Teen Wolf Mid-Season Finale Recap – 3×12 “Lunar Eclipse”

Teen Wolf Lunar Ellipse 2

Sweet mother of Derek Hale. I cannot handle what just happened. I know TeamTSD says this a lot, but Teen Wolf f*cking rules. This show is original, genius, and freaking amazing. Parents were saved, random weird cubbie holes beneath old trees caved, and my shirtless obsession with the cast will now be depraved. Did I just rhyme because I’m so effing giddy from that mid-season finale? Yes, yes I did. Let’s dive into the dirty deets.

Derek & Cora Teen Wolf Lunar EllipseDerek’s Crib: Nothing defines #pureman more that Derek Hale. Derek sacrificed his alpha-ness for his sister, and then he gave all his loyalty to Scott. I love this man. In the beginning of the episode, Cora is trying to get Derek to heal quicker, because the lunar eclipse is nearing, and there are about 10 different people out to kill him. Peter tells him he needs to leave with Cora in order to stay safe. Derek FINALLY agrees, and he leaves with Cora realizing that Kali and crew were coming to his boss loft to kill him. On his way out of town, he hears Lydia’s banshee scream and is all, “we have to go back!”

So, him and Cora turn their FJ Cruiser around (what happened to the badass Camaro, by the way?), and haul ass to try to save the day. What they didn’t know was that Ms. Blake (aka the fugliest monster on the planet) already showed up to the party. She threw about one hundred shards of glass into Kali, and I felt bad for her for all of .0000000009 seconds. Then, Ms. Blake took down the twins in their Frankenstein costume. #nooooooo. I know the twins can be a little annoying, but they’re growing on me. After Ms. Blake bashes everyone in the room besides for Lydia, Derek shows up and Ms. Blake asks him to help her kill Deucalion in order to save the parents. At first, Derek’s all like…

Then, Ms. Blake explains how she can’t kill Deucalion on her own with Scott by his side, and if Derek helps her she’ll free the parents and will no longer need them for the sacrifice. Yeah, like my perfect prince is going to not save the three parents. Ugh. Damn you, Ms. Blake. So off they go riding into the sunset with her chapped leather face and his chiseled porcelain jaw line.

Teen Wolf Lunar EllipseBath Tubs and Tree Stumps: While Ms. Blake was #bizzy conniving her way into Derek’s heart, Stiles, Allison and Scott all woke up from their sixteen-hour sleep session. You heard that right, sixteen hours! The blackness around their hearts has to be darker than their bathtub ensembles. During their coma, they each visited the same chopped down tree stump. We got some great flashbacks during these scenes, and we saw Scott get bit by Peter, Allison follow Scott into the woods after her mom almost hit him with her car, and Stiles witness the scene unfold from the night they were out in the woods. Apparently, all of these instances occurred by the tree stump, so they all knew where to find it. When they wake up, they all devise a plan. They decide Scott has to head back to Deucalion because he “promised” him and they want to use him as J.Blake bait. Allison, Stiles and Isaac are tasked with going to the tree stump (aka the Nemeton) to save the parents. Yay for organized planning! I mean, I can’t even map out my grocery list for the week and these kids are saving the damn world. #hooray

Before they executed “plan-save-the-parents”, Isaac, Scott and Allison all stop by her place and run into Scott’s dad and his posse. Hey Scott, you’re dad’s a dick, FYI.

Scott’s dad proceeds to hold them all hostage in Daddy Argent’s office with a felony’s worth of weapons in front of them, and Allison decides to give him a weapon lesson. She grabs a smoke grenade and sets it off in the room as a distraction for the three of them to get away. I get it, the show is about teenage werewolves, but getting away with that shit isn’t supernatural, it’s just ridiculous. They didn’t even get in trouble! Anyways, they all high-tail it out of there and head out to the woods to find the stump.

rs_560x415-130815141533-1024.TeenWolf.mh.081513The Showdown: Deucalion and Scott show up at the “were”house (see what I did there?) and do a great phone plug, I mean send a video, to Ms. Blake threatening her to come meet them there to fight to the death. It’s on! Ms. Blake and Derek show up, and then shit got weird. Apparently, when you’re a blind super-Alpha, you transform into the most elaborate Halloween mask I’ve ever seen. Deucalion’s face was straight up crazy train, and his voice also sounded like a muffled tape recorder. Regardless, this scene was still badass. Derek and Ms. Blake try to fight Deucalion, but he beats the crap out of them. After he smacks Ms. Blake senseless, he tells Scott to finish her off.

For all you Mortal Kombat fans, #yourewelcome. Anyways, Scott’s like, “hell no, I ain’t no killer!” Deucalion gets pissed, and then the lunar eclipse happens which makes the werewolves lose all their power (temporarily). Ms. Blake turns the tables and starts to beat up on Deucalion. She punches him repeatedly, and then proceeds to get upset because Deucalion can’t see her “real face.” Girl, ain’t NOBODY want to see that anymore. Ms. Blake then uses her temporary healing powers to give Deucalion his sight back, and after a somewhat girlish scream, he can see again! Imagine being blind for God knows how long and THIS is the first thing you see when you get your sight back:

source: tumblr user/teenwolf

And you know Deucalion was all like:

I’m surprised he didn’t go blind again or claw his own eyes out after seeing the Darach in the flesh (#punning #onaroll). Before Ms. Blake can finish off Deucalion, Derek steps in and tries to stop her. She starts punching him and we see flashbacks of when his now-dead pack, Erica and Boyd, almost shredded him to death. Remember that? And he was doing that to save MS. BLAKE. What a hooker. Any who, Deucalion gets his powers back once the eclipse ends, and Ms. Blake encircles herself in mountain ash for protection. Ms. Blake teases Scott, and Scott’s like, “I got this.” He pushes through the barrier, his eyes glow RED, and he mic-drops his alpha-hottness all over that bitch.



Deucalion still slashes her throat, but somehow she escapes when they aren’t looking. You would think they had learned their lesson with Gerard. Guess not.

Isaac Teen Wolf Lunar EllipseSaving the Parents: On his way to meet Isaac and Allison at the stump, Stiles crashed into a tree with his jeep because the storm was so bad. As for Allison and Isaac, they found their way into the Nemeton and untied the parents. Look’s like Ms. Blake was going to bury them alive for her sacrifice, because she started some crazy supernatural storm to cave the walls in around them. Stiles shows up down there (like they would EVER kill him off) and they use an aluminum baseball to hold the entire ground above them up until the storm stopped. Right… I’m just glad everyone’s safe. Even Ethan and Aiden who were brought back to Deaton’s by Lydia and Cora and healed.

Stiles and Derek Teen Wolf Lunar EllipseThe Aftermath: We get a scene of Scott’s dad trying to talk to him and Scott just slams the door in his face because he’s a big douche bag who was absent from his life for only God knows long and then shows up and threatens to arrest him. Worst dad ever. Also shown, was Derek packing up and leaving town with Cora. Let’s be honest, he will be back! He has to be. He’ll pop up and save someone right as they’re about to get speared by a unicorn’s horn or something. We’re getting more supernatural creatures, remember? Then, we see a touching scene at the end with Scott walking down the hallway at school. Scott talks about how they will always have “darkness” around them from their sacrifice, but their friendship will always keep them whole. Aw, that’s adorbs. We also see Danny and Ethan holding hands, Lydia and Aiden flirting (no Stydia?) and Isaac and Allison laughing and making googly eyes at each other. Stiles comes up behind Scott and gives him a little bro-hug. God, I love those two. Just when we think all is well in the world, and we’re going to start this hiatus on a good note…

The Big Ending: We see Jennifer Blake on her last breaths climbing on top of that damn tree stump begging for her life. Can you say, desperate much? Just before her hand touches the stump of life, someone pulls her away. She mocks this person, tells them that all they want is to kill Scott and be the Alpha again. Then the camera pans out and we see that it’s PETER and he screams…

source: tumblr user/teenwolf

He kills her with one swift nail swipe to the jugular. Yes! I love it! OK, so I am not loving the fact that this is completely implying that Peter will turn bad again, but I’m glad we’ll get more Peter screen time. He’s hilarious, witty, hot as hell and the perfect villain. Bring it on, Teen Wolf!

What did you guys think? Can you barely stand the wait? Because I don’t know if I’ll be able to last until January 6th when the rest of season 3 returns. And Jeff Davis’s dirty deets on Derek’s departure for the first few episodes and Beacon Hills becoming a “beacon” (punning again!) for all things supernatural leaves a lot up in the air. We have a little over 3 months, so leave your predictions below! #FangsOut



2 thoughts on “Teen Wolf Mid-Season Finale Recap – 3×12 “Lunar Eclipse”

  1. justaboutanerd

    I love this show so embarrassingly much, and I can’t wait for the rest of the season in January! Awesome recap, and I’m excited to see the hotness that is Peter Hale on my TV more. Hopefully, anyway.

    And since you ladies watch/obsess over pretty much all of the same shows I do, I also can’t wait for the fall TV season!

    1. teamtsd Post author

      Thanks so much! I know…this show just keeps getting better. #TeenWolfForLife. This fall will be great! Stay tuned for our new site and more giveaways :). #FangsOut


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