The Walking Dead Recap – 3×14 “Prey”

This episode was freaking intense. My heart was racing the entire time. Seeing Andrea on the run from a man that she was trying to protect (and sleeping with) just 24 hours ago was insane. I bet she’s wishing she’d listened to Michonne now. We didn’t get to see Rick (only him being a nano-second away from seeing Andrea reach the prison!), or any of Team Prison for that matter, but they certainly laid the groundwork for an epic battle next week. In this episode, we saw Tyrese prove that he’s really a good dude, Milton act like a little bitch and Andrea train for the 2016 Olympics. Let’s get down to the dirty deets.

Andrea The Walking Dead

“F*ck you Usain Bolt.”

Andrea: She finally realizes that The Gov needs to die, but instead of killing him while he’s prepping Michonne’s torture chamber, Milton convinces her to run and warn Rick and gang instead. She listens to him for some reason and blows past Tyrese and out of Woodbury. Tyrese warns The Gov that she’s left, and he’s f*cking pissed. Andrea starts her journey over the river and through the woods to try to save the prison crew from certain death. There’s nothing more terrifying than knowing the fate of the Team Prison is in the hands of Andrea. So, she’s running and she sees a truck on the road and it starts heading right for her. Of course it’s The Gov. He chases her into an abandoned building. They play a chilling game of cat and mouse with Andrea barely evading The Gov. My heart was pounding! Andrea sicks a ton of walkers on him and is able to escape the building. She continues her marathon. Let me just tell you, last time I tried to run a half mile I fell on the ground in pain and started puking on myself (not kidding), so I’m really impressed with Andrea right now. Finally, she has the prison in her sights and she raises a hand to signal to Rick that she’s there. SHIT! The Gov’s bitch ass grabs her and puts a hand over her mouth, holding her down on the ground so she’s hidden from Rick’s sight. NO!

She was so freaking close! She’s been captured, and we see her tied to a chair back in Woodbury. It certainly looks like she’s about to get tortured or just straight murdered. I don’t know, though. Maybe he’s not going to kill Andrea. Maybe he just wants to be able to brush her hair at the end of a long day. Hopefully, someone stumbles upon her and saves her. I kind of loved her by the end of the episode. She’s redeeming herself. #TeamSaveAndrea.

"Hello there, darlin'. Meet my friend, the shovel." F*cking weirdo.

“Hello there, darlin’. Meet my friend, the shovel.” F*cking weirdo.”

The Gov: My. God. Just when I think you couldn’t possibly get more creepy/psychotic/insane/serial killer-esque, you out-do yourself. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I liked you better when you were just a douchebag. It’s crazy how your ex-first lady felt safer in a stairway of walkers than with your looney ass. Even though she was behind a door hiding, she still had a f*ck ton of walkers vs. you to choose between risking her life with. *Side note*, why didn’t Andrea shut the door after she let the walkers loose on the Gov? Again with the poor life decisions! It’s like we see this glimmer of hope, and then she takes a big shit on us. What gives? Sorry, she redeemed herself this episode and is now in a very hostile situation on the set of “Saw IV.” Speaking of… did you guys check out the Gov’s lair of legit CRAZY?! I was hoping next week’s preview would consist of Liam Neeson busting in ,”Taken” style, and using his “special set of skills” on the Gov’s one-eyed bitch ass.

Take note, Ricktator. That’s how shit gets DONE. Any who, along with being a certified psychopath, the Gov was also an extreme pathological liar in this episode. He made Tyrese think that Andrea was bat shit crazy and off her pills, and tried to come off as this caring, concerned leader. UGH. What a dick. And Tyrese? Really? You believe that noise? Let me knock some sense into you.

"Something doesn't feel right...but I'm just going to keep digger a deeper hole."

“Something doesn’t feel right…but I’m just going to keep digging a deeper hole.”

Tyrese: Have you heard of this thing called, “intuition?”. Oh, you have? You know what makes intuition so relevant and meaningful? When you LISTEN TO IT. You think the Gov is a crazy mofo with a hidden agenda? Guess what Sherlock, *ding ding ding* you’re right! What are you scared of anyways? Have you seen yourself? No one will mess with you. You’re like Wolverine. Big muscles, a big heart, and killer chops. Everyone likes you. Except for the bad guys, a-la the Gov and that idiot that keeps thinking he can somehow intimidate you with his whiny voice and insecurities. #getreal. I’m ready to see Tyrese become a permanent part of Team Prison. I know it’s coming… because spoilers and the comic books told me so. Also Tyrese, I’m going to need you to work on your aim. You’re a shitty shot and there’s no time for that in a zombie apocalypse.

The-Walking-Dead-MiltonMilton: I just have a couple of things to say to you: 1) Stop being such a little bitch. Pull your head out of The Gov’s ass and realize he wouldn’t think twice about killing you. 2) Watch your back. The Gov has his “eye” on you. I have a feeling Milton won’t be supporting The Gov for much longer. He’s already fallen off the bandwagon-cult that is The Gov and “all his greatness”. Also, were you the joker that burnt up all the Walkers? (Notice how I said WALKERS not BITERS. Yeah, that still bugs the shit out of me.) The Gov seemed to give you a Michonne-style stink “eye” when he said he already knew who lit the match. #ohsnap. Milton, since you’re new at this, I’ll drop you a hint: that was a threat. You might as well pack your lab and head for the woods. At least the Walkers won’t tie you up in a torture chamber and do God knows what to you. Ah! Andrea! She bugs the crap out of me, and she needed a good reality smack in the face, but I don’t want to see the poor woman tortured! Milton, please save her. Get some of those happy pills from your lab stash and put that shit in the Gov’s coffee. Not only will it knock him out/distract him for a few hours, but it’ll put him in a better mood.

This week was all about Andrea, The Gov and Woodbury so I’m expecting an overdose of Team Prison in the next episode. Next week, we’ll see Rick contemplate giving up Michonne and… Daryl’s face again (seriously, not even a single shot of him all episode?). That’s honestly all I could really pay attention to. #TeamDaryl. Leave your thoughts, comments and predictions. Until next time…



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