Supernatural Recap – 8×17 “Goodbye Stranger”

Goodbye Stranger

Let’s talk about the opening scene of this episode real quick. We see Cas killing Dean, without remorse. Naomi walks in and tells him good job for being a brutal killer. Camera pans out. BAM! There are hundreds of dead Dean’s scattered on the floor. This is bad. Real bad. I HATE YOU NAOMI!

Sam is hiding the fact that he’s coughing up blood from Dean. What’s new? When is he NOT hiding something from Dean? While Dean looks at some old-school classy Asian porn, Sam does research and connects some deaths across the Midwest. Off they go to investigate. They visit a dude who’s wife just died and shows them her little creation in the basement. Apparently, his wife, Annie, went straight bonkers and built a town replica in their basement and hung up bags of dirt she dug up from a play ground over said town replica. He said her eyes even turned black. BLAMMO! Demon. This guy says he went out to the bar after this happened and when he returned home, she was dead. He went to the bar for a drink? If my f*cking spouse’s eyes turned black, I don’t think I’d be going out for a cocktail OR be coming home after I did. I’d be packing my bags and leaving the country ASAP. Dean and Sam go to some lady’s house to question her and a pack of demons show up looking for information. Things aren’t looking to good until Cas shows up. YAY! Castiel is back! Not so fast. He’s being judo mind-controlled by Naomi from Heaven. That bitch!

Side note: I feel really bad for the lady that died in her rollers. That would not be the way I’d want to go out. They could have at least taken those rollers out for her so she didn’t look like that for her last moments on Earth. Geez.

Goodbye Stranger Supernatural Meg

Dean, Sam and Cas find out that a demon is being held captive in town and when they go to investigate, we see that it’s Meg. She’s had the shit beaten out of her and all Dean can say is, “What’s with the hair?” Really, Dean? Meg knows the location of the crypts that hold the angel tablet and has been lying to the demons about where they are to buy some time. They ask Meg for her help in locating it, and she agrees. Megstiel (dubbed by Dean himself) get their flirt on while Dean and Sam look for the location of the crypt on Google Maps. May I just say that I would have loved to see Cas and Meg get their supernatural freak on!

When they go to uncover the angel tablet, Meg and Sam hang back spray painting traps on walls while Dean and Cas hunt down the tablet. Meg gets into Sam’s head by asking him what’s going on and gets him to spill his beans about Amelia. Damn. She’s good. Meanwhile, Cas and Dean find the tablet and crazy Cas is like, “Yeah, go ahead and give that to me. I’ll take it straight to Heaven.” Dean, realizing that he’s off his f*cking rocker, won’t give the tablet to him. Naomi is in Cas’s head, telling him to kill Dean. With her in his head, he starts beating the shit out of Dean. NO! PLEASE! NOT HIS FACE.

It becomes obvious to Dean that Cas is being controlled and he tells him to stop and that he knows this isn’t him! “We’re family.” *cue the waterworks* AH! Back on the other side of the building, Meg and Sam take out some of Crowley’s demons that have come for the tablet. Crowley, you son of a bitch. Just when we think Cas is going to kill Dean, he drops his blade, takes the angel tablet and heals his face. Thank you! Cas tells him that he has to protect the tablet from Naomi AND him, then *boop* he’s gone. #deuces. #adiosbitches.

SO, Sam and Dean drive off without even trying to save Meg. I find this pretty shitty seeing how she just helped them out and saved their lives! What the hell? We see Crowley and Naomi meet up. Da fucque is going on here? Naomi says that Cas is doing what he should be doing, protecting the tablet. In true Crowley fashion, he tries to strike a deal with her. What’s the deal? TELL ME! Sam and Dean drive off into the sunset, with Dean giving Sam a big bro talk about being honest. Let’s see how long the whole honesty thing lasts. I’m going to guess one episode. Oh, and Cas is on a greyhound going only God know where (pun intended) with that damn tablet.

Next week, Sam and Dean travel to Professor Xavier’s School for gifted youngsters, the headmaster calls Bobby a “barely functioning alcoholic” and they have to watch their back for skeevy 15-year-old hunters in training. Leave your thoughts and comments! Until next time….




Goodbye Stranger

Oh, and RIP MEG (we think). She was a hoot in this episode. Let’s revisit some of her hilarious one-liners in her honor.:

“Aren’t you a little short for a Storm Trooper?”

“Do I look like Google to you?”

“We survive this, I’m going to order some pizza and we’re gonna move some furniture around. You understand?”

“You fell in love with a unicorn. It was beautiful. Then sad, then sadder. I laughed, I cried, I puked in my mouth a little.”

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