True Blood Season 6: Who’s Going To Die?

It hurts me to even think about one of our beloved True Blood characters leaving the show forever, but the truth is, it’s going to happen. According to showrunner, Brian Buckner, a major death will occur in Season 6. Check out this statement from Carrie Preston (Arlene):

“We were all very moved by it, and saddened by it. It kind of brought us together as a cast, in a way that we haven’t felt in a while, just as a whole. There were tears. There were lots of tears.” WetPaint

Ok, that’s terrifying. Todd Lowe (Terry) said that the death, “kind of pulls [Bon Temps] together.” Umm… what? Sounds like a pretty cataclysmic death to me. I don’t know if I’m emotionally ready/stable enough for this. We’re all pretty in-the-dark about who will get the axe, but let’s name off some of our main cast and analyze their likelihood of dying.

Sookie Stackhouse

Likelihood of dying: 1/10

Let’s be honest, Sookie has about as much chance of dying as I have of sticking to my diet over the holidays.  It’s not going to happen. She is the show. I mean, True Blood does like to shock us, but I think we should rule out Miss Stackhouse.

Bill Compton

Likelihood of dying: 3/10

Bill is a main character, and if you’ve read the books like me, you wouldn’t assume he’d be the one to go. The whole Billith factor hurts his chances of survival, though. He’s constantly being taken over by Lillith and he’s probably about to put himself in grave danger to save the vampire race. But I just don’t see it being him.

Eric Northman

Likelihood of dying: 4/10

If it wasn’t for all the rumors swirling about his possible death, I’d give him a 0/10. Again, if you’ve read the books, you’re thinking there is no way in holy hell Eric will die. I don’t think he’s going to, BUT he is in the camp right now and the fact that he turned Willa doesn’t help his chances. Now, he’s being pitted against Pam so it looks like Burrell wants him to suffer. I might just give up on life in general if it’s Eric that dies. I know I’m not alone.

Jason Stackhouse

Likelihood of dying: 7/10

Could Jason be the one we say goodbye to? I think it’s going to be a supernatural creature that dies, but if it’s not, I think it’ll be Jason. He’s not the brightest bulb in the box and he’s about to attempt to infiltrate Burrell’s guards. I would be devastated, but think about the emotional effect it would have on everyone, especially Sookie and Jessica. Speaking of Jessica…

Jessica Hamby

Likelihood of dying: 8/10

She’s toward the top of my list for who I think is going to die. Not that I want her to! She’s honestly my favorite character this season. Think about it though. She’s constantly at war with herself as to whether she’s good or evil. Now, she killed the 3 fae girls and I don’t know if she’ll be able to handle it. Not to mention, Andy knows it was her and he’s not going to let it go. Adding to her risk of death, she’s in the camp which is never good. Would her death really “pull Bon Temps together” though? I don’t know.

Pam De Beaufort

Likelihood of dying: 9/10

It literally kills me to say this, but I think they might have been priming Pam for the kill in episode 6×05 “F*ck The Pain Away”. Her parts in this season have been minimal and she really got her time to shine in this episode. Plus, the therapist made her talk about her feelings regarding Eric and you can tell she still feels pain about him releasing her. Will Eric be forced to kill her? Maybe Burrell and Co. will kill her while he watches. Either way, I hope it’s not her, but she’s definitely one of the most likely to die in my book.

Alcide Herveaux

Likelihood of dying 2/10

Alcide has got to be one of the least likely to die in the series. If he did die, what werewolf element would they have left? Plus, his storyline this season seems to be more about his change of personality than about trying to evade death like the others. Anything’s possible, but I’m going to say he’s safe.

Sam Merlotte

Likelihood of dying: 9/10

Sammy boy is at the top of my list and here’s why: For one, he has Alcide on his tail and Alcide is ruthless this season. Maybe killing Sam would make him realize what he’s become and we’ll get the old Alcide back. Also, killing Sam would certainly “pull Bon Temps together”. He’s friends with most of the main characters, a shifter, a business owner (big in the community) and he’s always been a good guy so it’d be extremely sad. He’s a big enough character that his death would rock the fandom and the lives of the characters in the show, but not so big that the show wouldn’t be able to go on without him. I for one, hope it’s not him but I don’t think the odds are in his favor.

Lafayette Reynolds

Likelihood of dying – 3/10

I think he’s in the safe zone. His moments this season have been few and far between and rather insignificant. They’d have to really pump him and his storyline up if they were going to kill him so that the audience sympathized. I mean, who would Sookie call when she needs to contact the other side? Plus, he’s a fan favorite and if he dies, I might riot… or at least eat 5 pints of Ben & Jerry’s while crying into my glass of red wine.

Terry Bellefleur

Likelihood of dying: 5/10

I think it would be way too obvious if he died but I’m giving him a 5/10 because he straight up asked his old friend to kill him. I’m really on the fence about his chance of dying because I think it will be a more prominent character. And as for Arlene, I think she’s safe as well. Unless she tries to save Terry from getting killed and ends up dying herself. Very unlikely, though.

Andy Bellefleur 

Likelihood of dying: 4/10

Again, I’m on the fence. On one hand I could totally see it being him because he’s had a significantly larger role this season than he ever has and he’s probably going to try to avenge the death of his daughters. But like I said for Terry, I think it will be a bigger character who dies.

Tara Thornton

Likelihood of dying: 3/10



As for Miss Tara, I just don’t think it’s her time. As I said with Lafayette, her moments in season 6 have been minimal and they’d have to really build her up for her death to make a huge impact. Maybe sacrificing herself to save Pam in the camp? I feel like her character is just now starting to get good. I don’t think they’re done with her just yet.

Sound off Truebies! Vote for who you think is most likely to die in Season 6.

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