Under The Dome Trailer

Britt Robertson as Angie - "Under The Dome"

Britt Robertson as Angie – “Under The Dome”

Under the Dome is Stephen King’s latest project, coming to CBS (originally developed for Showtime) in June. It’s a thriller based on one of King’s novels about an invisible dome that literally drops all of a sudden, trapping a small town and forcing the people to try to solve the mystery that now surrounds them. One cast member, Rachelle Lefevre, says of the series, “But this isn’t a post-apocalyptic show. These people are in their homes the same way they were before anything happened. It’s more like, ‘What if you were stuck in your house and the door was glued shut?’ What kind of bad choices would you make, and would they be different from the bad choices you make during normal life?” Interesting, right? Not enough? How about this? “Stephen King, Steven Spielberg, the comic book writer author Brian K. Vaughan and longtime ER writer-producer Neal Baer [are] among its executive producers.” Bam! Now that’s some serious talent all in one place. Still not enough? Check out the official trailer below. This show looks seriously bad ass.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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