The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale Speculation



TWD_GP_315_1102_0042Who’s going to die?: If the spoilers we’ve been reading about are true, at least two main characters are going to die before this season is over. Merle was one (died in episode 3×15), so who could the other one be? The Gov HAS to die, right? What if the only other main character who dies is him? That would be awesome and would spare me a lot of heartache. Unfortunately, the writers aren’t really known for sparing viewers from heartache. So, if The Gov doesn’t die, or isn’t the only one to die, who else could it be? Word on the street is someone dies in their attempt to save Andrea, but who knows exactly how true that is or how it will go down. Will there be multiple people trying to save her, or just one? I’m going to guess that a) Hershel dies (comic book style), or b) Maggie or Glenn die. They just got engaged and it would be extremely emotional to see one of them go. Glenn even made the comment to Hershel about wanting to propose so that she knows how much he loves her in case anything happens to them. Foreboding much? Who’s the one person we know for sure is safe? Carl. Laurie Holden, who plays Andrea, confirmed with The Stir that Carl does not die in the season finale. About Andrea’s fate, she says:

“What happens to Andrea is not what anybody expects.”

Hmm… what the hell does that mean? Could another person to be worried about be Lil’ Ass Kicker? We sure hope not, but in the comics Judith dies in the attack on the prison (although, so does Lori) and it would indeed be a jaw dropping moment. That would certainly shake things up.

tumblr_mehtvo1fTL1qecvyeo1_500Tyrese: He’s proved that he’s a good man who has his head on straight. I think he’ll either help save Andrea or help take down The Gov. Either way, I think they’ll be setting him up next week to become a solid part of Team Rick for season 4. Another reason I think we’re not done with Tyrese, is because in episode 3×14, there was a conversation between him and one of his guys that alluded to some drama that went down in their group. We haven’t gotten the full story yet, hence, why I think we’re not done with him yet. Why would they introduce that drama/backstory and then not finish it out. It’s called character development people. Also, the writers have made him a really likable and strong character, only furthering my theories about him being a major player in both the finale and the next season. The only reason I think he COULD die, is because of the way the prison attack goes down in the comics. Read about Tyrese’s character in the comic books.

TWD_GP_312_0830_0100Rick’s hallucinations: I have a feeling we might see Lori as a walker, OR that Rick’s hallucinations are far from over. Him seeing Lori has to mean something more than that he’s just going crazy. It all has to come to a head at some point. I don’t think they’ll take him into the next episode continuing to be crazy, but who knows. What does it all mean? There was a photo of Lori as a walker circulating the internet a while ago, and I thought it was totally doctored. I thought the one of Merle was doctored too though, and it wasn’t. I don’t know what the hell is going to happen with this story line, but it’s not over and the writers aren’t just going to ignore it and move on. They have to wrap up the Lori hallucinations somehow. The question is, will Rick move into season 4 as the leader of the group or as a big old ball of crazy?

TWD_GP_314_1109_0150The demise of The Gov: I don’t think they’ll be following the comics on this because the same character set-up isn’t there. I do however, think it’s possible that his own people will turn on him (Milton & Tyrese maybe?). I mean, something sketchy happened with the fire in the zombie pit in episode 3×14. That scene has a purpose we’ve yet to learn. We know from the finale promo that he’s with the Woodbury militia when they attack the prison, so there’s a number of people who could kill him. Another option, that could shock viewers, is having a completely unexpected person kill The Gov. Can you imagine what our faces would look like if say, Carl, Carol or Beth killed him? That would give these people more likability and set them up for a bigger role in season 4. OR what if he doesn’t even die? Doubtful, but possible. Read about The Gov as portrayed in the comics.


One thing’s for sure. The finale will leave us shocked and surprised. Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, made this comment to Yahoo! regarding the final episode of Season 3:

“I so have to be careful in what I say. It’s safe to say that we finish  in the style [viewers] have become accustomed to. I don’t think people  will be disappointed.” WetPaint

Plus, check out Dallas Roberts’s (Milton) comment about the season finale:

“The Walking Dead fans will not feel cheated by the finale. It’s not a soft
close for sure. As [the season] starts to wrap up, it gets stronger, crazier and
weirder. Although you’ll never see it coming, when it cuts to black at the end
of season three, there will be millions of mouths agape.” The Stir

Because of Robert Dallas’s statement, I’m guessing that The Gov dies, ending that chapter completely. However, I have no freaking idea what their plan is for the next season. How are they setting it up? Sound off with your ideas, thoughts and predictions about how exactly the Season 3 finale is going to go down! Oh, and if Daryl dies. I will riot. Pretty sure I’m not alone in this.


Watch the promo for episode 3×16 “Welcome To The Tombs”.

Excellent interview with Executive Producer, Gale Ann Hurd.

Andrew Lincoln (Rick) comments on the Season 3 finale.

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6 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale Speculation

  1. Phil Oakley (@redbullcat)

    I think one of the producers has already said that Woodbury is part of the storyline for season 4…whether the Governor is part of that I don’t know.

    Here’s what I think will happen in the finale:

    Andrea will die. She’ll get brutally killed in front of the whole prison group by the Governor, and then the prison group will wage complete war against him. Someone from the prison group has to die…I’m going with Herschel, because he’s immobilized (his crutches, meaning he’s not much use in a battle/fight/gunfight), but I wouldn’t put that past killing off Carol, Glenn or Maggie as well.

    The episode/season will end with the Governor about to die, but not dead, and in season 4 he dies in the mid-season finale.

    Milton switches over to the prison group after seeing what the governor does to Andrea. Realizes that she was right, etc.

    Season 4 speculation: some new characters are added to the prison group. They’ll be getting a bit thin on the ground by then; I expect at least one comic book character will be added to the cast (Abraham or Eugene) and maybe two new original characters too.

  2. teamtsd Post author

    Excellent predictions. We’re honestly wondering if the Governor will actually die next week or not as well. We’re HOPING the Gov dies and Team Prison is able to beome Team Woodbury. We’ll have to wait and see! I’d love to see new comic book characters added in season 4, but I feel like we still have so much to learn about Michonne and Tyrese first… if they don’t die next week.

  3. Jay

    We’ve seen the writers constant desire to depart from the comic book story line, then veer back toward it, while never quite following it to the letter. So, I’d like to propose one theory that’s a bit off the wall. It crept into my mind back on episode 313.

    The governor dies, or is under the threat of death, in the finale. By whom? Martinez. In the comics, his first name is Caesar. In the TV series, his first name will be revealed to be…Negan.

    Go back to episode 313. Him and Daryll in the zombie kill off contest. His weapon of choice, a baseball bat. His story, the death of his wife and kids. Wife’s name…Lucille.

  4. John

    I believe the herd will return like they did in season 2 demolishing Woodbury while the assault begins and by the end rick and co. Will rescue some while the gov will die in the attack. But it will be Hershel that dies from ricks group.


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