Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Shows of Fall


There are so many old and new sci-fi/fantasy shows coming to our TV’s this Fall, we’re hardly able to contain our excitement. With Fall quickly approaching, make sure you’re in the loop on all the premiere dates. AND we’re asking you to vote for the show you’re most excited about.

Premiere dates for some of the hottest shows coming to TV this Fall:

Arrow (The CW): Wednesday, October 9th

Beauty and The Best (The CW): Monday, October 7th

Dracula (NBC): Friday, October 25th

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (ABC): Tuesday, September 24th

Once Upon A Time (ABC): Sunday, September 29th

The Originals (The CW): Thursday, October 3rd

Ravenswood (ABC Family): Tuesday, October 22nd

Supernatural (The CW): Tuesday, October 8th

The Tomorrow People (The CW): Wednesday, October 9th

The Vampire Diaries (The CW): Thursday, October 3rd

The Walking Dead (AMC): Sunday, October 13th

For more new show, Fall premiere dates, check out TV Guide

For the complete CW Fall schedule, check out The CW Blog

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