CW Pilot Hopeful: “Tomorrow People”


We are EXTREMELY excited about the possibility of “Tomorrow People”, based on a 1970’s UK drama, being picked up by The CW Network. Here are the top 3 reasons this pilot is guaranteed to be kick ass.

1. Who’s behind the show? Julie Plec, creator of The Vampire Diaries (and our personal idol). As if we need any other reason than that…

2. It’s packed full of sci-fi goodness. Yup, we’re down.

3. Here’s the icing on the cake. Among the main cast are Robbie Amell (Revenge, 1600 Penn), Peyton List (Mad Men) & Mark Pellegrino (Being Human, Supernatural and Lost).

What’s it all about?

“The Tomorrow People” follows the adventures of a group of young adults who have reached the next stage of human evolution and developed supernatural powers. Think “X-Men,” but with less of a comic-book vibe and no strange costumes. – ZAP2it

These super charged humans will have the ability to teleport and can communicate telepathically (among other special powers), and fight together against evil.

What do we know about main character, Stephen, played by Robbie Amell?

Amell will play Stephen, a tormented young man who longs to be normal and is relieved when he learns that he’s not crazy, but rather part of a group of genetically superior Tomorrow People. In addition to gifts of telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation, Stephen also possesses the ability to stop time. – Hollywood Reporter

Hmmm… interesting! Word is, the potential for this pilot is extraordinary. We, here at TeamTSD, sure hope that it gets picked up and look forward to finding out more. We’re behind anything Julie Plec does… and Robbie Amell’s face doesn’t hurt either.

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