Teen Wolf Recap – 3×05 “Frayed”

credit: basedonnothing.net

credit: basedonnothing.net

Not only was this episode a complete mind f*ck, but the writers led me to believe that the future father of my children, Derek Hale, died. #NotCoolJeff. “Frayed” was an entire hour of flashbacks, flash forwards, flash “now”, and flash…ok now I’m confused. Let’s just dive into the dirty deets:

scottScott: This episode was THE episode of the season that truly set his character up on the path of becoming an Alpha. We first see Scott in the present while he is on a bus with the Lacrosse team, and he is severely hurt. Oh yeah, and he’s not healing. #WTF. Stiles is freaking out, and Scott just keeps slipping in and out of consciousness. As he does this we see his memories, one of which being the fight with the Alpha pack where he was injured so badly. Scott was supposed to be meeting Deucalion to talk peace, but Derek’s Alpha-ego got the best of him, and he decided to show up (uninvited) to the party. Things got a little heated, and Derek was hulked out and ready to fight. Deucalion, being the true villain that he is, had brought his entire Alpha pack with him to the negotiations, and they willingly jumped in when the fight started. During the fight we see Scott’s eyes glow Alpha red, but they don’t last long. Still, it was pretty f*cking badass.

credit: tumblr-cutieobrien

Also in the midst of fighting, Scott had gotten in between Derek and one of the other Alphas, Ennis, and they fall of a balcony to their death. Um, what?! Scott is so tore up about this, that he won’t let his body heal himself. Talk about mind over matter. Allison eventually saves him, and stitches him up and he starts to heal again. Phew. Poor Scott, he is just a big old hot mess right now. He never wanted the responsibility with being a werewolf, and now he is falling into the leader role. I think he is struggling with the overwhelming ownership of his destiny…becoming an Alpha. Yeah, shit just got deep.

issacIsaac: Isaac was his usually hot-head self in this episode. Isaac is on the bus (where Scott was badly injured), and he and Boyd are holding in their were-ness from attacking Ethan who is also there. The bus eventually comes to a stop, thanks to Stiles getting one of the other team members to throw up all over the place (he was trying to get Scott off the bus and to help for his wound). While the students are standing outside the bus, Isaac starts to beat up one of the twins. Everyone is shouting at him to stop, students, Coach, but he won’t listen.

credit: tumblr-whatshouldbetchescallme

Even Gaga couldn’t get that boy to quit. Luckily, Scott comes up and yells at him to stop, and Isaac immediately freezes and stops fighting. It was almost as if Isaac didn’t have a choice on whether he should stop…like he was just doing what he was told. This was a huge turning point for not only Scott’s character in starting to become an Alpha, but Isaac in recognizing it. #LoyalToThePack #AllPraiseTheAlpha

lydiaLydia: We didn’t see much of Lydia’s witchy-weirdness, or whatever the hell is going on with her gravitating towards peoples’ death sites, but we did find out that her and Aiden hooked up. Good job, girl. Whoever said a rebound wasn’t healthy was crazy. We all know that Jackson (aka Colton Haynes, *swoon*), will not be back any time soon, so you go do you for as long as you need to. Lydia did help bring Scott to safety, though, when she trailed the boys’ lacrosse team bus along with Allison to make sure they were OK. When the team exited the bus, Lydia helped carry Scott to a very unsanitary Parks Department restroom where Allison could stitch him up, and therapeutically talk him into wanting himself to heal again after Lydia pointed out that the lack of healing could be all in Scott’s head due to the guilt of Derek’s death. Way to save the day, Lydia! #FierceBitch

allisonAllison: Allison is not only still in love with Scott, but she is still dealing with the death of her mother and the discovery of her family’s werewolf hunting legacy. Daddy Argent seems to think that they can just stay out of all the fighting and wars between werewolf packs, but Allison can’t shake it. I mean, who can blame her? Hasn’t Daddy A ever seen Buffy? There’s no going normal once you cross into the world of hot teenagers who just happen to be supernatural creatures after 10th period gym class. Allison defies her father’s wishes to stay out of the fight against the Alphas, and she shows up to the “negotiations” with Scott and Deucalion, and she actually saves the day. Derek was two seconds away from being killed when Allison swooped in with her Katniss bow and set him free to fight. Allison felt the need to contribute more to the cause against the Alpha pack and followed Scott, Stiles, Boyd, Isaac, and Ethan on the lacrosse team bus to make sure that everyone was OK. When she found out that Scott was not healing, she panicked and told Stiles and Lydia to help carry him to the previously mentioned unsanitary bathroom, and then go stall the team from loading back onto the bus while she stitched him up. When she pulled out her handy-dandy sewing kit (you know, the ones every 17 year-old carries with them everywhere #yeahright), she started hallucinating, seeing her mother in the room. Her mom yelled at her to stop crying, and kept saying how she needs to suck it up and focus. She needed to wipe those tears and get that needle and thread ready to stitch Scotty-boy right back up.

credit: tumblr-yoxfordboys

Allison eventually was able to Stitch Scott up, and her and Scott shared another intimate moment. Will these two just get back together already?

dr deatonDr. Deaton: So ,not only is Dr. Deaton a specialized expert in Gaelic mythology, a veterinarian,  a student mentor and werewolf expert, he is guidance counselor Miss Morrell’s older brother! Say whaaaaat? Yep. You heard that right. The Alpha pack brought their injured Alpha Ennis in to the vet office, and they threatened to hurt Miss Morrell should Dr. D not assist. With no choice, Dr. D helped the injured Alpha. Deucalion had other plans, though. Once Ennis was on the path to recovery, Deucalion gauged the guy’s eyes out and killed him. Talk about a power trip. Dr. Deaton just stood there and watched.

credit: tumblr-rafi-d-angelo

stilesStiles: Stiles played Scott’s lifeguard in this episode. He knew that Scott wasn’t healing, and that he was in a terrible state of health. He made someone puke all over the place so they could get Scott off the bus and to safety, and he also kept Scott in line when he tried to overwork his non-healing body. I love that Stiles is the realist in this show. He tells it to everyone straight, even Derek. When he is scared and knows he is no match for a werewolf, he is still going to do everything he can to protect his friends and do the right thing. Stiles doesn’t give up, and I love that about him. #TeamStiles #STEREK

credit: tumblr-liniisfat

derekDerek: SURPRISE! Derek’s not dead. #duh. Derek shows up at the end of the episode stumbling on to Mrs. Blake’s car covered in blood and half dead. Why did he come find her? I know she is going to be his love interest this season, but I feel like there’s more to the story here. I guess with his entire pack off on a bus somewhere, he really didn’t have anywhere else to go. Did anyone else think Derek’s hand against Mrs. Blake’s car window was a little Titantic-esque? Well played, Mr. Hale. Well played.

credit: tumblr-don-a-van

What did you guys think of the episode? Why is Derek so infatuated with that teacher? And what is little Miss Morrell up to? I sensed some tension between her and her older brother, Dr. Deaton.

Hopefully we’ll find out next week! Leave your thoughts. Until next time…



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