The ABC’s of TVD


Animal Attacks – The way the town explains every unsolved murder that ever occurs.

Bridges – Where Elena needs to stay away from. Seriously Elena, don’t go within 5 miles of the Wickery Bridge, ever.

Compulsion – Because there aren’t enough therapists in Mystic Falls to work through those issues.

Doppelgänger – And we always thought there was just ONE sassy, sexy doppelgänger. How silly of us. Bonjour, Silas.

Envy – How I feel about the fact the vampires on TVD are eternally hot, will never have sagging body parts, can compel Brad Pitt into dating them and never have to wait in long lines at the grocery store. Life is not fair.

Friendship – No matter what happens, these three are there for each other and their love for one another is one of the only constants in the show.

Gilbert Porch – Do you know how many amazing and tragic things happened on that porch? Kisses, tears, break ups, murders. And now it’s gone…

Heightened – Seriously. How many times did they say the word heightened in the beginning of Season 4? The answer is a lot.

Innocence lost – Remember how simple their lives were before they knew about the supernatural? TVD is basically just an epic coming of age story… but with vampires, werewolves, doppelgängers, hybrids, hunters and witches.

Jeremy’s biceps – Was one of the best scenes of season 4 Jeremy chopping wood at the Gilbert lake house? Yes. Yes it was. Little Gilbert isn’t so little anymore.

King – You can’t blame a guy for wanting to rule the world (or even just New Orleans), right? Move over Marcel. Long live King Klaus!

Leather – If you’re an eternally damned creature of the night, you’re always rocking a fine Italian leather jacket. It’s their signature look.

Mystic Falls – A town that has more supernatural creatures than the SyFy Channel and whose mass amount of unexplained deaths are completely ignored by the government… and the people who live there. If you’re contemplating a move, steer clear of this town. Your chances of dying an early, unnatural death jumps from about 2% to 80% upon your arrival there.

Never Let Me Go – Come on, Delena fans. This needs no further explanation.

Originals – Remember hating Klaus when we first met him? Now look at us! The Original family is so deserving of their own spinoff.

Parties – Every party , gala or dance leads to someone either getting hurt, getting kidnapped, dying or being severely emotionally damaged. But hey, at least they looked fabulous.

Quotes – Because we know every word spoken by every character in every single episode of every season.

Rippah – Saying “Ripper” is unacceptable. It must always be said in Klaus’ accent. And how fun is Stefan when he’s off the Rippah rails?

Sexy – The best word to describe the cast… and the entire population of Mystic Falls for that matter.

Tears – They sure know how to mess with our emotions don’t they?

Ulterior Motives – Secrets, back-stabbing, manipulation, betrayal. When is anyone ever straight forward about their motives in MF?

Vervain – A necessity if you’re a human living in Mystic Falls.

Writers – The people who write this show are a team of extremely talented and deranged people who know exactly how to bring us to tears, make us laugh, shatter our hearts and fall madly, deeply in love with a world that only exists inside out TVs.

Xpression – Okay, I know Expression starts with an E, but you try coming up with something! Plus, Bonnie’s tango with the dark side in season 4 was terrifying and amazing and deserves a mention.

Y da French did they kill off Alaric Saltzman? – He had to be mentioned. It will never stop hurting. Never.

Zzz’s – What I lose after every new episode of TVD. It’s a sleep stealer, that show. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

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