr user/teenwolf

He kills her with one swift nail swipe to the jugular. Yes! I love it! OK, so I am not loving the fact that this is completely implying that Peter will turn bad again, but I’m glad we’ll get more Peter screen time. He’s hilarious, witty, hot as hell and the perfect villain. Bring it on, Teen Wolf!

What did you guys think? Can you barely stand the wait? Because I don’t know if I’ll be able to last until January 6th when the rest of season 3 returns. And Jeff Davis’s dirty deets on Derek’s departure for the first few episodes and Beacon Hills becoming a “beacon” (punning again!) for all things supernatural leaves a lot up in the air. We have a little over 3 months, so leave your predictions below! #FangsOut



True Blood Recap – 6×10 “Radioactive”

Bill True Blood RadioactiveWhat. The. Fuck. Just. Happened? True Blood’s season 6 finale was packed full of both the expected and unexpected. Bill losing his powers? Expected. Warlow biting the dust? Expected. Sookie and Alcide being together, an outbreak of Hep V putting both humans and vampires at risk, and seeing Eric’s junk burst into flames? Unexpected. Let’s get down to the dirty deets.

Violet and Jason True Blood RadioactiveFun In The Sun: The vampires from the camp are still on a fae-blood high and loving life right now. They mosey over to Bill’s house for a day full of frolicking, dancing, volleyball and getting it on. Someone even asks, “Who’s making a Target run?” I’m utterly shocked Bon Temps even has a Target. Violet is still obsessed with Jason who has somehow fallen in love with her aggressive, European ways. She’s totally jealous of Jessica though. She knows her and Jason have a history and that they are meant to be together, because they are. #TeamJasica. While everyone’s soaking up the sun, Pam tells Tara that she’s going to find Eric. Tara’s pissed, but off Pam shoots into the sky to seek out her maker. Sookie and Alcide (after flirting in the cemetery) stumble upon the day-walking vamps. Alcide asks “how is this even possible,” and I’m only assuming he’s referring to how unbelievable it is that all those vamps have flawless, rocking bodies. I don’t get it either, Alcide. Eternal death treats people so well. Somehow, Sookie isn’t even phased about the sight of her brother being fed off by a half-dressed vampire. Violet greets her with a full on kiss and proclaims that Jason’s family is her family. How sweet. Poor Sook is just trying to say goodbye to her brother before she becomes a fairy princess bride.

Sookie and Warlow True Blood RadioactiveHere Comes The Bride: Sookie returns to Warlow in the fae plane in the cemetery and sees him preparing their wedding maypole. Not going to lie, that shit was beautiful. Warlow is craftier than mother f*cking Martha Stewart. Too bad the romance ends when Sookie suggests dating first. Warlow responds with the back of his hand to her face. He’s basically like, “Bitch, I’m not down for dating. I’ve been trying to wife you for over 5,500 years. I don’t have time for Buffalo Wild Wings, bouquets of flowers and late nights talking about your feelings.”

He ties her up and she attempts to use her light, threatening to expel herself of all her fae-ness, but he just ties her up tighter. He even calls her a danger whore! How rude. All he wants to do is marry her and use her for sex and blood. This Wookie (that’s Sookie and Warlow for you newbs) love story just took a dark turn.

Jason kills Warlow True Blood RadioactiveTeam Save Sookie: Bill tells Jessica that he’s lost all of his powers. Thank Billith! I never want to look at a bloody, naked Lillith ever again. He tells Jessica about the deal Sookie made with him and Jessica convinces him that he shouldn’t give up. There’s still time to save her! They give Jason the Wookie scoop and he’s pretty f*cking pissed, like he should be. Bill knows the only way to save her is to get to the fairy plane. Unfortunately, the only way to get through the portal is with a fairy’s light and that means they need Adalyn. Jason is ready to roll out and save his sister. He’s really pumped up about this. Come on, y’all!

Jason and Violet convince Adalyn to help save Sookie and Andy agrees to go along with the plan if they can go in gun’s blazing. Jason’s down. In the meantime, Bill leads Takahashi into the woods, erases his memory and gives him a bag full of cash. There’s the Bill we know and love. Adalyn, Bill, Violet, Andy and Jason head to the cemetery and Violet ends up scaring Adalyn into zapping them into the fairy plane. Bill manages to injure Warlow and get enough time for the whole gang to retreat to Sookie’ house. That was a f*cking terrible plan because Warlow’s been invited in and he just blows pass Andy, Bill, Violet AND Jason. He finds Sookie in the bathroom and Sookie remains in badass mode, staying Jason kills Warlow True Blood Radioactivesassy and telling him that she’s not his to use as he pleases. We see Niall pop out of the bathroom portal and hold Warlow until Jason can stake and kill him. Sookie and Jason pull Niall out of the portal and just like that, Warlow is dead and Grandaddy Niall is back from dark-fae-land. I had such high hopes for Warlow’s character, too. Oh, well. I guess Sookie will just have to find someone else to fall in love with. All of a sudden, we see Violet, Jessica and Bill lose their fairy blood high in a zap of light. Cut to Eric chilling in the buff in the Swiss Alps reading a book. He too loses the fairy blood perks and bursts into flames, but not before we get to see his baloney pony in all it’s glory. For those of you thinking that Eric died, you need to STOP. Look at the send-off they gave Terry. They’re not getting rid of everyone’s favorite character just like that. Pam’s going to find him in a cave somewhere. Have faith.

Sookie and Alcide True Blood RadioactiveSix Months Later: Flash forward six months and Sookie is on the couch watching Bill being interviewed about his best-seller, “And God Blend.” Umm… pretentious much? Anyway, he’s talking to the interviewer about how Hep V was originally created and that it’s Burrell’s fault a large portion of vampires all over the world are now infected. Umm… say what? Okay, so I totally called on Twitter that Hep V was going to become airborne and infect humans. However, I don’t understand how it’s effecting vampires. They aren’t dying, just getting weaker, creepier and more blood-thirsty. Sookie doesn’t give a single f*ck that her brooding ex is on TV because in walks her new beau, Alcide, shirtless (finally), with a fresh haircut and looking extra fine. He picks her up and carries her to the bedroom. The two of them together is so adorable I can barely stand it.

It’s also worth mentioning that Jason and Violet are still together and she’s held true to her promise of withholding sex from him for a very, very, very long time. Let’s just say Jason is being quite giving but she refuses to return the favor… like ever. What a bitch! Anyway, Sookie and Alcide head to church and find that everyone’s blood is being taken and tested for Hep V. Also, come to find out, Sam is the new Mayor and Nicole is still pregnant and gorgeous. Sam invites everyone to a mixer, courtesy of Terry’s hefty life insurance policy. The point of the mixer is for each household to find a vampire that they’ll allow to drink their blood in exchange for their protection. Yeah, that didn’t go over so well with everyone. Sam warns them that if they don’t get protection, they’re in grave danger of being killed by the marauding band of Hep V infected vampires heading their way.

The turnout at the mixer is still fantastic, probably because the people of Bon Temps are always down for some free booze and food. We see James playing in the band, Tara and Willa hanging out, Lala, Arlene, Sookie and Alcide mingling with the townspeople. Lala and Arlene True Blood RadioactiveTara’s mom asks if she can talk to her alone, and Tara begrudgingly complies. Tara’s mom tells Tara to drink from her as an apology for the way she treated her in the past. The fact her mom is so intense about Tara feeding on her, along with the fact she’s a skeevy bitch, makes me think she’s Hep V positive and she knows it. We also see Bill offer to protect Sookie but she and Alcide aren’t down for that idea. The way Bill looks at Sookie… he will always love her. Always. Too bad Eric is her epic love. Listen, I want Alcide and Sook to have their time to shine but Eric has to be the one in the end. It just has to happen. If his man-meat ever heals, that is. We also see Jessica go to Andy’s house to offer him and Adalyn, protection, no blood drinking required in return. She is so desperate for his forgiveness but he’s not having any of it. He puts a gun in her face but even though he doesn’t pull the trigger, he basically tells her to stay the f*ck out. Jessica stands outside the house on watch anyway.

I don’t know how he could ever find it in his heart to forgive her for killing three of his daughters (even though he only knew them for about a week), but I hope he does.

Vamps HepV True Blood RadioactiveParty Crashers: The last scene we see is a bunch of f*cked up looking vampires making their way toward the mixer. At first we just see a few, but as the camera pans out there are dozens, possibly hundreds. The Hep V vampires are acting like zombies (zompires!) and their veins are all black and protruding like Nora’s were, and they are apparently too lazy to wipe their mouths after feeding. Why are they not dying like Nora did? Is it because she had so much injected straight into her? Is this a different strain? Basically, normal vampires need to fear catching it and humans need to fear being drained dry by the zompires. There were so many, I’m not sure how the vampires of Bon Temps and the humans can defeat them! I think we’ll start out season seven by seeing about 50% of the townspeople at the mixer getting straight massacred by these zompires. Eek!

This season was way too short! If we could please get 23 episodes a season, that would be fang-tastic. I simply cannot get enough Bon Temps drama in 10 short episodes. This season got a lot of criticism but I think it was the best since season 2. They finally brought the character’s story lines together instead of having 10 disjointed plots that barely caught enough steam to entertain us in an hour’s time. I cannot wait to see Pam save Eric (seriously, he can’t be dead), more Sookie and Alcide and what’s going to happen when a shit ton of zompires invade Bon Temps looking for clean blood. How are we going to wait until next season?! Leave your thoughts, comments and predictions. Until next season… #FangsOut