Let’s Pretend They Have Twitter: Teen Wolf – 3×01 “Tattoo”

This is a new thing we’ll be doing here at TeamTSD called “Let’s Pretend They Have Twitter”. Let’s kick off this new segment of the site with the Season 3 premiere of Teen Wolf, shall we?

@ScottMcCall: OMG! Just saw my ex in the car beside me right before she almost got killed by a buck. #mindfuck #whatarethechances #closecall

@AllisonArgent: You’ll never guess what happened! Today, I saw my ex at a red light & then almost DIED. #whataday #ineedadrink

@LydiaMartin: Woke up with some dude in my bed. Whoops. Gotta go. #deuces #1stdayofschool #seeyourselfout

@DerekHale: Why do I always have to save people’s asses? Get your game up @ScottMcCall! #hopethattattoohurt #youoweme

@Stiles: Today I saved my one true love from getting her eyes pecked out by a flock of birds at school. #yourewelcome #hero #onlyinBeaconHills

@NewTeacher: Spent all summer gathering my student’s cell phone #s so I could freak them out by sending them a mass text on the 1st day of school. #success #missionaccomplished #ihatetemyjob

@RandomGirl: Where the FUCK you at, @ScottMcCall? I’ve been looking for you everywhere.

@MamaMcCall: Yup. Should have left town after I saw my son change into a hairy beast. #poorlifechoices #ificouldturnbacktime

@IsaacLahey: Why do these chick’s toenails look like Rihanna’s fingernails & why do I feel like I’m going to pa

@IsaacLahey: Hey! Where’d that one girl go? #mysterygirl

@Twins: …..

@ScotMcCall: Hey guys! Finally got my new tattoo. #sickink courtesy of @DerekHale. Check this shit out. #hurtlikeabitch

untitled @KennelCats: Life’s too hard. We can’t take it anymore. #overtherainbowbridge #seeyouontheotherside

@Vet: Fuck.

Leave your comments, letting us know what YOU think the characters would say if they had Twitter. Until next time… #FangsOut



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