The Vampire Diaries Recap – 4×17 “Because The Night”

Holy shit, this episode was a boat load of fun. This was one of my favorite episode so far this season. Bravo! In this episode, Damon took Elena to the city that never sleeps while Stefan and Caroline stayed behind in Mystic Falls. Why does Caroline always get stuck at home doing the boring shit? Well, I guess killing twelve people isn’t really considered boring, but whatever. Klaus and Caroline shared a few moments that led to nothing at all and brainwashed-Bonnie managed to possibly bring about an apocalypse. Let’s get on down to the dirty deets.

TVD-4x17-Because-the-Night-the-vampire-diaries-33846582-500-533Elena: Elena takes advantage of her trip to NYC and hits up a salon to get some maroon streaks in her hair. She looks seriously bad ass with her new do. At first, I thought she did it just because she wanted to rebel a little but then once I watched the promo for 4×18 “American Gothic”, I realized that maybe she just did it so we could tell her and Katherine apart. Aw, that’s sweet of her. She has a blast at the club with Damon and Rebekah and she lets loose a little which was nice to see. While this side of her is fun for now, I don’t think anyone is going to want to put up with it much longer. The only word to describe her with right now is, bitch. Just a straight up, no filter b-i-t-c-h. She acts all sweet on Damon, and just when we think we’re FINALLY going to get another steamy scene between them, she proves to be using him. Rebekah is apparently her new partner in crime, because she snaps Damon’s neck and off they go. Elena and Rebekah hop in Damon’s car and take off on a little girl’s trip to find Katherine. I’m loving this alliance and all the girl power. #girlsrule.

Speaking of girl power, my favorite part of this entire season was watching Rebekah smack that guys head down in the club for touching her. In fact, let’s watch it again.

God, I love her. I think I’ll try this move next time some douche tries to talk to me in a bar. Should go over well. I’m really rooting for Rebekah to get the cure. She deserves it more than anyone. Somehow, I doubt she’ll be getting it since she’s going to New Orleans with Klaus. You never know though.

Damon TVD 4x17Damon: Damon’s life is seriously f*cking awful right now. Just f*cking terrible. He takes his lady on a trip to New York City, and while we learn that his motive might really be to look for the cure, it’s still a sweet gesture. He takes Elena to a club that he used to fequent back in his grunge days, and who shows up? Why, Rebekah of course. She’s like, “bitch how dare you leave MF without telling me?” He’s like, “I’m just tryin’ to show my boo a good time, hooker.” All lies. The three of them actually have a damn good time at the club, taking shots, dancing to the band and feeding off the same chick. Is that sanitary? Damon sneaks away from the girls and starts snooping around in a room at the club, and he makes a comment that it belongs to Will. Will was the vampire infected with were-juice he staked in the last episode. He thinks Will might know something about Katherine’s whereabouts because he provides fake identities to vampires. Damon snakes a piece of paper from the room before Elena comes in to see what da fucque he’s up to. Damon lies to her about what he was doing, yet again. They go up to the roof and Elena starts getting all flirty and sexual and shit. Just as she’s about to pull something out of his pocket (hoping he won’t notice), he whips it out and is like “looking for this bitch? Haha! Caught yah. I win,” He gets on his high horse, telling her he’s going to make her take the cure no matter what she wants. He’s acting like he’s freaking awesome,

until all of sudden, Rebekah comes up behind him and snaps his neck. Well, guess you aren’t as ahead of the game as you thought you were, eh? That has to be embarrassing.

Yeah, hide your face. When he comes to, Damon has to call up Stefan and admit that he got played by Rebekah and Elena and they just took off with his car to go get the cure themselves. Ouch. I’m feeling really bad for Damon right now. The girl that he thought finally loved him (remember those like, two happy episodes we got a couple of months ago?), really doesn’t give a shit about him now. Can this joker catch a damn break already? #TeamHappyDamon

Lexi & Damon TVD 4x17Damon/Lexi Flashbacks: We got to see some pretty interesting flashbacks of him and Lexi throughout the episode. We got to see 1970’s Damon, and let me tell you, 1970’s Damon is incredibly hot. Lexi came to NYC in the 70’s to find Damon who’d been ripping up the town, literally, and help him flip his humanity switch back on. They actually had fun together, had some heart-to-hearts, and got pretty close. Actually, they got really close. Damon even told Lexi she’s what helped him flip his switch back on and they have hot vampire, bar sex. We should have seen it coming, but Damon was totally playing her ass. They fiddled on the rooftop and in the morning, he locked her on the roof (she has no daylight ring) and then treated her like a straight asshole. DICK MOVE DAMON! It was actually hard to watch. We almost forgot how unforgivably ruthless he used to be. Side note: The 70’s suited Lexi well. She looked freaking phenomenal.

"I'm just going to make phone calls all episode and do nothing else."

“I’m just going to make phone calls all episode and do nothing else.”

Stefan: Stefan stayed in town with Caroline, completely unaware that his brother had even taken bitch-lena to NYC. What do they think you are, Stefan? Chopped liver? He and Caroline teamed up to convince Klaus to help them kill Silas, telling him if Silas succeeds in his mission, hundreds of supes that Klaus has killed will be back from the dead. Who do you think those supes are going to go after? Klaus: “My interest is peaked.” Stefan is completely unsuccessful in preventing Bonnie from completing the expression triangle. And… that’s really about it. Stefan, you were barely even in this episode, and you let Caroline kill twelve people, Elena manipulate Damon, and you teamed up with Klaus all for a girl who I honestly don’t remember why you love anymore. I really just don’t know what to say. Your hair looked good? Moving on. Impress me next week please. Thanks.

Klaus TVD 4x17Klaus: Bitch, you just got white-oak staked! I mean, what da fucque?! I honestly thought for a second that you died. Like, really. But thankfully, even Silas finds you utterly attractive and completely irresistible. Then, I remembered you are getting your own spin-off so you can’t be dead. Silas just wanted to give you the pointy end of his stick to remember him by. He needed to let you know that there was a big bad in town. Yup, he just peed on your carpet and marked his territory. “Who’s the Original now, bitch?!” *Mic drop*. Silas is a man on a mission and he is not letting anyone, hybrid or human or whatever get in his way. Here’s my question though, why didn’t he just kill Klaus? He must need him for something. Speaking of needing Klaus for something…Klaus, I need you to stop being such a DICK! I know Caroline has been a bit on edge, but can you blame a woman? You’ve been at this for one-thousand years, and she’s been at it for like two and half seasons. Give a girl a break. Now go paint her some classy f*cking ponies and redeem yourself. Also, please stop bopping Hayley. That’s just beneath you. (For the record, I LOVE Phoebe Tonkin, but Hayley is just a straight up mountain hooker. #justsaying)

Caroline TVD 4x17Caroline: Girl, you know I love you. But there a few things that really bugged me last night. First off, what’s going on with your hair lately? You are Caroline Forbes, Miss Mystic Falls and Cheer Captain! Quit that scrunchy-look with L.A. Looks Level 10 and get that fierce banana curl blow out we all love. I understand you’re trying to deal with Tyler leaving and all, but the best kind of therapy is looking fierce. Maybe I’m being harsh but real friends speak the truth. Speaking of your moment of truth (and the other thing that bugged me), you killed twelve people! Now I know it’s not fair to really call you out on this as you were just trying to save Bonnie, but you’ve got to think before you act. Now you’ve set a whole mess of things in motion. Also, we know you want Klaus. Either stop trying to take the moral high road and make out with him already, or quit flirting with him. I can only imagine what Caroline will be going through in the next episode, dealing with Klaus’s harshness towards her and the fact she just killed twelve innocent people. I don’t envy her right now.

Bonnie TVD 4x18Bonnie: My god woman. You are a walking, talking, brainwashed, wig-wearin’, TRAIN WRECK. It took me a while to decide if I wanted to even write your recap. You always put yourself in these situations that either a) kill your friends/boyfriend b) kill your mom c) kill innocent bystanders d) kill anything breathing. You talk about how fed up you are, and they VOILA! More people die. Twelve in this case, to be exact. That classy coven of witches was trying to save you! Ugh. So Bonnie decides to get brainwashed by Silas-in-a-Shane-suit, and tricks twelve witches into curing her of expressionism when really, she is about to get white-eyed and kill them all for that ridiculous sacrifice ritual. Caroline was the sacrifice trigger. As she saw one of the witches was going to kill Bonnie because they thought “she was too far gone”, she came up behind the witch and killed her. Then, all other eleven witches died because they were linked together. Anyone get that metaphor? Remember how Elena told Rebekah that human emotions, love in particular, is anyone’s biggest weakness? Love and emotion trump rationality every time, no matter what the outcome. Caroline couldn’t stand to see her best friend die, and in saving her, she not only set the crazy Silas ritual in place, but she killed twelve innocent people. Yep, I just brought that shit full circle. #YoureWelcome

Oh, just wait. It gets better. When Stefan takes Bonnie back to her place to recuperate, she wakes up and doesn’t remember anything. Like, nothing. The last thing she remembers is being in the cave with Jeremy on the island and…blank. Yeah, she doesn’t know Jeremy’s dead. Awesome. Can’t wait to bawl my eyes out next week seeing her reaction to that news. Now Bonnie will REALLY go nuts. She already brought him back from the dead once, and that’s when she was semi-sane. Bitch is fifty shades of crazy now, so who knows what lengths she’ll go to in order to bring him back to life. #Don’tCareThough #JustBringBackJeremy

So, what did you guys think? Is there a deeper hole Bonnie can fall down once she finds out Jeremy’s dead or will she realize what Silas has done and try to do the right thing? Will Caroline get a curling iron and an apology from Klaus? All this pressing drama is killing me. Next week, Stefan points out that Damon’s plan blew up in his face, Caroline tells Klaus she’s going to bring him nothing but misery, and Katherine and Elena have a lunch date to discuss the cure. Leave your thoughts, comments and predictions below. Until next time… #FangsOut



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One thought on “The Vampire Diaries Recap – 4×17 “Because The Night”

  1. Savannah (@stefanlover_10)

    I want Stefan to find something better to do….obviously Bex isn’t the best suitor and as much as I would love Stelena to happen, I don’t think it will anytime soon. And I want Klaus and Caroline more than Stefan and Caroline ANY DAY! Does anyone else feel like they need therapy for this show???? Sign me up!


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