Being Human Recap – 3×13 “Ruh-Roh”

The season three finale had my heart racing the entire time. It was the most intense and heartbreaking episode of the season, hands down. Not only because of what was happening on my TV, but because I don’t know how long I’m going to have to wait to see it again (this shit better get renewed). Sam Witwer seriously deserves an Emmy after his performance in this episode, and the whole season for that matter. Aidan, Sally, Josh and Nora’s lives just got completely flipped upside down and things are not looking up. Aidan got his ass kicked (in present time and in the flashbacks), Sally got dragged down a mysterious ghost hole and Nora and Josh’s marriage got off to a less than ideal start. Let’s get down to the dirty deets.

Aidan Being Human SyfyAidan: At the beginning of the episode, we see Kat and Aidan making out in the house. SOMEHOW, he totally forgot that he had a goblin chained in the basement and a rotting body upstairs. Common mistake. I was just waiting for Kat to go upstairs and see Sally dead in the room. Oh, I’m sorry. What happened? She went upstairs and saw Sally dead in the room. Called that shit. Here’s my question. How would a rotting body not stink up the whole house (or neighborhood)? Just saying. You’d have to have dropped a solid grand in Febreeze Plugins at Wal-Mart to mask that stank and then it would smell like Spring just took a f*cking shit in your house. Moving on. So, not only does Kat leave the house thinking her boyfriend is a certified psycho, but Kenny’s transformation has been.. problematic. That poor thing looks like Darth Vader without his head-gear on. There are not enough plastic surgeons in Orange County to fix that face. I actually feel pretty bad for him, though. He didn’t ask for this shit. Well, he asked for eternal life but he didn’t ask for a face his father couldn’t even look at. Seriously, Aidan could barely look at him. You weren’t alone, Aidan. He goes to Blake and asks her to compel Kat for him and she agrees but with the understanding that he “owes her.” I have a feeling she’s not going to be asking him to dog sit while she’s vacationing in the Hamptons. When they get to Kat’s house and she sees Aidan, she starts freaking out. You can’t blame a girl for having a negative reaction. She’s trying to escape and Aidan grabs her and is pretty much like, “Have you ever seen Total Recall? Sit down, bitch.” So, Blake takes the memory of seeing Sally away and all’s good in the world again, right? Yeah, not so fast.

Let’s talk about Aidan’s flashbacks for a minute. Throughout the episode, we see Aidan with his son from back in the day. His boy tells him that a group of people have his wife and Aidan runs to save her. The evil Reverend dude and his posse are drowning his wife (Suzanna) in a river and telling her that she was with a “demon” and accuse her of being a witch. Aidan shows up just in time to watch her drown and the people start kicking his ass and slinging an array of insults at him. Then, when Aidan vamps out and starts attacking them back, they act surprised. You’re kidding me right? You assholes just jumped a so-called “demon”. What did you think he was going to do? Lie there and take it and then go home and bake you some f*cking cookies in his wood-burning oven? Idiots. Anyway, flash forward to present day. Aidan’s walking down the street like a boss in his Italian leather when we see his WIFE get out of a taxi. Suzanna is alive!

So, she’s been alive this whole time and never found Aidan? This makes me think she’s not up to any good. Can’t wait to see the love triangle between him, Kat and his Revolutionary War-era wife he thought was dead. Things are going to get dicey. We also see Aidan with Kenny in the woods. We think he brings him out there to kill him and it looks like he’s about to snap his neck. He has a moment of weakness (or maybe compassion) and tells Kenny to run. He can’t bring himself to do it. I have a feeling this is going to come back to bite him in the ass, perhaps literally. You just never know.

Aidan and Liam Being HumanLiam: So, Liam put a major damper on Nora and Josh’s honeymoon by showing up and scaring the shit out of her while she was outside getting wood. He takes her and Josh to see a pile of vampire abominations and then locks them in with them. Josh whips out a box of matches (good find) and burns them all. Props to Josh for doing what he had to do. Liam’s pissed at Aidan for killing his son and knows that he created another vampire. When Aidan and Sally are talking in their kitchen, Aidan gets a bullet through the brain. Liam pops in, shoots him in the head some more and demands to know where his vampire son is. Luckily for Liam, Kenny f*cking YELLS from the basement. Perfect. Aidan runs down there and tries to save Kenny but just gets a shovel to the face and then staked to a wall. Nora and Josh show up and spring into action. Liam throws Nora against the wall, knocking her out. Enraged, Josh goes after him. Liam is choking him when Aidan grabs Liam and spears him on the pipe that’s currently staking him to the wall, killing him. Finally! (Sorry, Xander Berkeley. You know I love you.)

SallySally: Sally’s in ghost form again and she’s feeling a little blue. At least this time she’s in an adorable dress with a fierce blowout instead of in that damn grey sweater. We know something’s not right when we see the candles in the living room flare up in the beginning of the episode. Later on, while Sally’s alone in the house, Donna’s ghost appears to her. She tells Sally that they’re linked and Sally says, “That’s fine hookah. I will shred you. You don’t know what I’m capable of.” Donna scoffs at her and all of a sudden they’re at the top of the stairs. Donna’s like, “Naw, son. You don’t know what I’M capable of.” She pushes her down the stairs, replicating her initial death scene from season one, and she hits the landing at the bottom with a thud. All of a sudden, the wood beneath her starts crumbling, giving way to what seems like an endless abyss of only God knows what. Sally tries pulling herself up the stairs but the stairs start to fall apart as well. Donna grabs her from behind, pulling her down into the hole. They disappear and the floor returns to normal. Umm… what the f*ck just happened?

Where did Donna just drag Sally? A hell realm? Purgatory? Limbo? An alternate reality where Sally will be forced to be sous-chef in Donna’s soup kitchen for all of eternity? Someone just tell me already!

NoraJosh & Nora: After Nora and Josh get back from Liam locking them in the room with the vampire/werewolf creatures, they head home knowing that he’ll be there for Aidan and Kenny. Although they do kill Liam, Nora doesn’t come out completely unscathed. During the chaos, and while Nora is unconscious, Kenny’s blood lust kicks in and he feeds on her. She doesn’t die from it, but I feel like there may be consequences from her being bit by whatever the hell Kenny is (hybrid?). Nora’s all healed up and her and Josh head out to the woods. Oh, were you expecting to see a sweet newlywed moment between these two lovers? Because that’s not what happens. We see Nora in the woods, in broad daylight looking fabulous with no makeup on. #Jealous. She looks up and sees Josh… still in wolf form. He didn’t change back into a human! SHIT! There isn’t enough space in the house to accommodate a werewolf. Here’s my theory. I’ve always said I thought Josh was going to be able to control his werewolf side. I think that’s what’s happening now. I’m going to predict that he’ll now be able to control when he turns, how often and for how long. Regardless, this is the worst way EVER to kick off your marriage.

Where does this leave our favorite roommates? We don’t know where Donna took Sally, we don’t know where Kenny went, we don’t know why Suzanna’s in Boston (or what she is or how she’s alive for that matter) and we don’t know why the hell Josh didn’t return to human form. This is almost too much stress for me to handle. I want to give a round of applause to Kristen, Sam Witwer, Sam Huntington, Meaghan, Anna Fricke, and the rest of the cast and crew for bringing us the best season of Being Human so far. It was spectacular.

You guys are amazing. I have my fingers crossed that the show is renewed for 22 episodes. Hey, I’d even take 13 again. Just as long as we get a fourth season. Leave your thoughts and comments about the season finale and your predictions about what’s next! Until next time… #FangsOut



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