The Walking Dead: July 4th Weekend Schedule

What’s more American than watching Daryl Dixon ride his ape hanger in a serape and massacre zombies with his bow and arrow? The answer is nothing. Nothing at all my friends. That’s why AMC is serving up something real special for all us Walking Dead fans. Check out the schedule for AMC, July 4th – 7th, to find out how you can relive The Walking Dead Seasons 1-3. I mean, I’d much rather watch the entire first seasons of the show than eat Grandma’s potato salad and pork n’ beans while watching Uncle Joe Bob blow six of his fingers off with a firecracker. You with me? Use the hashtag #TWDMarathon to let everyone know that what you’re doing is ten times better than anything they could possibly be doing. And if you haven’t ever seen The Walking Dead, here’s your chance to redeem yourself and greatly improve your quality of life in only 4 days. You can thank AMC (and Daryl Dixon) later.


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