The Vampire Diaries: Season 4 Fashion Update

Who says you can’t dress like the ladies of Mystic Falls? In the past few episodes, they’ve donned some amazing attire and we’re here to tell you, they’re not out of your reach. We’re telling you where you can buy some of our favorite looks from Season 4. Let’s get right to it.


Elena Gilbert – Episode 4×21 “She’s Come Undone”

Wondering where you can buy the super cute cardigan that Elena’s wearing in this photo as she’s being tortured and screaming her head off? It’s Free People and you can purchase it at 6 PM for under $50. The (not pictured) black boots she’ll be wearing in this episode are by All Saints.


Elena Gilbert & Katherine Pierce – Episode 4×18 “American Gothic”

More cute shoes! The sassy heels Katherine was wearing in this episode are Charles Jourdan “India Pumps”. Buy them off DSW for under $100. As for the booties Elena’s rocking, they’re Steve Madden. You can get them from Nordstrom, or for $50 less, Dillard’s. You’re welcome.

Elena Gilbert - Episode 4x18 "American Gothic"

Elena Gilbert – Episode 4×18 “American Gothic”

Elena’s dress in this episode was undeniably cute. It’s also undeniably affordable. Get if off Urban Outfitters for under $50. Booyah! It’s a perfect piece for summer!

Caroline Forbes "Pictures Of You"

Caroline Forbes – Episode 4×19 “Pictures Of You”

Remember Caroline barging in on Klaus and asking him to dig through his family heirlooms for a show-stopping prom dress? Well, he might have agreed to help her because she was wearing this fantastic Anthropologie knit blazer. The adorable lace peplum tank she’s wearing can be purchased at Urban Outfitters and it’s on sale for $29. Get it while it’s still available!

Caroline Forbes - 4x21 "She's Come Undone"

Caroline Forbes – 4×21 “She’s Come Undone”

This episode hasn’t even aired yet and we’re already loving what we can see of this jacket. Apparently, Caroline knows what she likes because this Cropped Field Jacket is also from Anthropologie.

Bonnie Bennett - Episode 4x19 "Pictures Of You"

Bonnie Bennett – Episode 4×19 “Pictures Of You”

So, we didn’t really pay attention to Bonnie’s jacket because Caroline and Elena’s awkward interaction distracted us, but this denim jacket is seriously kick ass. It’s Free People and you can buy it from Nordstrom or South Moon Under.

Bonnie Bennett - Episode 4x19 "Pictures Of You"

Bonnie Bennett – Episode 4×19 “Pictures Of You”

This episode kicked off with Bonnie visiting Jeremy’s grave in this wool blazer right before she woke up in the middle of a fire pit. We love this jacket and it’s also by Anthropologie.

Rebekah Mikaelson - 4x18 "American Gothic"

Rebekah Mikaelson – 4×18 “American Gothic”

We are literally obsessed with this outfit. Check out the white, crochet tank at Polyvore. The khaki motorcycle jacket is by Zara and we can’t find it for sale anywhere but on EBay, but it’s so fierce that it’s worth a mention.

Looking for the prom dresses featured in The Vampire Diaries, episode 4×19 “Pictures of You”? BAM! TVD Prom Dresses


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