The Vampire Diaries Recap – 4×22 “The Walking Dead”

Our Scooby Gang is in a shit ton of trouble, and they only have one episode left to get it all figured out. ONE EPISODE! It seems like just yesterday we were all counting down the days until the Season 4 premiere. Where has the time gone? In this episode, Bonnie powers up the points of her triangle, causes a blackout and brings back a bunch of dead supernatural creatures. Elena is obsessed with the idea of killing Katherine, Rebekah is still unabashedly fawning over Matt, and we get to see a whole lot of familiar faces that we missed dearly. Let’s get down to the dirty deets.

ElenaElena: Great Scott, Elena Gilbert! Take a mother f*cking chill pill. Stefan is trying to help her blow off some steam by karate chopping cement blocks and doing pull-ups, but all she can talk about is killing Katherine. THEN, she and Caroline are filling out graduation announcements and, of course, she starts freaking out wondering if Caroline knows where Katherine is. ELENA! You are no match for Katherine. This is just a bunch of displaced anger and grief over Jeremy’s loss and all the terrible shit you did when your humanity was off. She’s even shitty to Caroline at the Grill when she tries to ask her about the things she said to her when her humanity was off. Elena heads to the high school with Damon and Stefan to look for Bonnie, who they discover must be doing the spell there to lift the supernatural veil. Elena suggests they split up and that she should go with Damon while Caroline goes with Stefan. She starts questioning Damon about whether he knows where Katherine is. Damon caves and admits she’s with Bonnie. He tries to stop her from going after Katherine and Elena STAKES HIM! What the hell? Her obsession has gone from an obsessive hand-washing disorder to a full-blown couch cushion eating addiction. Yes, it’s real. She’s actually close to killing Katherine when Stefan stops her after he realizes that Bonnie and Katherine are linked. Close call! Elena, you need to get your shit under control and address the real underlying issue here. She does eventually realize this, goes to Jeremy’s grave to talk to him and has another emotional breakdown. At least she’s acknowledging the fact that she doesn’t want to move on and misses him. Kol’s bitch ass shows up to kill Elena and has her by the throat when all of a sudden JEREMY appears! He tries to shoot a stake through Kol, which he just catches because he’s an Original mother f*cking vampire. No worries, though. Stefan comes up behind him and snaps his neck. Jer runs to Elena. Elena looks up at Jer, slowly reaching for his hand. Oh, sweet Jesus.

The fact that Elena actually gets to see Jeremy again and say goodbye is almost too much. She tries to apologize to Damon and Stefan but they tell her she should probably focus on spending time with her brother before Bonnie puts the veil back up. If only Jeremy was here to stay…

BonnieBonnie: Katherine finds Bonnie in the middle of the woods being creepy as shit and asks her what she’s doing. Bonnie’s charging up the points of the expression triangle so that she can lift the veil and contact Qetsiyah in order to find out how to kill Silas for good. Bonnie links Katherine to herself in order to keep her and the moonstone close by. She charges the final hot spot and whips up a mean wind storm in Mystic Falls which causes the power to go out. Bonnie (with Katherine unwillingly in tow) heads to a creepy f*cking cave under the high school and uses the tombstone, filled with Qetsiyah’s calcified blood, to lift the veil. She lets Katherine run off and investigate a sound which is a terrible mistake because, as we know, Elena tries to kill Katherine and inadvertently almost kills Bonnie. Silas appears to Bonnie as Caroline (and then Stefan and his nasty-ass self) and tells her that he was always able to get into her head, that she’ll never defeat him and that Qetsiyah isn’t coming. Then, he shifts himself into Alaric and paralyzes her with the feeling that she’s suffocating. Enter ghost Grams to save the day! Grams gives Bonnie a little pep talk, telling her she doesn’t like it, but she has the power to stop Silas. Damon wrangles Silas, in Alaric form, and Bonnie casts a spell that basically turns him into stone. He starts becoming his true self but we don’t get to see his real face because, conveniently, his rock face connects to the rock wall of the cave. Bonnie gets one measly little hug from Jeremy before she gets back to witch-business. Back in the cave, Grams tells Bonnie to put the veil back up but Bonnie says she was always planning on lifting it long enough to bring Jer back from the dead (again). Grams tells her not to go against nature and Bonnie’s basically like, “F*ck you. I have the darkness, and I do what I want.” It all goes swimmingly. NOT! She died. So, either Bonnie is a ghost at graduation in the next episode and next season when she’s roommates with Elena and Caroline in college OR she gets resurrected. My money’s on the latter. Kat Graham gets a standing ovation for her performance in this episode. Job well done, girl.

DamonDamon: Damon talks to Sheriff Forbes and then talks to Elena about being a little bitch and then he does some other shit and blah blah. Let’s get to the good stuff. DALARIC! When Damon is able to pick himself off the floor after getting staked in the stomach by Elena, he realizes that Alaric is behind him. He’s not convinced at first, thinking that it’s Silas playing mind games with him again. Alaric proves it’s really him by pulling out a bottle of booze from a school locker number 42, and they hug it out. Oh, friendship. Dare I say it…I almost love Dalaric more than Defan. Defan is always great, because they’re brothers, and they love each other. But it’s pretty hard to nail a good bromance. Especially when one of them killed the other’s wife. #IsobelProblems. That bitch was CRAY. Anyways, Alaric and Damon share a flask (or two), and Alaric provides that bestie advice Damon’s been missing. Damon hasn’t been able to talk about the Elena situation with anyone, he’s just been coasting along, “taking care of the kids.” I almost cried for the gazillionth time when Alaric brought that up. “Yeah, bro, I heard that speech.” *awkward* If you guys have been living under a goddamn moonstone for the last eight months, this is the scene he’s referring to. After the reunion, Alaric gives Damon a little pep talk, and after he helps he and the gang trap Silas in his own shell of hell and dump Kol’s body, he gives Damon…THE CURE. Damon stares at it like, “da FUCQUE am I going to do with this?” (Because being a vamp f*cking rules. #duh) And Alaric replies, go get the girl.” God, I f*cking love Alaric. That veil better stay down until the end of the finale, because I miss that guy. OK, you KNOW I got to throw this .gif in there:

StefanStefan: Stefan was amazing in this episode. He can relate to what Elena’s going through better than anyone else. Hello! He’s been off the Ripper rails so many times, he knows what it’s like when your emotions coming roaring back. He tries to help her channel her energy into working out, but that doesn’t go so well. Later at the school, after he stops Elena from killing Katherine and Bonnie, he tries to have a little heart-to-heart with her. I love how he’s brutally honest with her, too, telling her she’s crazy and that all of this nonsense is just her way of trying to get over Jeremy’s death. “The truth is, there are no short cuts. You’re a vampire, Elena.” While Stefan drops a lot of great 163-year-old vampire wisdom on her, she just ends up punching him in the face and storming off. Ouch. Stefan goes to the Grill and is talking to Caroline when he FINALLY gets a moment that he truly deserves. Lexi walks in. “You better mean me.” I lost my shit. I literally started convulsing on my couch like a crackhead. It was unattractive.

Lexi teased him about Elena punching him and then brings up the fact she was replaced by a cute blonde, aka, Caroline. Steroline foreshadowing much? Stefan is always the one sacrificing his life and his time (not that he doesn’t have an unlimited amount of either) to help everyone else, so it was great for him to get his own special moment with his bestie. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy seeing Lexi again?

CarolineCaroline: I want to first begin her recap by saying that she looked amazing in that episode (aside of the slitting the wrist in the dry storage room at the Mystic Grill. #WTF) Can we talk about that for a second? That came out of nowhere. I LOVE when TVD throws curve balls like that. Candice Accola is seriously one of my favorite actresses. She KILLED it in that episode. She was bubbly, sweet Caroline, then she was a crazed bitch slitting her wrists, then she was an evil ass monster dude. Way to go, girl! I also really love the idea of Steroline. Caroline has given her heart and then some for Tyler, as Stefan has for Elena. They both didn’t get everything they needed out of those relationships, and they shared that with each other. I think that deepens their bond to more than friendship. Plus, they’re both hot as hell so that would make a great promo poster for season 5, not to mention some awesome sex scenes. PS-Caroline getting slapped by Rebekah and yelling, “BITCH!” is my new favorite Caroline scene. Actually, let’s all just watch that again:

rebekahRebekah & Matt: If their relationship takes off the way (I think) the writer’s are intending it to, I think Matt may play a dual role in both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Thoughts? I mean, they’ve been toying with those two since Beks came on the show. I actually really like them together. Think about it: she is LITERALLY the most badass woman on the planet (she’s a frackin’ Original!), and Matt could give two f*cks. He stands up to her, throws it back in her face, while at the same time letting her know when she’s done something good. He is completely honest with her, and whether he realizes it or not, he helps show her that it’s OK to be who she is (…as long as she’s not a selfish whiny bitch). I love that they both have been getting more screen time this season, and I REALLY love how the writers are adament about keeping Matt human. The guy wouldn’t even take some vamp juice to heal that shoulder up. God, Kol is such a dick for doing that. I’m just saying, I totally would have taken her up on that offer. That shit looked like it hurt. Anyways, I am so #TeamMebekah #TeamRatt #TeamMebkatt Yeah, I’m just going to give up. Regardless, they’re good together.

What a clusterf*ck! So, Bonnie’s dead, the veil is still up, Kol is going to try to kill Elena, the Hunter’s are back in town, Silas is a rock formation, and Damon has the cure. We can only assume that next week we’ll see Caroline say goodbye to Klaus and hopefully see Elena finally choose a Salvatore. When TVFanatic asked Julie Plec about the Damon/Elena/Stefan love triangle, she said that “…Elena, as she makes her way back to her normal self, is going to have to get back in touch with her true feelings so that question is asked and answered before the season is out and it definitely seems very permanent and it’s life altering for all of three of them.” I’d like to see her make a choice so the jilted brother can try to move on and have a life that doesn’t solely revolve around her. Next week, in the season 4 finale, we’ll get to see Kol rallying the dead, the Hunter’s looking for Silas and the cure and REBEKAH KISSES MATT! Until next time… #FangsOut



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