TVD Chicago: Charlie Bewley Recap

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. What can I say about this guy other than he’s sexual as hell, and witty as fucque. Some may think he crosses a line or two, (calling people, “sluts” and all), but TeamTSD thinks he f*cking rules. The guy’s a boss, and he owns it. I ran into him at the Saturday party, and let me just say he is a really nice guy. Also, he took my red wine glass out of my hand and took a sip. Any man who drinks a classy glass of red gets an, “A,” in my book. Here are some of his panel highlights:

Q: Any embarrassing facts about anyone on set?

He didn’t have an answer for this one. We think it’s because he was too #bizzy looking fine to notice.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about being in Chicago?

His response: “Being Nate Buzz’s wingman.” Bromance much?

Q: What’s your favorite role? (Other than being on “The Vampire Diaries”, of course)

His response was, “being a robot!!!” but he quickly retracted that statement. I don’t know if he’s ever been a robot, but he did share his obsession with “The Matrix”, so I can see his fascination. Who doesn’t love Keanu Reeves?

Q: What celeb are you star struck by?

Charlie said that he once met Heath Ledger, and he was totally star struck by him. I am totally envious of that, as Heath Ledger was such a talented actor. Well played, Charlie. #RIPHeath

Charlie Also said that he was star struck by the…flying squirrel man? Props for originality! He also said he is #impressed with, “fully evolved humans.” I have to say, the guy is pretty goofy, but he is very well rounded and appreciative of the things he values. Hearing him say he was struck by people who have these amazing life experiences was humbling. We all should take a step back and just, “listen” sometimes. Having the ability to listen to someone’s opinions and really hear what they’re saying is an under-rated quality. Take note, ladies and gents. Charlie Bewley is one cool ass cat.

Q: What’s the worst thing you did as a kid?

Char Char had no shame answering this question. He was a little snake! His mum took him to the grocery store and let him be in charge of the shopping cart (he kept calling it a shopping, “trolley”. It was adorable.) Since he was given this huge responsibility, he chose to grab the bull by the horns and go wreak havoc. Some poor patron was at the bottom of the hill where Charlie was standing, and Charlie let go of the shopping cart…you get the picture.  He ended up hiding underneath his mother’s skirt while a police officer and the patron tried to “arrest” him. It’s actually kind of cute. And f*cking badass. Told you he ruled.

Q: What has it been like with all the fandom?

Charlie talked about how Twilight was a pretty crazy fandom. Like, for example, some chick got a mural of his faced tattooed on her thigh. So every time she takes a shit, she sees Charlie’s chizzled jaw cheering her on. I’ll just stop there.

Other little tidbits from the panel:

  • He enjoys raves and glow sticks.
  • He believes the world is designed around fear. I could go on forever on this topic, and honestly appreciate the fact that he thinks so deep.
  • He’d be down for a Volturi spin-off. Um…so would everybody else!
  • He filmed a scene (that was never used) for the Twilight series where he threw someone against the wall, and during this scene he was wearing the same coat Keanu Reeves wore in, “The Matrix.” Yeah, f*cking badass. Oh, you don’t think that’s cool? Check out this noise:

You’re welcome.

On that note…#FangsOut



Check out photos of Charlie and Arielle Kebbel’s TVDChicago Panel.

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