Teen Wolf Recap – 3×10 “The Overlooked”

This episode had my heart racing the entire time and the gang somehow ended up in worse shape than when they started the episode (which seemed pretty difficult). Let’s set the scene. Jennifer attempts to pull one over on Derek, but Scott and Stiles have already warned him about her. She tells them they can’t kill her because she’s the only one who can save Cora and Daddy Stilinski. Off they go to the hospital to get Cora, where Peter’s been looking after her. They run into trouble though, because the Alpha pack is already there looking for Jennifer. Mama McCall is at the hospital, giving orders like a straight boss, which is being evacuated because of nasty storm. Okay! Now, let’s get down to the dirty deets.

Scott Teen Wolf The OverlookedScott: It’s revealed by Jennifer at the hospital that Scott is a true alpha. The group asks, “da fucque is that?” and Peter says it’s an alpha that doesn’t have to murder people to gain power. Now we know that Deucalion wants Scott in his pack because he wants perfection and Scott is the rarest form of alpha. So, if I was Deucalion, Scott would be the Christian Louboutins to my shoe collection. Got it! Scott and Peter team up at the hospital to give Derek time to get Jennifer out of there (so she can help save Cora and Sheriff Stilinski) and keep the alphas from killing her, and give Stiles time to get Cora to an ambulance. One of my favorite moments of the night was Peter busting into the hallway with the syringe of epinephrine sticking out of his chest. Ha! So, Scott and a hopped-up Peter hold the alpha twins off for a time being. Scott meets up with his mom and the Argents in the hospital and together, they come up with a plan. Bad news, though. Scott finds Derek alone and unconscious in the elevator and puts two-and-two together. He rushes to the roof with Stiles on his heels and finds Deucalion who tells him Jennifer McBitchFace already took his mom. We now understand that the “guardians” are parents. NO! Not Mama McCall!

Scott’s in tears. Stiles’ in tears. Deucalion tells Scott if he joins him, he’ll help him get his mom and Sheriff Stilinski back. Stiles begs Scott not to go with him, but Scott sees no other option. He walks away with Deucalion, promising Stiles that he’ll get his dad back. Stop it! Why is this happening to me?

Jennifer Teen Wolf The OverlookedJennifer & Derek: A lot happened with Derek and Jennifer in this episode so I’ll try to keep it as short and sweet as possible. I just want to point out though that Jennifer is so demanding. She’s only alive right now because she’s holding Cora and Sheriff Stilinski’s lives over their heads. What a snatch. She also refuses to go anywhere without Derek. I mean, I don’t blame her. While she was in dictator-mode, she should have demanded he remain shirtless for the whole episode. Maybe I would have liked her for a split second. Jennifer and Derek, once at the hospital and separated from the rest of the group, get stranded in an elevator when the back-up generator gets turned off by Deucalion. She uses this opportunity to tell Derek her back-story. We learn, thanks to Kali creepily calling her down the hall, that her real name is Julia. She used to be Kali’s emissary until Kali was ordered to kill her along with all the other emissaries. Dick move! Kali f*cked her shit up, but didn’t seal the deal.

She left Jennifer/Julia all scratched up, bleeding and on the brink of death (hence the nasty Darach face). She was given strength and power when baby Derek killed Paige and Paige’s blood got on tree roots marked with the Druid symbol (sacrifice). What are the chances of that shit? Things comes full-circle when we learn it was in fact Stiles’ dad who found her. Nothing says, “thanks for finding me and saving me and showing me kindness” like kidnapping him years later to use in an ancient sacrifice. She tells Derek she made an oath to never let the Alpha pack kill people again and that’s why she’s doing these sacrifices. She also talks about how when there is a full lunar eclipse, werewolves lose their power, alluding to the fact that she’ll kill the alphas then. I’m down with that. Okay, so in this moment we feel kind of bad for her and understand where she’s coming from. But just when I started thinking she really cares about Derek and is just trying to protect other from the alphas, she jacks Mama McCall. Now, she’s back on my shit-list and I want her dead. DEAD, I SAY! My poor emotions! I can’t even handle this show anymore. Someone take me away.

We also got a history lesson on the mythology of mistletoe but I don’t give a flying f*ck because all the parents are about to get sacrificed and I have some emotional scarring from a mistletoe mishap at a coed 9th grade Christmas party. Let’s not open that can of worms.

StilesStiles: You make Stiles cry, you die. The single tear rolling down his cheek at Derek’s when he asks Jennifer where his dad is… How could she do this? Give him his daddy, bitch! GIVE HIM BACK! At the hospital, Stiles is tasked with getting an ailing Cora to the ambulance. She’s in bad shape and still puking up mistletoe. He gets her down to the ambulance, but gets separated from Derek and Jennifer when they have to run from Kali. He notices that Cora stops breathing and goes into panic mode. He does successfully save her by giving her mouth-to-mouth though. Way to go Stiles! He makes the comments that she better be awake next time they kiss. What? Am I sensing a budding romance between these two or is Stiles just being Stiles? I’m going with the latter. I mean, we finally get a Stydia kiss next week! OH YEEEAHHH!

Seriously though, Stiles’ worry and sadness right now is freaking depressing. His dad is missing, he watched his friend walk away and into Deucalion’s pack and he’s the only one who isn’t supernatural and therefore, borderline useless in saving his dad. He cannot lose both of his parents. He just can’t.

Argents Teen Wolf The OverlookedArgents & Isaac: Allison, Isaac and Daddy Arg are at school when Isaac says he’s going to the hospital to get Cora because he refuses to leave her alone there with Peter. Okay, I’m hoping there is a romantic relationship brewing between Isaac and Cora (let’s face it, Allison and Scott belong together and so do Stiles and Lydia). Daddy Arg and Allison accompany Isaac to the hospital and automatically know something is up. They run into Scott, Peter and Mama McCall and come up with a plan to get Derek, Jennifer, Stiles and Cora out. The plan is for Allison and her dad to distract Kali and the twins, Scott to get Derek and Jennifer from the elevator, Mama McCall to go up on the roof and flip the generator switch and Isaac to pick up Cora and Stiles in his car. Side note: Who’s bright idea was it to let Mama McCall go by herself? Just saying. Anyway, Kali falls for it and follows Allison out of the hospital and Allison’s like, “hey barefoot-were-bitch, watch me f*ck your shit up in heels.” Bam! Allison starts shooting flare arrows at Kali and the twins and Daddy Arg just starts shooting them up like a boss. Allison and Daddy Arg are the biggest badasses on the show. Your argument is invalid. Observe:

Booyah! The Argent’s save the day. Well… they didn’t save Scott’s mom but they saved everyone else. Gold star!

At the end of the episode we see Sheriff Stilinski and Mama McCall tied up and they are hidden deep underground. How the hell is the gang going to find them there? So, pretty much the show is über depressing now and my emotions are a hot mess and I don’t know how I can go on with my life. Next week, it looks like Jennifer McDarachSkank is gunning for “guardian” #3, Daddy Argent. She best think again. No one, and I mean NO ONE, messes with Daddy Argent, you hear? Let’s just cross our fingers that Scott doesn’t become evil and they can figure out how to save the parents before it’s too late. Leave your comments, thoughts and predictions. Until next time… #FangsOut



Music heard in “The Overlooked”

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