The Vampire Diaries Recap – 4×23 “Graduation”

How many times do you think I cried during the Season 4 finale? The answer is six. Six times. If you didn’t cry at some point during this episode, you’re either a heartless asshole or you have xerophthalmia, which is the inability to cry, and I forgive you. It’s a real f*cking condition, and you’re welcome for teaching you a new fancy vocabulary word. The season definitely went out with a bang…in the most unexpected way imaginable. This was the most epic cliff-hanger I’ve ever seen. #MindBlown. There were happy moments, as we watched our little gang walk across the graduation stage, Damon finally got the girl, and Matt and Rebekah plan a summer vacation together. Then there were some moments that were depressing as shit. Jeremy realizing that Bonnie’s actually dead, watching all our favorite characters disappear to the other side again, and Stefan getting shoved in a box by his “shadow self” and pushed into the quarry. Let’s get on down to the dirty deets.

ElenaElena: Finally, the Elena that we know and love is back. She got to spend some quality time with Jeremy and Alaric, eating some lunch and drinking booze in the cemetery. These people literally have alcohol on them at all times. Not that I blame them. Their lives pretty much suck. Elena starts to tear up and Jeremy says she can’t cry because they have to make the most of their last day together and then they all hold hands and look lovingly into each other’s eyes. F*CK! I can’t…Damon tells Elena to take the cure and she won’t do it, proving to us that the sire bond is indeed broken. Thank the good Lord. That shit was ridiculous. Then, Elena shows up at graduation all smiley and her, Bonnie, Caroline, Matt and Stefan all share a group hug. I’m sure they are just as surprised as we are that they’re all still alive to see this day. Well, they don’t know about Bonnie at this point, but they’re all still physically present so it counts. Back at the Salvatore mansion, Elena makes everyone feel really f*cking awkward by asking Stefan if she can have a word with him. She thanks him for never giving up on her and tells him to take the cure for himself because he’s the shittiest, most brooding vampire ever. We find out later that he gives the cure back to her and doesn’t take it. Elena heads off to the school to find Bonnie and Jeremy when Kol pops out and tries to kill her. Luckily, Bonnie’s dropped the veil and *POOF*, he disappears. PHEW! That was close. THEN, Katherine appears. “Happy graduation, cupcake.” An epic battle ensues, with punches and locker doors flying. Katherine has Elena pinned down and is close to killing her when Elena shoves the cure down Katherine’s throat. How ironic. What Katherine truly wanted was ultimate immortality, and what did she get instead? The exact opposite. How f*cking poetic is that? I can’t wait to see how Katherine deals with being a defenseless human. This truly is the worse punishment she could get.

StefanStefan: Lexi and Stefan rocking out to Bon Jovi? Pretty much one of the best scenes all season. Stefan gets to graduate (for the 600th time), and he looks happy for once. I’m sure seeing Elena actually get to experience this moment after everything she’d been through is a reward in and of itself. His happiness is short-lived, because he overhears Elena telling Damon that she is completely in love with him. Poor Stefan. Everything he’s done he’s done for this girl. He knew there was a chance this would happen, though. That even with the sire bond aside, her feeling for Damon might be stronger. Before taking off to dispose of Silas’s body, he tells Damon that while he’s not happy about Elena, he’s not NOT happy for him. #TeamDefan. Even though Stefan looks like he’s taking the high road right now, I bet inside he’s two seconds away from spitting in Damon’s face and calling him a nincompoop. He’s driving away with Lexi, and they’re talking about all the places he can go and about how even though Elena was an epic love, he has to move on and live his life. So, it’s off to greener pastures for Stefan, right? Not exactly. Stefan makes a stop at the quarry to lock Silas’s body up in a safe and sink it. When he goes to unwrap his rock body, he’s not there and appears to him as Elena. Da fucque is going on? When Bonnie died, her spell on Silas broke, freeing him. Silas says that he created the immortality spell 2,000 years ago and can never die, but nature needed to create a balance, a version of him that could die. A doppelgänger. So, Stefan’s all thinking there’s ANOTHER Petrova doppelgänger. Stefan should have been smart enough to figure out that Nina would be WAY too busy portraying three people at once.

But then, we see Silas’s reflection in the car window and it’s STEFAN! STEFAN IS A SILAS DOPPELGANGER. Never in a million years could I have seen that coming. Silas, now in his true Stefan, shadow-self form, locks Stefan in the safe and pushes him into the quarry. Oh, sweet Jesus. What the french toast just happened? And was that one of those giant safes that are supposed to be water and fire-proof and are like $5,000? If so, someone needs to take that shit back and get a refund because it filled up with water in under ten seconds. Just saying. So, I’m pretty depressed about the fact that Stefan’s at the bottom of the quarry right now, helpless, but Paul Wesley has got to be jumping up and down about playing the evil Silas AND Stefan next season. Can you imagine the havoc Silas is going to wreak before people find out what the hell is going on? It’s going to be amazing. And in case your brain is still projectile vomiting on itself from the epic Silas twist that ended the episode, here it is again in all it’s glory.

DamonDamon: Damon Salvatore has to be a writer’s dream. His lines and banter on the show are unbeatable and this episode was no exception. Damon gets shot by Vaughn and comes to find out, the bullets are laced with werewolf venom. Oh, for f*cking Pete’s sake. It just seems like this poor sap cannot win. Elena and Jeremy discover this and tell Damon that he needs to take the cure, because then he’ll be human and no longer affected by the venom. Damon refuses to take it because he wants Elena to have it…and because he knows humans are boring and lame. He gives the cure to Vaughn, who wants to use it on Silas in order to kill him, and the two head to the quarry which is where Damon told him they buried him. Vaughn knows that he’s lying to him and starts pumping Damon full of more werewolf venom-laced bullets. Enter Alaric. He throws Vaughn’s body into the water, but not before grabbing the cure off him. He tries to convince Damon, who’s now even closer to death, to take the cure but he still refuses. Thankfully, Klaus is straight whipped by Caroline and shows up to graduation and gives Damon his blood. YAY! Then, we get what we’ve all been waiting for for the past FOUR seasons. Elena finally admits that she’s in love with Damon and she’s not sorry about it. They share a steamy make out sesh in front of the burning fireplace, this time, with no sire bond strings attached.

HOT! No, literally. That fire is f*cking huge and it’s summertime. I don’t give a shit what anyone says about Stefan being her epic and one true love. Maybe he still is, and their relationship was beautiful, but Damon deserves a little happiness at this point, and Elena deserves to act on her feelings. Barely anyone on this planet only dates one or two people in their entire lives, especially not a vampire. Elena is 18. It’s called growing up, people. So, Alaric congratulates Damon on getting the girl and Damon can barely believe that it actually happened.

A happy Damon? That should be fun to see next season. That is, until he realizes his brother his locked in a vault in the bottom of the quarry. Yikes! Save your brother, Damon!

BonnieBonnie: R…I…mother f*cking P. Bonnie is the most selfless, loving, caring, giving bitch in the world. Er, I mean, the other side…BECAUSE SHE DIED. Can we just think about that? Bonnie is dead!!! That scene with here and Jeremy…JEREMY! She saved his freaking life, again. How about the twist of how he can see ghosts? His poor face when he saw Bonnie and realized she was a ghost. “I can’t feel your hand…” #ugh. Bonnie is a true, good friend. She went to graduation for her friends (as a DEAD PERSON), saved Jeremy’s life, and ultimately everyone else’s. Actually, she saved everyone and then f*cked them. I mean, yes, she put the veil to the other side back up and all, but Silas is still running amuck! With Stefan’s face! Back to BonBon and her last episode of The Vampire Diaries as a season reg. Wait, will she be back next season?! I thought she was going to go to college with Caroline and Elena? I can’t take this! Poor Bonnie has spent all her time saving everyone else for four straight seasons. But, who is ever there to save her? At least she has Grams to take care of her on the other side. Someone needs to tell her, though, that being able to “talk” to Jer whenever they want is not the way a relationship works…if you’re a ghost. I mean, long distance can work, but that’s kinda f*cked up. It’s like ghost-Skype, but more creepy and with better internet connection. Anyways, RIP Bonnie Bennett; you’re a good woman, and an amazing friend. Cheers to you.

Matt And RebekahMatt/Rebekah: What did I say last week? I LOVE THEM. How adorable were they in this episode? Rebekah loves Matt, and Matt has really grown to care for her. The thing about Rebekah is, she has made/makes some pretty stupid decisions, but at the heart of it all, she really wants to be a better person. You have to give her props for that. She just wants to care for and love someone, and I think she tied, “being a human,” to that. I mean, all her ex-boyfriends hated her for being a vampire, and all her vamp family have/had some pretty f*cked up relationships. No wonder she believed she had to be a human in order to have a true love and a healthy relationship! Matt calls her out when she’s being a bitch, but he also shows her when she’s good and helps her see the amazing qualities she has, i.e. her sense of fashion and hair styling. (Seriously, her ponytails are FIERCE). Now, they are going on a graduation trip together! Paris, Italy, China…ugh. #jealous. So, I wonder if when the fall comes, if Matt will come back to Mystic Falls, Rebekah will go to New Orleans, and they’ll just take the summer for what it was. That will make me SUPER upset, because I really love them together. I mean, she saved his life! Her frackin’ ex-hunter-boyfriend, Alexander, put him on freaking bosu ball with C-4 ducked taped to the bottom, and basically waited to see when he’d blow up. Rebekah stood with him the whole time and kept him balanced so he wouldn’t wobble and trigger the bombs. She told him about how she would take him all over the world, that he deserved to live a little, and then she kissed him. ADORABLE. During the kiss she vamp-switched their positions so he was free from the bosu-ball-of-death, and told him to run to graduation. How selfless was that? Matt has totally rounded her out, and makes her want to be a better person. #TeamMebekah.

CarolineCaroline: She was total, classic Caroline this episode: planning for graduation, stressing about it, wanting it to be perfect, and stopping at nothing for everyone to be there to enjoy it. The scene where the whole gang was in their cap and gowns, hugging and laughing, and having their one moment of happiness was perfect. Now, let’s get to the good stuff…KLAUS! Caroline calls Klaus for his hybrid blood to save Damon and she couldn’t get ahold of him. She left him 100 messages, true to Caroline form. Just when the gang is getting witch-ified by the twelve sacrificed witches back from the other side, Klaus shows up in a tailored suit and slices one of the witches heads off with a cap using it as a goddamn Frisbee. What. A. Badass. He threatens the rest of the witches, and they all scatter (you know you’re a boss when even DEAD witches are scared of you). Klaus cures Damon, and then gives Caroline her graduation present. They flirt, and he says how he wanted to give her a one-way (first-class, of course) ticket to New Orleans, but he knew she wouldn’t take it. So instead, he gave Tyler his freedom to come back to Mystic Falls. *awwww* But, that’s not the best part. Klaus tells Caroline, “Tyler was your first love, I intend to be your last.” Caroline, if you don’t hop on that train, like yesterday, you’re an idiot. Klaus is so f*cking classy. There better be some crossover episodes where those two do the horizontal, or parallel, or anything really. I just want some Klaroline action! Klaus is right, though, Caroline has to get over her first true love before she can move onto her forever one. One last thing-how bad do you think her (and Elena!) will lose it when they find out Bonnie is dead?! Ugh!!

JJeremyeremy: JEREMY. IS. BACK. I mean, I’m sure he’s probably pissed that all his sketch books and his favorite Chucks are a pile of ashes, but hey, he’s alive. Speaking of, where is he going to live? Maybe he can stay at the Lockwood mansion this summer while Matt is touring Italy with Rebekah. AND how the hell is he going to live a normal life? Everyone thinks he’s dead. Can’t wait to see how they’re going to work all that out, and to see whether he actually hides the fact that Bonnie’s dead. Wherever they take his character, I’m just glad he’s alive!

Anyone else find it ironic that the cliff-hanger was literally Stefan in a box getting pushed off a cliff? No? Just me? Anyway, a lot was left up in the air and season 5 is sure to be just as crazy and drama-filled as this one was. That was the best TVD finale episode yet. Can’t wait to watch it 20 more times in the next week with my dogs. THANK YOU to Julie Plec, the entire cast (Nina better get nominated for an Emmy this year), the writers, the producers and everyone else involved for giving us a truly incredible season. Well, it looks like school’s out for the summer, kids. See you in the fall… #FangsOut



TVD 4×23 Soundtrack

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