The Walking Dead Recap – 3×16 “Welcome To The Tombs” (Season 3 Finale)

Holy macaroni people! The season ended in true Walking Dead fashion. Lots of blood, death and major cliff hangers. My mouth was on the floor when the episode was over, mostly because I was trying to process the fact that we have to wait until October for season 4 to start. The season finale was the culmination of everything that’s been brewing between The Gov and Rick. The Gov’s attack on the prison failed but that didn’t remove him from the picture entirely. It actually only made him crazier. In the finale episode, we saw Andrea move at sloth-like speeds trying to escape a deadly situation, The Gov commit a roadside mass murder, and Carl back talk his father after shooting someone in the face. Let’s get down to the dirty deets.

Andrea Walking Dead 3x16Andrea: Girl, you delivered an amazing final performance, all while being tied to a chair in The Gov’s make-shift torture chamber. The Gov’s crazy ass stabs Milton serial killer style and leaves him in the room with Andrea. Milton’s slowly dying and they both know she needs to hurry and get free before he turns into a walker and eats her f*cking face off. Milton points out that he left a pair of pliers on the floor behind her chair, so she goes to work trying to get them. This bitch was moving so slow. I’m talking like molasses slow. She stops to have a chit-chat with Milton every once in a while and then casually resumes trying to get the pliers into her hands. Let me just say, if I was in Andrea’s situation, I would have lived because I can pick the shit up out of some stuff with my toes. She was having a hard time getting her foot up to her hand and all I was thinking was, she shouldn’t have skipped those yoga classes at Woodbury. Milton turns into a walker and starts coming toward her right as she manages to get free. She’s literally TWO seconds late. When Rick, Daryl and Michonne find her, she’s been bit in the neck. Rick tells her that she was always part of their group and Michonne cries (which was the saddest part of the whole scene).

As much as Andrea’s life sucks right now, because she’s dying and all, at least one of the last faces she sees is Daryl’s. I mean, that’s how I’d want to go out. They hand her the gun because she wants to end her own life, and she must have been really out of it because she says, “I know how the safety works” but revolvers don’t have a safety and that’s what they handed her. Nice try though. #GunKnowledge. #StreetSmarts.

Honestly, I did NOT see Andrea’s death coming. I thought we’d see a much more cataclysmic death, like Hershel, Maggie or Glenn. I’m not as upset as most people about her death either, and I’ll tell you why. She had a few prime opportunities to take out The Gov, and she bitched out. Now look at what he’s done. I’m sad to see her go because she was a great character, but I’ve been angry with her all season so I won’t be shedding any tears over it. RIP Andrea. You were a fierce warrior.

The Gov 3x16The Gov: Not that he ever did, but he literally has ZERO redeeming qualities left. Like, none. This dude is totally f*cked up. One fry short of a happy meal. His elevator don’t go all the way to the penthouse. You  get my drift. I don’t even know where to start. I guess we’ll start with him shanking Milton and leaving him to die in the same room as Andrea. What’s totally f*cked up about this is, Milton and him were friends before the apocalypse even started. How could he be so cold to kill an actual friend and leave him to suffer like that? He surprisingly allows Tyrese to stay behind like he asks because he doesn’t feel that it’s their fight to fight. I’m shocked The Gov didn’t just gun him down in front of everyone. The Gov leads the siege on the prison, and when they’re forced to back down he doesn’t take his group’s attitude very well. They pull over on the road to have a chat about what do to next. His people don’t want to return after being bitch slapped by Team Prison. The Gov does not approve of their outlook on the situation and just shoots them all. He opens fire and sprays them with bullets! WHAT?

Did that really just happen? He even goes over to the people lying on the ground and shoots them again to make sure they’re dead. That scene was hands down the most shocking moment of the whole night. He just took things to a whole other level. I mean… wow. Oh, and he’s still NOT dead. Him and a couple of his men (that he didn’t kill but are now probably scared shitless of him) took off in one of the vehicles. Where the hell did they go? Nothing about The Gov was addressed after that scene which was kind of frustrating actually. I was hoping to see him either a) murdered,  b) captured, or c) driven away permanently. So, I guess now we know they’re dragging The Gov into the next season as the big bad (He was confirmed as a season 4 regular). I understand, though. I wouldn’t want to let David Morrissey go either. His portrayal of The Gov is superb and he’s arguably the best villain on TV. So I guess my question is, will he still have his ‘eye’ on the prison when season 4 starts?

Rick Walking Dead 3x16Rick: Rick returned to leader mode and when The Gov and his men entered the prison, he was ready with a surprise attack. He and the rest of Team Prison were able to scare the Woodbury f*ckers into retreat. Woohoo! They decide it’s a good idea to go to Woodbury and finish the job. They find the girl who was in The Gov’s militia that he didn’t manage to kill and take her back to Woodbury with them. Once there, they realize that Andrea may still be somewhere in the town. They set off to find her, but it’s too late. Here’s my question for Rick. Why the f*cking French did you bring all those people back to the prison instead of relocating to Woodbury? You could have fortified the town and it would have been a much happier place to live. I’m sure he has his reasons, I’d just like to know what they are. I’m wondering how Rick is going to deal with Carl and his nasty little attitude. He totally needs a beating to make him remember who’s in charge.

Let’s talk about the Lori hallucinations real quick. Remember how Rick saw Lori and when he came back from Woodbury at the end of episode, they made a point that he didn’t see her anymore? Well, I’m thinking Lori appeared to him because he lost sight of himself and his humanity. With his actions in the finale, and then eventually bringing all those people back to the prison, that proved that he’s still the man he used to be. Maybe he doesn’t need those hallucinations to guide him anymore or remind him of who he used to be. The old Rick is back. Did I just blow your mind? #MarinateOnThatShit #SymbolismBitches

But if the hallucinations were a sign of Rick losing his humanity and that his moral compass was off, then we should expect Carl to start seeing Lori in Grecian garb, right? Because that kid is off his damn rocker and I’m not sure he knows what’s right and what’s wrong anymore. Speaking of…

The Walking Dead Carl 4x13Carl: You, my sweet child, are f*cking bonkers. What would your mother say if she could see you right now? Carl wasn’t in the episode much until he and Hershel were hiding in the woods around the prison during the battle. After the Woodbury militia retreated, a kid with a gun ran into them in the woods. He immediately said he meant no harm and handed over his gun. The kid was obviously scared, and what did Carl do? Why, he shot him right in the face of course. At first I was happy about him making an executive decision and capping the dude off just in case, but then there was his conversation with his father. What a disrespectful little shit. He talked back to Rick, dropped his Sheriff’s badge in a blatant display of rebellion and walked away. THEN, when Rick brought all of the people from Woodbury back to the prison, Carl was pissed. Carl, last time I checked, you’re a pre-pubescent teen who doesn’t get to make the life and death decisions around here. Go get a Capri Sun and sit in the corner with your nose to the wall. You need a time out. I have to remember to cut him a little slack, though. He’s the only kid around so his peers are adults and he’s growing up in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. All the adults had a normal childhood, were raised in a safe and nurturing environment, and none of them shot their mom in the face. Carl’s seen and been through too much to be a normal kid. I just hope he doesn’t do something stupid to defy Rick in the next season and put everyone’s lives in danger.

Daryl: There was not nearly enough Daryl in this episode, but we did get this little moment:

I don’t think he’s had time to let Merle’s death sink in yet. When he does, I think he’ll toughen up again. I have a feeling season 4 Daryl will be more like “season 1 Daryl” than “season 3 Daryl”. You picking up what I’m putting down?

Milton: Bet you wish you didn’t stop Andrea from shooting The Gov a few episode ago now, huh? If only you’d realized the man you spent every single day with for years was a psychopath sooner, you and a shit ton of other people would still be alive. RIP Milton.

Glaggie: Thank GOD Maggie and Glenn weren’t getting sideways in that watch tower when the Woodbury troops arrived. Phew! We know they have a tendency to do that. Now that we know they survived to see another season, I’m crossing my fingers for a prison wedding. Come on! PLEASE! #GlaggieWedding

I’m so torn about the way they ended things with The Governor. I don’t know if I’m upset they didn’t wrap that story up before the end of the season or if I’m happy that we’ll see The Gov again because I can’t imagine a better villain. Where are they going to go with the story in the next season now that everyone from Woodbury is in the prison? Where the hell is The Gov and when will he return? Will Tyrese and Michonne become a solid part of team Prison? Will Carl be able to keep his attitude in check? And the most important question of all, how are we going to survive until October when the show returns? HOW? Leave your thoughts about the season finale and your predictions for season 4. See you in October…



Music from “Welcome To The Tombs”

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