Teen Wolf Recap – 3×09 “The Girl Who Knew Too Much”

Teen Wolf 3x09 The Girl Who Knew Too MuchIs it just me or are these Teen Wolf episodes getter more and more intense each week? It’s literally emotionally exhausting watching it each Monday. This week we got a LOT of critical information. We finally find out what Lydia is, and I’ll go ahead and tell you it’s not a unicorn like I was hoping. Drats! The Darach is also front and center as we find out who it is and more about what they’re doing. And, the lives of one of our favorites hangs in the balance. Let’s get down to the dirty deets.

Scott Teen WolfScott: Scott was trying to do the best he could investigating in this episode, but homeboy is always two licks short of getting to the center of that lollipop. He first starts by questioning Ethan along with Stiles; they want to know what he knows, and I think they can trust him because he seems to be less of a dick than his brother, Aiden. In the middle of the interrogation, Ethan starts to feel the pain of his brother getting slashed in the chest from Cora, who showed up at the school to attack him in vengeance for Boyd’s death. After Scott, Ethan and Stiles break up the fight, Scott pays a visit to Ms. Morrell’s office and tries to pry all the deets he can from her about Deucalion and his hidden agenda. Ms. Morrell basically tells him that he’s f*cked, and he either has to join the pack…or join the pack. Um, OK? She also tells him that Deucalion wants him because Scott is on the path to being a “true Alpha”. Scott plays the modest card and says, “oh, no way…”

source: http://www.ign.com; user Lord_Conflict

Please, Scott. Your heart is full of baskets of puppies and butterflies. You’re as pure as it gets. If Scott becomes the killer that Deucalion wants him to be, he won’t be a “true alpha” anymore and Deucalion won’t feel threatened by him. Scott takes Ms. Morrell’s riddle-filled advice, and runs off to try to save the victim of the next sacrifice from happening at the school recital. It’s too late, though, because it seemed there were already plans in place for the music teacher playing the piano to have her neck sliced by a broken piano string cord, then proceeded to puke up mistletoe. That was just disturbing and uncalled for. #RIPpianolady

Allison Teen WolfAllison & Isaac: These two jokers keep getting put in life-threatening situations together, and eventually (I think) they are going to hook up. There is always some kind of flirtation going on between them, and Scott and Allison are still putting the brakes on rekindling their romance. In this episode, Scott sends Isaac to check on Allison, and he ends up finding out that she is doing some investigating on her own. Apparently, Allison has been snooping around Daddy Argent’s office, and she found a bunch of research on the Gaelic-Druid shit. What’s her reaction? She thinks her FATHER is the Darach.

source: itsabelieber-directionerthing.tumblr.com

You better #respect your daddy because he is, oh, I don’t know…TRYING TO SAVE THE TOWN. Daddy A. just doesn’t want you involved so you won’t get hurt. I love you, Allison, but you need to check yourself. Quit thinking that everyone is out to get you, and stop being so stubborn. I get it, your mother died, and your aunt died, and your family has been a part of a secret werewolf killing cult the last couple of centuries. You know what? My mother showed me and my girlfriends the birth video of my baby brother at a sleepover my freshman year of high school to keep us from becoming skanks. THAT is traumatizing. So #appreciate the dad you have because…

source: tumblr-kerralee

He’s a boss. Her and Isaac run into her dad trying to SAVE one of the teacher’s kidnapped for a sacrifice, and she finds out that she was wrong. The three of them head to the school recital to try to stop the next sacrifice from happening. Lesson learned, Baby Argent, lesson learned.

Lydia Teen WolfLydia: Let’s get going on my favorite character. This was an EPIC episode for her. Okay, so in the beginning of the episode, a female police officer is at the school responding to a 911 call. She goes into the locker room and finds a dead body in the showers… her dead body. The Darach then shows up and kills her. Lydia calls Stiles and tells him that someone is dead at the school because she blacked out and ended up there. She’s getting the hang of this. She hasn’t actually seen the body yet, but Scott spies it draped over the high school sign. If it wasn’t for all the blood, they probably would have thought she was just napping on the job. Later on, we see a teacher at the school get taken after seeing a five-fold Celtic knot on the chalk board. Lydia comes into the room and picks up the chalk he dropped and writes a “2” on the board. Two sacrifices. She’s getting frustrated about what she is and what her part is in all of this. Luckily (or unluckily) for her, she finally finds out. At the band recital that night, she wanders down the school halls alone (brilliant idea!) and gets attacked by Ms. Blake. OMG! J-Blake’s the Darach & she tells Lydia she’s a banshee.

What is happening?! So, Lydia’s a banshee, a.k.a The Wailing Woman. In Irish folklore, a Banshee, is a woman who screams when someone is about to be killed in a violent way…so, murdered. Bingo! It all makes sense now. How did we not think of this before? I can’t wait to find out more about what being a banshee entails in the Teen Wolf World, and I’m so happy they made her a supernatural creature that isn’t already prevalent in pop culture. Mad props to a mad genius, Jeff Davis.

Jennifer BlakeMrs. Blake: I knew my suspicions about you weren’t just rooted from my jealousy, deep love, UNDYING affection and loyalty to my sweet Derek. What a Gaelic Druid-loving bitch. At least we see that Derek gives her the #business next week and doesn’t succumb to her lying, cheating ways. Am I being a bit overdramatic right now because I have an unhealthy obsession with Derek Hale? Yes, yes I am. #DontCareThough. For those of you who were paying attention more so to the fact that she is a lying, cheating, skank face, I’ll briefly go over what we discovered last night. Lydia decided to try to brave her psychic abilities and stop the sacrifices so no one else would get hurt. She left the auditorium where the musical show of death was going on, and ended up in a classroom when the creepy “you’re-about-to-die” music started playing. Then, Ms. Blake pops up and whacks Lydia over the head and starts tying her up and spitting jargon about how Lydia is, “just like her.” Da fucque is she talking about? Is she referring to the fact that they both sleep with students? OK, low blow. I know Ms. Blake only had eyes for D.Hale, but she was sexually innuendo-ing those students #allday. Anyways, so we discovered how Lydia is a banshee, and Ms. Blake is just an evil Darach bitch, but we still don’t know who she is making these sacrifices to and for. We did figure out, though, that she has acquired powers from the people she has killed: healing strength. Ugh. Looks like Ms. Blake is the new big bad. Oh yeah, and she’s ugly as f*ck in Darach mode.

source: tumblr-teenwolf

Sheriff StilinksiSheriff Stilinski: First of all, let me say that I am overjoyed we actually got some quality Daddy Stilinski scenes. The Sheriff is pissed that someone killed a police offer and his buddy so he goes into sleuth-mode. When Stiles sits him down to talk to him about werewolves, hunters, druids, kanimas and the whole supernatural shebang, he doesn’t really take it well. In fact, he doesn’t believe him at all. Would you believe someone if they told you the d-bag on the lacrosse team was bit by a werewolf but turned into a giant lizard whose toenail juice paralyzed people but then turned into a werewolf before heading off to London? Yeah, you would be putting your kid in a mental institution immediately. Anyway, Stiles gets the help of Mama McCall at the hospital and she shows him secret information from some of the files about the flocks of birds committing suicide. The Sheriff realizes they were sacrificing themselves and his wheels start turning. He shows up at the school and barges in while Jennifer Blake is trying to kill Lydia. He says something about a girl who got shredded to shit years ago and put two-and-two together that it was her. She daggers him, twists the knife (BITCH!) and then escapes with him out the window. Oh, hell naw! You did not just take Stiles’ daddy. I refuse to believe that he’s dead or that he will die. It just can’t happen.

One, because I love him. Two, because Stiles couldn’t handle losing both his parents. Three, the last thing Beacon Hills needs is less parental supervision. I mean seriously, these kids do whatever the f*ck they want.

Stiles Teen WolfStiles: Stiles had an emotion episode. He first hears from Allison that, “Guardians” are next on the list for the sacrifice victims, and she thinks Daddy Stilinski is a target. Stiles knows that in order to protect his dad, he as to tell him about the supernatural world they live in. He does the cute little chess metaphor, but as you know Daddy S. goes into a fit of frustration that his son just wasted his time investigating with folklore. Just when Stiles is about to have Cora reveal her were-ness, Cora faints from the blow she took to the head during her fight with Aiden. Stiles calls and ambulance, and he and his pops head to the hospital. Stiles tells his dad that Mama Stilinski would have believed him, and you could see the look of hurt on his dad’s face.

Daddy Stilinski leaves the hospital and heads over to the school recital where he catches Ms. Blake in the act and gets taken. Stiles had to watch THE WHOLE THING. First, he was locked out of classroom, and by the time he could fight his way in, his dad and Ms. Blake were gone. Poor Stiles…#TeamSaveDaddyStilinski

Ethan Teen WolfEthan & Danny: Aiden (the asshole twin) confronts Ethan (the twin we like) about his relationship with Danny at school. Aiden tells him not to get shit twisted and that they’re not here to be students and be gallivanting around with hotties, they’re here to eliminate a threat. I mean, Aiden is getting some loving with Lydia but he is completely emotionally detached, and I’m assuming Lydia is too. He calls Ethan out for actually liking Danny and Ethan doesn’t deny it. He actually holds his own against his brother. Later on at the band recital, Danny and Ethan share a tender moment. Ethan calms his nerves, feeds him a mint and then tells him to come to him first if anything happens. Okay, guys. Ethan’s feelings for Danny are more real than my hatred for J-Blake. He might even love him. Adorable!

Derek Teen WolfCora/Derek: Cora was a little badass this week. She attacks Aiden in the school locker room and ends up getting a weight to the face. Lydia, Stiles, Ethan and Scott step in and stop the fight but she has blood oozing from her hairline. Cora joins Stiles when he goes to tell his dad about the supernatural world and ends up passing out there. AS mentioned, they call an ambulance and Derek comes to visit her in the hospital. She’s not healing and there has to be a reason for that. Is the Darach responsible or is the Alpha pack to blame? I’m guessing the Alpha pack since they are always down for threatening him with violence. We all know Derek isn’t going to let anyone get away with trying to hurt his sister and if she dies, he’ll raise Hale. Get it? Like, I care about Cora’s well-being and all but my main concern is my main man. You feel me? #DerekHale #TheOriginalPureMan

Side note about the recital: What is this? Carnegie f*cking Hall? There’s no way that band could sound that good (I mean, pre-possession). My high school band sounded like 20 dying ally cats in a trash can and apparently, they were good. Just wanted to throw that out there.

Okay so next week, Derek gets Jennifer McDarach in a chokehold, Deucalion visits Scott’s mom at the hospital (and I’m assuming it’s not because he’s due for a physical), Jennifer says she can help save Cora, and we learn more about why Deucalion wants Scott in his pack. Leave your thoughts, comments and predictions. Until next time… #FangsOut



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