Teen Wolf Music – 3×04 “Unleashed”

Song playing when Isaac is chasing the twins (It’s “Made” by Battle Tapes but all I can find is this shitty version. If you find a better one, let us know.):

Song playing when Cora was working out:

Song playing when Cora and Derek are fighting the Alphas:

Song playing when Allison hot wires the bike:

Song playing when Scott taunts the alpha twins:

Song playing when Isaac races the bike in the hall:

The song playing while Lydia was drawing the tree is by Icelandic band, múm. I’m seeing the song is called “Loksins Erum Við Engin“, but I think that’s actually the whole album, not just a song. Here’s the whole damn album though for your listening pleasure:


Source: TuneFind

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