The Walking Dead Recap – 3×15 “This Sorrowful Life”

Son of a buttered biscuit. This episode had my heart racing faster than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking competition. We didn’t get to see any Andrea, so we can only assume she’s just been chillin’ in The Gov’s torture chamber, awaiting rescue. This episode really laid the foundation for a brutal battle next week, and I’m terrified about how it will all go down. In this episode, we saw Merle taking matters into his own hands, Rick giving hallucination-Lori the cold shoulder and Glenn going ring shopping for Maggie. Let’s get down to the dirty deets.

Rick TWD 3x15Rick: Rick’s a good leader, we know that. But sometimes I really question his decision-making skills. I mean, he asked for help from a dude that was digging around in a prison mattress with his nub blade looking for crack… and was totally not ashamed of it. Strength in numbers, I guess. Merle made him feel like shit for even thinking about giving up Michonne for a shot at The Gov. “You’re as cold as ice Officer Friendly.” This obviously affects him, and it should because Merle’s actually right. Rick is gearing up to protect his prison and his people and he gives them a rousing pep talk, admitting that The Gov said he’d back off if Rick gave him Michonne. “No can do,” said Rick. “She’s one of us and it isn’t right.” He proceeded to mentally prep them for the fight of their lives. Who would have thought in the midst of a zombie apocalypse that their biggest problem would be humans? Rick saw a vision of Lori again, and he had to tell himself that she wasn’t real. He’s trying to hold it together and be a good leader. I’m so glad, because I want the old Rick back. I miss the strong man with good judgment and moral standards that he used to be. I’m crossing my fingers that neither Lil’ Ass Kicker or Carl die in this battle. I just don’t think he could handle it.

Merle TWD 3x15Merle: As soon as Merle had a 60 second monologue in the beginning of the episode, I knew he was going to die. What really sealed the deal? Him trying to do something noble for once. I freaking knew the writers were going to have him go out a hero, that way Daryl’s grief over his death would be justified in our eyes and we’d actually feel a twinge of sadness when he croaked. Anyway, Merle essentially kidnaps Michonne to get her away from Rick, who he thinks is planning on following through on The Gov’s proposed deal. We didn’t really know what Merle’s plan was throughout the episode, but it became clear when he attracted a herd of walkers to his car with some sweet rock n’ roll. It was evident he knew he was going on a suicide mission. He was taking pulls of booze in the car, rocking out to some Nugent and waiting for enough walkers to appear before he led them to Woodbury in a surprise attack. Sure as shit, he came face-to-face with The Gov once in town and The Gov shot him dead. What an ASSHOLE! He turns into a walker and Daryl is forced to kill him. That was f*cking tragic to watch. RIP dear friend. While I’m not incredibly sorry that you died (you were borderline unforgivable even after your heroic attempt and I already saw it coming), I’ll be sad to watch Daryl mourn your death. P.S. Michael Rooker, you played this character like a f*cking boss. We’ll miss seeing your face and your “nub-blade-o’-death” every Sunday night. I’ll cross my fingers that you get picked up on an a sweet pilot soon. #MuchLove.

Daryl TWD 3x15Daryl: It was so good to see him back. One episode without Daryl Dixon is one too many. So, he tried to be his brother’s champion and told Glenn that he should forgive him. Yeah, that’s not happening. He goes to find Merle, and when he does he asks Merle what the french toast he’s doing. Merle’s response? “Looking for some Meth, bro.” This should have been our first clue that Merle was on a suicide mission. When Rick and Daryl realize that Merle took off with Michonne, Daryl insists that he be the one to go after them. When he finally catches up to Merle at Woodbury, it’s too late. He’s a full-blown walker and he has to kill him. Sweet Jesus. Watching Daryl killing his brother and then lying in the grass crying broke my damn heart. Daryl is tough as nails, so seeing him in a moment of weakness is NOT easy to watch. How the hell is he going to deal with it in the season finale? Daryl, turn that grief into rage, hop on your ape hanger and slay the f*cking Gov already. You’re as likely as anyone to kill him, you bow-weilding son of a bitch. Get the job done. I love you.

Glenn and Maggie TWD 3x15Glenn: Glenn acted like a freaking man in this episode which I loved. He stood up to Daryl, who was telling him he should forgive Merle, and was basically like, “Dude, he beat the shit out of me while tied to a chair, threw a walker in to kill me, AND to make matters even worse, delivered Maggie to a psycho who humiliated her.” If I was Glenn, I wouldn’t be forgiving that joker anytime soon either. Later on, Glenn goes to Hershel and tells him that he wants to propose to Maggie. He wants her to know how much he loves her just in case anything happens to either of them… which makes me think something is going to happen to one of them. I don’t know if my Glaggie heart will be able to handle that. Glenn goes ring shopping in the prison yard and cuts off some walker’s finger for her engagement ring. He didn’t even shop around! He cut the first one off that he saw. Then, he goes to Maggie and gives her the ring and she’s like, “Oh my God. You went to Jared?” Glenn, “No. I got it off some dead bitch’s finger over yonder.” Maggie, “The answer is yes!” How romantic, right? #ZombieApocalypseProposals. I’m honestly terrified that after this adorable moment, one of them is going to die in super dramatic Walking Dead fashion next week. I am NOT mentally prepared for that.

The Gov TWD 3x15The Gov: You sick son of a bitch. The Gov is not backing down and he means business. The fact that someone brought a herd of walkers into Woodbury didn’t even phase the mother f*cker. He just whipped out his gun and started helping take them out. THEN, when he started fighting with Merle, he bit one of his fingers off. Yeah, you heard me. HE BIT HIS FINGER OFF! That is not normal. That’s barbaric and just plain unsanitary. He doesn’t even think twice before shooting Merle and killing him. He’s emotionless. Well, I think he has one emotion, and it’s anger. I don’t know that Merle’s plan was a great idea. He only manage to take a small chunk out of Woodbury’s army but succeeded in thoroughly pissing off The Gov. This cat’s not going to be holding back in his attack on the Prison now. Mission to destroy Rick and Co., full speed ahead.

Michonne TWD 3x15Michonne: I don’t have much to say to you except, you’re a bad bitch and I hope you help take out The Gov next week. I wouldn’t mind watching you samurai sword him to death. You could finish what you started in Woodbury before Andrea’s bitch ass interrupted you. Remember her almost killing him in his lair-o-heads? It only seems fair. Here’s to hoping Michonne doesn’t suffer the same fate as Merle next week. I’m not ready to say goodbye to this fierce warrior just yet. I mean, come on! She killed like three walkers with her hands tied together and attached to a pole. That’s some serious will to stay alive right there and Team Prison could use that level of bad-assery around them. Maybe some of it will even rub off on Carol and Beth. Mmm… probably not.

Now, we have to wait an entire week until we find out what will happen to our beloved  characters. I’m positive not everyone will make it out of this war alive. Why? Because the spoilers/comics/actors said so. Who is going to save Andrea? Will The Gov survive the showdown or will we see him again in season 4? Will Rick be able to hold it together long enough to protect his people? And will Daryl be able to suppress his grief in order to help take down The Gov? There are so many unknowns here. You can read all our spoilery season 3 finale speculation here. In next week’s episode (the season finale!), we’ll see The Gov rallying his troops to take on The Prison, Andrea begging The Gov to stop what he’s doing, and Rick preparing for battle with Michonne by his side. Leave your thoughts, comments and predictions. Until next time… #FangsOut



Watch the promo for next week’s episode, 3×16 “Welcome To The Tombs”.

Listen to the music from this episode.

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