Teen Wolf Recap – 3×08 “Visionary”

Teen Wolf Visionary

I haven’t emotionally recovered from this episode yet. Thanks for that Jeff Davis. Visionary was a game changer. It gave us more insight into the lives of the Hales, Argents and Alpha pack than we’ve ever gotten before. Plus, we actually got some clarification on the Druids, Ms. Morell and Dr. Deaton. So pretty much, my brain is overloaded with supernatural Beach Hills history right now. The whole episode was split between story time with Peter and tall-tale-telling with Gerard. Let’s break down the Deucalion and Derek flashback sequences, as told by two not-so-trustworthy people who both embellished/omitted/straight up lied.

Peter Hale VisionaryIt’s Derek Story Time With Peter: Cora and Stiles are chilling at Derek’s pad when Peter comes downstairs and starts telling the tale of blue-eyed Derek. We flashback to Derek when he was 15 and a sophomore in high school. He fell in love with a fellow classmate named Paige, an extremely good cello player for her age and innocent to the world of werewolves. Flashback Peter puts it into Derek’s head that he can never truly be with Paige unless she turns into a werewolf and says he should get one of the alpha pack members that are in town to do it. Of course, Peter tells Cora and Stiles that it was all Derek’s idea to turn her. Kind of a dick move but I guess it’s irrelevant because Derek asks Ennis to do it anyway. We see Paige wandering the halls of the high school at night… alone (okay, Derek must have a thing for girls that hang out in schools late at night). Ennis VisionaryEnnis shows up and Derek, whose in the locker room waiting, can hear a frightened Paige yelling. He has a sudden change of heart and runs to stop Ennis, but it’s too late. He’s already bit her. When I say “bit” her, I don’t mean he gave her a little love bit on the arm. No, he mauled her to the point she was bleeding profusely. It wouldn’t have really mattered if the bite actually took and she healed… but that wasn’t the case. Her body doesn’t take the bite and Derek holds her in his arm as she’s dying. She tells him that she knew he was a werewolf from the moment she met him and asks him to take the pain away. He does as she wishes and kills her. Holy f*cking Boyd parallel. He’s holding a dead Paige in his arm, a girl he loved and whose life he took. I literally lost my shit. That’s why Derek’s eyes are blue… he killed an innocent.

Gerard VisionaryA Deucalion & Argent History Lesson With Gerard: Allison brings Scott to see Gerard who has promised to tell them the story of Deucalion if Scott takes some of his pain away. Done deal. Now spill the deets, G! From Peter’s story, we’ve already learned that the Argents and other hunters have killed one of the Alphas and Ennis wants revenge. Deucalion, Big Mama Talia Hale (is she Derek’s mom?), Kali and the others want peace, though. So now we know that Deucalion wasn’t always this evil murderer out for blood. Turns out Gerard and Deucalion go way back. Deucalion and some of the pack members go to meet Gerard at the abandoned distillery to talk peace. But NO, Gerard has other plans and he filled the place with gas that incapacitated the werewolves. He starts attacking them with a spiked club before setting his sights on Deucalion who is desperately trying to pull himself from the distillery. Gerard takes two arrows and gauges his eyes out. Are you f*cking kidding me with this shit? Teen Wolf Visionary Gerard and DeucalionOkay, now we know a) how Deucalion lost his sight (even though we learned he can “see as a wolf”), b) why Deucalion is such a sour wolf, and c) that Gerard is just a ruthless, lying sack of shit with no moral compass. Of course, he tells Allison and Scott that the Alphas attacked him and not the other way around. I don’t know what Gerard’s motive is right now. He’s just sitting in a chair with black shit spewing from his mouth. What’s the purpose of lying and what does he have up his sleeve? Is he just trying to make it look like he has a purpose so that they don’t kill him? Whatever he’s up to, I’m sure it’s not good. You scoundrel. I’m watching you.

Here’s Where The Druids Come In: In the flashback told by Gerard, him and Daddy Argent find an ancient Druid symbol carved into a tree and here’s where we get our werewolf/Druid back story. I’m going to sum this shit up in like, 3 sentences. Ready? In Greek mythology, Lycaon pissed off Zues by serving him human flesh and he turned him and some others into wolves as punishment. Lycaon went to the Druids (who were believed to be shifters) for help, and though they couldn’t cure them, they could help them control their shifts. From then on, packs have had “emissaries” who are basically like guidance counselors for werewolves. BAM! Dr. Deaton was one for Talia and Ms. Morrell is one now for the Alphas. Gerard tells Allison and Scott that Deaton is the one whose been doing all the ancient sacrifices, hence why he didn’t die but another doctor did after Scott saved him from the vault. Sure, it’s suspicious… but it just can’t be true. I refuse to believe it.

Okay, let’s wrap this shit up, shall we? We’re in present time now and Stiles tells Cora he needs the real story (he’s smart enough to know Peter could be lying) and says if he has to, he’ll ask Derek. Well, that should go swimmingly. Scott tells Gerard if he lied about anything and someone dies because of it, he’ll pay for it (a.k.a kill his ass). And the last thing we see is a depressed Derek Hale standing in the distillery from the flashbacks. My poor baby. So, what’s next for our Scooby Gang? We’ll find out what Lydia really is, Stiles finally gets to kiss the girl and Scott’s mom is taken by Deucalion who still wants him to become a killer. Sound off on your thoughts and predictions. Until next time… #FangsOut



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