Being Human Recap – 3×09 “Of Mice And Wolfmen”

Let me just say, I NEVER want to see Aidan that close to death ever again. It was heart wrenching and my stomach was in my freaking throat. I hated it. So, while Aidan’s situation just got significantly better (because he’s not dead), Sally is pretty much screwed and Josh and Nora are in major danger. In this episode, Sally punches a hole in her face with her toothbrush, Aidan has flashbacks of his wife, and a lone wolf serves Josh and Nora a crock pot dinner. Aw! How sweet. Let’s get down to the dirty deets.

Aidan Being HumanAidan: My baby’s got the plague! He doesn’t want to spend his last days lying in bed, so he goes to work. Kenny begs him to change him before he dies. That’s freaking rude, Kenny. When Aidan goes home, he starts having flashbacks of leaving his wife and returning home as a vampire. His wife was straight balls to the wall, because she cut her hand and fed him her blood. She also tells him that he’s a beautiful creature and that he deserves the chance to live. What a good wifey. While Josh and Nora are having a dinner party and meditating downstairs, Aidan’s upstairs about one hallucination away from kicking the bucket. Aidan looks like he’s just about to die, having a seizure with blood streaming out of his eyes. THEN he gets better. Say what? Yup! All better! We learn that werewolf blood is the cure to the virus! Booyah! Then Aidan makes the dumbest f*cking decision EVER. He tells Blake. Really? You might be able to trust Blake (well, probably not), but you don’t even know all the vampires in the area and what they’ll do. In fact, they killed the first werewolf they came across. So… fail. #poorlifechoices.

Let’s talk about Kat for a second. Kat comes to the house and thinks Aidan has the flu and tries to take care of him. How sweet is that? She barely knows him and she wants to make sure he’s okay. If some dude (a sketchy one at that) told me he had the flu, I would NOT be hanging out at his house. I’d just tell him to call me in a couple of weeks when he knew he wasn’t contagious anymore because I wouldn’t want to be catching that crap. I don’t care if you’re Brad f*cking Pitt. I’m not nursing you back to health. It’s gross.

Plus, why would you think someone would want you to hang out with them when they’re sick? No one wants to hang out when they’re puking all over themselves and rolling around in their own stench, especially when you’re still in the courting phase of the relationship. Don’t you agree? Okay, this has gotten out of control. Moving on. In one of Aidan’s flashbacks, we see his wife tell him that she doesn’t want to be a vampire but that one day, when he’s able to love again, he shouldn’t run from it. *cue the waterworks* Aidan goes to the school where Kat works and kisses her! Aw! These two are so cute. We’ll see how long he can keep her in the dark about the fact he’s a blood-sucking creature of the night… with a reanimated corpse and werewolves for best friends. I’m sure she’ll find out in a less than ideal way because that’s just his luck.

Sally Being HumanSally: First and foremost, where is that orange blouse from that she was wearing? I really need that in my closet. So, Zoe tells Sally that Nick bit her, and not in a hot and heavy sexual way. Like, in a f*cked up, serial killer way. Sally goes to see Nick and tells him she ate a rat. She’s so ashamed until Nick tells her that it’s not that bad that they have to eat fresh animals if they want to survive. Of course he doesn’t think it’s a big deal, because he’s been mowing down on the neighborhood felines every day. On her way home, Sally eyes caged animals in a pet shop window like I eye the dessert line at a Golden Corral. Mmmm… puppies.

When Aidan’s all better, he asks Sally how she’s doing and she says, “I ate a mouse. It was just one time!” She tells him how she was falling apart, literally, and that she’s going to cut herself off cold turkey and essentially let herself die. Sally! Don’t give up hope girlfriend. There has to be something they can do to save her. I feel a Donna visit coming in the near future.

Josh and Nora Being HumanNora & Josh: Nora sees that Josh has been scratched, and even though she looks upset, I bet inside she’s like, “F*ck yeah. Now I don’t have to change alone for the rest of our lives.” I mean, that’s what I’d be thinking. Josh tells her what Aidan did for her when he was in Liam’s captivity and that he’s infected. Shocked, Nora goes to the hospital to find Aidan and tells him thank you and that he needs to go home and rest. So, when Nora woke up in the woods after changing, she met a naked werewolf dude named Pete who lives out there in a trailer. She told him to come by the house sometime, and he takes her up on that offer that same night. Pete shows up to the house with a crock pot full of chile. While the timing is inconvenient, the gesture is nice as f*ck. He shares how he got scratched while on a back-packing trip with his parents when he was 14 and how he had a rough time dealing with it. Pete struggled to find peace with his wolf until he discovered meditation. He suggests they try it too (which they do) and Josh actually starts seeing shit in his head from his wolves’ perspective. This Pete dude actually dropped some solid werewolf wisdom on them. Pete leaves and they’re like, “Oh, shit. Our bestie is dying upstairs alone. Whoops.” Josh and Sally stay by Aidan’s side when they think he’s dying. I love when these three are in scenes together, although I prefer it when one of them isn’t dying. Let’s face it though, one of them is always on the brink of death. Anyway, at the end of the episode, Josh meditates again and he sees his wolf. It’s f*cking beautiful and I’m hoping this means that Josh will start embracing and coming to peace with his wolf. #Namaste

Oh, and Nick’s a full-blown zombie and I think he might have eaten Zoe. Aw shit. I’m assuming in the next episode we’ll see the fallout from Aidan telling Blake about the cure for the virus. I’m still wondering if Aidan will actually turn Kenny and if he does, whether or not he’ll be able to handle a newbie vampire while trying to court a lady. I seriously doubt it, but who knows. Next week, we’ll see Stevie has the raw meat munchies too, Josh and Sally bury a body and Aidan tries to hide his true self from Kat. Good luck with that one, buddy. Until next time… #FangsOut



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