Being Human Recap – 3×08 “Your Body Is A Condemned Wonderland”

Being Human 3x08 You're Body Is A Condemned Wonderland

What on God’s green Earth is going on? This episode was insane. Sally was literally falling apart, Aidan got tortured by Liam for intel on Brynn and Josh got down on one knee. Let’s get right down to the dirty deets.

Aidan 3x08 Being HumanAidan: Nora and Aidan run into each other at the hospital while they’re both working, and when Aidan asks if they can just get along, Nora tells him that she needs to get to the bottom of what happened to Erin first. She is not having it right now. Feeling like seeing Kat would cause more trouble at home, he goes to find her and break off the date. She doesn’t allow it though. She literally tells him that he may not cancel their date. Kat doesn’t want to let a sexy history buff slip through her fingers. I feel you Kat. I wouldn’t just let Aidan walk away either. They never actually got to have their date though, because Liam comes to get Aidan and ends up chaining him up and torturing him for information on Brynn. Aidan doesn’t give anything up. In fact, he actually covers for Nora. For this, he deserves the coveted TeamTSD hashtag, #PUREMAN. Josh shows up to save him, and although he gets him out of there, he doesn’t make it in time to keep Liam from injecting him with infected blood. NO! NOT MY AIDAN!

You guys know how I feel about him. We know Aidan won’t die, therefore we know there’s a cure. What could it possibly be? Could it have something to do with Kenny? I’m sure we’ll be seeing him again next episode since we didn’t see him at all in this one. Let’s just hope they don’t go to Soup Kitchen Donna for help. That never seems to end well.

Josh Being Human 3x08Josh: I just want to start out by asking, does anyone else feel like Josh is always the one holding everything (and everyone) together? More than any other character, he is the one who sticks up for his friends and would do anything to protect them.  For this, he also receives the coveted #PUREMAN hashtag this week. Josh finally asked Nora to marry him, and he did it in the cutest way ever! He took her to see a house they could never afford and actually put an offer on it so that they’d let him look at it. When he proposes, he promises her that one day they’ll have something like this, have a normal life and then he tells her he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and that he loves her no matter what and that… UGH!!!! I can’t.

They are just too cute. Nora says yes and they celebrate by bopping around in the house. Josh’s happiness is pretty damn short-lived, because he runs into Kat who says that Aidan left with some guy that said he was “Brynn’s dad”. Josh realizes what’s happened and asks Nora where Liam changes. He goes to save Aidan and we learn he’s somehow a great shot. He shot one of Liam’s look-outs in the leg from the damn wood line. #impressive. When he gets to the room where Aidan is being tortured, he’s just a little too late. Liam has injected him with the virus already. He manages to shoot Liam though, which gives him enough time to untie Aidan so they can escape. Liam changes into a really f*cking scary wolf, and before Josh can get out of the room, he gets scratched! I knew Josh wouldn’t remain a human very long! I actually yelled “YES!” out loud when he got scratched. Now him and Nora can wolf out together forever and ever. How freaking cute is that shit?

NoraNora: You were a smidgen better in this episode. You actually said yes to Josh when he popped the question which was so sweet (even though you’re still grieving). You two are meant for one another. So, Nora is still skeptical of Aidan and the part he played in Erin’s death. Ugh! I can’t wait for her to find out that Liam smothered Erin to death in the hospital. I also can’t wait for her to find out that Aidan completely covered for her when he was being brutally tortured by Liam. If Liam knew she killed Brynn, he’d kill her in a heart beat. You get that Nora? That’s what friends do! They protect one another. Now, forgive Aidan for killing people and kicking Erin into a coma so the house can once again be in harmony.

SallySally: Let me just say, Sally looks freaking fabulous for having a rotting skull. Work it girl. Sally goes to see Nick, who also came back from limbo, to see if he was having any trouble with his body staying fully intact. Sally also notices that he’s feeding stray cats. Aw! How nice. Nick acts just fine until she leaves and he pulls his shirt up and we see that he too, is rotting. Oh, yeah. And remember the cute cats Nick’s feeding? He’s actually eating them. It looks like it stops the rot. Hey, at least he’s not eating people like a full-on zombie. #perspective. #couldbeworse. Later that day at the office, Sally is watching Max put makeup shit on a dead body. Sally tries to swipe some product to take home to mend her rotted face, but Max walks in and asks what the hell she’s doing. Sally actually tells Max the truth and he not only believes her, he takes it surprisingly well. Really? If someone told me that they used to be a ghost, got brought back to life by black magic and are now decomposing, I think I’d handle it a little differently. Like, I don’t know, maybe run really f*cking fast in the other direction.

But no, Max is an excellent boyfriend and he brings his Caboodle full of dead people make-up over to her house to patch her up. She’s looking funky fresh and everything is going smoothly until Aidan (who’s just been beaten to a pulp) comes in the house with Josh and Sally refuses to tell Max what’s going on. This could put a strain on their relationship. So, that’s pretty much it. Oh yeah… and Sally mowed down on some raw meat from the fridge and f*cking loved it.

Our trio has officially hit rock bottom. Well, I’m sure things will get even worse because that’s just their luck, but shit’s real bad right now. Aidan’s been infected with the virus and it’s spreading, Josh will be turning on the next full moon and Sally just polished off 2 pounds of raw hamburger from the fridge. I don’t know how they come back from all of this. Especially Aidan because as far as we know, there’s no cure. Oh, and Liam is still NOT dead and I doubt he’s going anywhere anytime soon. Next week, Sally eats a rat and… ok, that’s honestly the only thing I got from the promo. Leave your thoughts, comments and predictions. Until next time… #FangsOut



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