Teen Wolf: Season 3 Cast Photos

The Teen Wolf Season 3 premiere on MTV is just around the corner. The first episode of the new season is set to air Monday, June 3, 2013. Check out the brand new EW cast promotional stills and see what Jeff Davis (executive producer/writer/creator/all around bad ass) has to say about our beloved characters in season 3.

Scott-Teen-WolfTyler Posey as werewolf next door, Scott McCall

“That’s the great thing about writing for television — you can see characters  grow in vast ways and much more complete ways than in movies sometimes. So it’s interesting to see him as a character grow, and he’s going to be a leader. The  idea is going to be whether or not Scott is going to become an Alpha in his own  right some day.” – Davis

Allison-Teen-WolfCrystal Reed as hunter prodigy/Katniss 2.0, Allison Argent

“In a way she’s going to try to get back to being a normal teenager but when  mergers and disasters and dark dark things start to happen in Beacon Hills  again, she can’t keep away from it.” – Davis

Stiles-Teen-WolfDylan O’Brien as Scott’s best friend & funny man, Stiles

“We’re going to see Stiles basically branch out and move on from his crush with  Lydia. He’s decided it’s over and he’s going to be a man now and move on and not pine after a girl who will barely give him the time of day.” – Davis

Derek-Teen-WolfTyler Hoechlin as leader of the pack, Derek Hale

“His character changes quite a bit this season, becomes a different person. You  might see a kinder, gentler Derek coming about and that has a lot to do with  Scott’s influence.” – Davis

Lydia-Teen-WolfHolland Roden as Beacon Hills beauty, Lydia Martin

“Her character is growing and she’s finding her power this season. She’s becoming more confident.” And also moving on from Jackson, he teases,  adding “she still likes to date the bad boys.” – Davis

Ethan-and-Aiden-Teen-WolfCharlie & Max Carver as new-to-town twins, Ethan & Aiden

 These twins are going to have their eyes on two people we know well – Lydia and Danny. But aside from their love lives, “they become  quite important by the end of the season,” – Davis (EW)

Source: Oh No They Didn’t! & Entertainment Weekly

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