Supernatural Recap – 8×21 “The Great Escapist”

The Great Escapist

First things first, this episode ROCKED! It was just brilliant moment followed by brilliant moment. Let’s break this episode down by location!

Garth’s Boat: Kevin’s back! He’s on the boat, and Sam & Dean arrive with the other half of the demon tablet. Now, there’s a few alarm bells ringing. For one thing, Sam has suddenly learned to raise his eyebrows really high while smiling. I mean, I’ve seen him do the Sam sad face, raise them in the middle loads of times, but this is disconcerting. And he’s, like, really really smiley. Also, they got the tablet by laying ‘an awesome trap’.  Ahem, what the actual… where, when, why haven’t we seen this? I’m sending someone a strongly worded letter, or tweet. Kevin gets to work, while Sam calls him Special K, and basically sounds like someone’s uncle trying to be ‘down with the kids’. At this point, I am actually jumping up & down, shouting “It’s not them, it’s not them!”, and then they walk through a portal, and become demons in denim! Hooray! Oh, I mean, boo, bad demons! Leave Kevin alone!  So, turns out Crowley has decided to turn Kevin’s life into the Truman Show, and he’s the director.  He gives the demons some acting tips, and sends them on their way.

MOL Bunker: The real deal.  Sam looks like crap, so it’s definitely him. Dean is offering to feed him stew on a spoon, whole airplane deal, but he refuses, damn. Sam actually tells Dean how he feels now. I know, picked myself up off the floor too. He’s not lying when he says the trials are changing him from the inside. They receive a video email from Kevin, he’s probably dead or captured, and pretty upset. How awful am I? Kevin is upset about dying, and crying, and all I can think is how hot Dean looks when he’s teary eyed. Kevin has sent them all the work he’s done so far for them to go through, so Sam gets to work. We’ll make this quick. Sam recognizes a symbol on Kevin’s notes from his Humanities studies in Stanford…well, he is an MOL legacy. After trying to acquaint Dean with political correctness, they head off to Colorado to track down the Native American tribe who used it.

Biggerson’s: Cas is in Santa Fe, and in Biggerson’s!! Got to love this joint.  This chain has been through a lot with these guys! After the waitress is treated to a Cas chat about coffee, “I remember when you first discovered it”, a shockwave in his cup sends him packing just before two more angels arrive.  Judging by Naomi’s reaction to their report, this has been going on for a while. Turns out, Cas is using the Biggerson’s chain as a sort of portal, constantly switching from one to the next, and they can’t catch him. Of course, she says they’ll just have to stop him. You know this isn’t going to be good, don’t you?

Cas zaps back to Santa Fe again, only to find it all bloody, and his waitress left eyeless and repeating “You have to stop” over and over. Naomi strikes again. She shows up with her henchmen and tells Cas a thing or three. Mainly that he’s been disobedient. Team Free Will rides again, I think! And then he quotes Dean! Anyway, as she’s trying to persuade the angel tablet out of him, Crowley shows up & shoots her henchmen. She is not impressed, but runs before he can shoot her, or discover that one of her angels is working for Crowley.

Two Rivers Hotel, Colorado: Sam is acting very weird as Dean tries to check into the hotel, and this leads to the BEST EYE ROLL EVER from Dean!

They eventually get to their room, where Sam reminisces about Dean riding a Farty Donkey through the Grand Canyon. Delirious Sam makes me want to see more drunk Sam, he’s fun! And Dean just gets more and more serious the sillier Sam gets. So, he heads off to do research while Sam sleeps. Of course, Sam doesn’t sleep for long, and ends up wandering in the corridor and discovering boxes of books being left at a door, while Dean’s research uncovers that this tribe’s God demanded stories as their sacrifices.

Naturally, being them, they end up entering the room, which is full of towers of books, and meet Metatron. He is an angel, but has been in hiding so long, that he hasn’t even heard of THEM, much to Sam’s disgust. “We’re the frigging Winchesters!”. Guess he didn’t get to the Supernatural books yet. So, they inform him of all the deaths of the Archangels, who he’s been hiding from, and then verbally rip him a new one for running away all this time. I bet he’s so glad they found him…

Garth’s boat: Kevin is a genius after all, and has figured out that he’s not where he should be.  Maybe Crowley should have played Dean after all. Turns out his demons were too darn polite, which led to them going on a food run that ended in a Devil’s Trap.

Crowley’s Office: Turns out Crowley figured out that Cas has become a tablet mule, and has concealed the Angel Tablet inside him. So he rips through the bullet hole he put in him earlier and reaches in and takes it. Simple! Cas turns into badass-Cas after Crowley has left and kills the double agent angel with the bullet taken from his own gut! Rambo Angel!

Two Rivers Hotel: Metatron transports Kevin to his room. He wakes up with the other half of the Demon Tablet in his hand, and proudly announces that he has figured out the Third Trial, only for Metatron to say, “Yeah, you have to cure a demon.” Now, if I had had my whole life taken away from me, my Mother driven into hiding, my girlfriend killed, nearly lost my sanity & been tortured by the King of Hell, I think I’d be pretty pissed off if someone just stepped in and stole my thunder at the end of it all. Maybe Kevin will go badass on Metatron next week?

So, as the boys drive off into the night, like they always do, they spot a figure lying in the middle of the road. It’s Cas, doing his best Dean quoting again. It’s all setting up for a big finale.

Written by Naomi (@gizmolg13)

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