Teen Wolf Recap – 3×11 “Alpha Pact”

Teen Wolf Alpha Pact

Dear Jeff Davis, thank you very much for causing me to lay awake all night, wracking my nerves, bringing tears to my eyes and destroying my emotions. This episode was hands down the best one yet. I mean, wow! Jeff, Tim Andrews, the cast and crew, you guys are f*cking amaze-balls and I love you. Way to go, y’all!

In this episode, Derek remains glued to Cora’s side, Stiles and Lydia search for a way to save the parents, Daddy Arg allows himself to be taken by Jennifer McDarachFace and Deaton proposes a deadly solution. Let’s get on down to the dirty deets.

Scott Alpha Pact Teen WolfScott: Scott’s wandering the woods with Deucalion, looking for the Nemeton where Jennifer is hiding the parents. They don’t find it, but they do stumble upon Ms. Morrell. She runs from Deucalion, Scott, Kali and the twins and encircles herself in mountain ash because her human legs can’t outrun them. Ms. Morrell brings shit full circle when she says she sent the girl who helped Isaac in the first episode of the season. She also tells the Alpha pack that their loyal leader killed Ennis after Deaton healed him. Kali and the twins look suspicious when she says this but Deucalion spears Ms. Morrell with his walking stick, causing her to stumble outside of the circle. I understand. I usually shank people too when they start saying things I don’t like. The alphas start going after Ms. Morrell but Scott steps in and tells them to back da fucque up. They listen to him. Hmm… interesting. They could have just thrown him to the side and killed her, but they didn’t and Deucalion doesn’t challenge him. Maybe Kali and the twins will start realizing that a TRUE alpha is more powerful (and more pleasant to be around) than their asshole, power-hunger, back-stabbing leader. Scott tells Ms. Morrell he won’t let them hurt her. Dammit Scott, you’re one noble son of a bitch. #PureMan

Lydia Teen Wolf Alpha PactStiles & Lydia: Stiles is at the hospital still when the cops arrive and in walks a FBI agent that he acts like he’s met before. He’s questioning him about what happened but Stiles isn’t giving anything up. Later at school, he’s with Lydia (who has decided to where her neck wound with pride) when he gets a text from Isaac saying that Allison’s dad was taken. Stiles reacts exactly the same way I did, by having a full-fledged panic attack. I mean, I was more worried about the fact I may never see Daddy Arg show up to places guns blazing in his Italian leather again, but his main concern was that Jennifer could start the sacrifice now that she had all three of the parents. Could Jennifer not have made it easier on herself and just snatched any old parent off the street. Did I miss something here? She always has to be so f*cking dramatic.

Lydia gets Stiles to the locker room where she tries to calm him down and she succeeds when she KISSES HIM. Yup, that’s right. The Stydia kiss finally happened and it was magical. These two f*cking love each other. They don’t have time to revel in the moment though, because Stiles realizes that they should go talk to Ms. Morrell. When they get to her office they find a sassy student waiting on her. When they realize Ms. Morrell is uncharacteristically late, they start going through her files. They find Lydia’s notebook where Lydia’s drawn the exact same creepy tree over, and over, and over. It’s kind of ridiculous that she never found this odd before. Then, Stiles turns the notebook upside down and realizes that it’s not a tree at all, it’s the roots and he’s like

He tells Lydia to go to Derek’s because he and Peter will know where the roots are while he stays behind and gets interrogated more by that pesky FBI agent. Conveniently, Talia took Derek and Peter’s memory away from them about the location of the roots so they have no idea where f*ck they are. Oh, for Pete’s sake. Where are the God forsaken roots? We’re hitting dead-end after dead-end here, people.

DDerek Teen Wolf Alpha Pacterek: You know I love me some Derek, but he was infuriating in this episode. Listen dude, I know your sister is on the brink of death and she looks like Jack the Skeleton King right now, but you should be trying to help find Jennifer and the parents. Isaac has no problem telling him he should be getting off his ass and doing something. Anything! He is taking some of the mountain ash from Cora to ease her pain. It’s a sweet gesture but it’s not healing her. Peter tells him that since he’s an alpha, if he takes it all from her he’ll turn into a Beta. Derek is willing to do this, as he should. She’s family. Peter says he won’t be able to win against Kali if he’s a Beta but Derek reminds him about the full lunar eclipse (when werewolves lose all their power). So pretty much, when the full lunar eclipse does occur, we’ll see an epic battle between Derek & the Scooby Gang, the alphas and Jennifer. I honestly don’t even know who wants who dead anymore. This shit’s crazy. We see Derek at the end, taking all the mountain ash from Cora and his eyes go from red to blue. It’s okay, Derek. Scott can handle running the show for a while… if he doesn’t go dark side that is.

Chris Argent Teen Wolf Alpha PactParent Teacher Meeting in the Nemeton: Daddy Argent joins the gathering in the Nemeton. The best part of the night was when Daddy Arg tried to get all his hidden weapons out and Sheriff Stilinski and Mama McCall are just like, “Yup, she took that too.” That pesky Darach! We finally get more back-story about the Stilinski’s. Papa Stilinski tells them about the night his wife, Claudia, died. He responded to a serious accident where a girl was trapped in a car. There was no way to get her out and she told him, if he wanted to see “her” he should go now. He somehow knew it was his wife she was talking about but chose to stay there anyway, not believing that she could know his wife was going to die. Sure enough, she did die that night and when he showed up to the hospital, Stiles was there with his head in his hands. He’d been alone with her when she died. He didn’t get to be with her when she died because he didn’t believe in the supernatural. Yup. I’m done.

Watching the parents interact in the Nemeton was awesome but I’m a little disappointed that they don’t know each other better since they’re kids are off gallivanting around together all the time. But you know what, friends don’t judge. When Jennifer comes down there and gets in Daddy Arg’s face about how he’s sacrificing himself for a good cause, I wanted to jump through the TV and hit her in the face with a pineapple. The nerve of that bitch! I highly doubt they’ll kill off all three of the parents, but you never know. Jeff Davis does seem to enjoy crushing our hopes and dreams an awful lot.

Allison Teen Wolf Alpha PactDeaton’s Master Plan: We ended the episode with Deaton sharing an idea on how to locate the three parents, and it’s not pretty. He says Allison, Scott and Stiles have to die and be surrogate sacrifices for their parents. I’m sorry, come again. DIE? Deaton says if it goes right, they’ll only be technically dead for a few seconds. Oh, that makes it okay then… NOT. Even if it goes right, this plan ain’t all rainbows and chocolate pudding. He says they should know they’ll be giving power back to the Nemeton, a place that hasn’t had power in a long time. This kind of power is a magnet for the supernatural and will draw supes to it, like a beacon. He alludes to the fact we could see supernatural creatures we’ve never seen before. YES! Okay, I’m ready for them to die now. I want more supes. If my input is being considered, I’d like mermaids, unicorns and centaurs please. The repercussions of this sacrifice only get worse. It’ll have an effect on the three of them for the rest of their lives and will create a permanent darkness around their heart. Is it bad that I kind of want them to go slightly dark side? The dark side could be fun.

Anyway, they go to the vet clinic to get this party rolling. Deaton asked them to bring an item that has meaning to them and their parents. Stiles brings his dad’s badge, Allison brings a silver bullet and Scott brings a watch. They have to be submerged in the ice buckets and Deaton says the person holding them down has to be someone they have an emotional tether to that can bring them back. He tells Lydia to hold down Stiles and Isaac to hold down Allison. Shit gets real awkward as they all realize Isaac and Allison have a new connection that’s not 100% platonic. As they lay in their tubs of ice, Stiles informs Scott that his father’s in town (it’s the FBI dude). I was pretty much sobbing watching each of them get pushed under the water. They better all make it out of this okay or I will lose. my. shit. I can’t even handle this show anymore.

We only have ONE episode left until we have to wait 6-ish agonizing months for the show to return in January. Why do they insist on torturing us this way? I don’t even know what’s going to happen next week but it better consist of Cora being healed, Allison, Scott and Stiles making it out of those ice tubs alive, the parents being rescued, Jennifer being killed and Derek with his shirt off. Leave your thoughts, comments and predictions. Until next time… #FangsOut



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