Supernaturally Hooked On The Winchesters

Lindi of TeamTSD here. A few mornings ago, I’m just sitting on my couch tweeting and drinking my coffee when my hubs walks up to me with the laptop and says, “Look what I just did.” I couldn’t believe my eyes. This is what he wrote:

In the words of the Grateful Dead, “What a long strange trip it’s been.” Being married to one part of @TeamTSD has been… entertaining. I can’t handle The Vampire Diaries very well, but it’s tolerable. I just like to go to my happy place on Thursday nights and think of all the impossible things that had to have happened in my life to bring me to the point of watching teen vampires swoon over each other in high school while talking in British accents, yet all the while dealing with adult issues. It’s mind boggling. However, one TV show that I have been watching (reluctantly at first) has been Supernatural. It has sort of taken over my life.

No really. My wife and I have had conversations about naming our first born son Dean. I mean, why not? Second born? Yep, Sam. I think we both joke about it, but there are also very real, “I’m serious” stares that we share. It all started about a month ago when my wife convinced me I should watch season one of Supernatural and see what I thought. Because I was tired of her whining about it, I begrudgingly went along for the ride. From the first monster I watched Dean and Sam kill, I was hooked like Whitney Houston in a crack factory. Too soon? I quickly realized that each episode of Supernatural lives out every one of my manly fantasies, one hour at a time. Killing monsters while being half drunk on whiskey is pretty high up on my bucket list.

I acted tough at first. Lindi would say, “Brad, why don’t we watch another episode of Supernatural? You aren’t watching anything anyways.” My response was, “I don’t care. Do what you want.” It wasn’t long before we were both huddled up on the couch with our glasses of wine for 8 hour Supernatural marathon Saturdays on Netflix. Re-runs for her, but a whole new adventure for me. I’m a big supernatural buff anyways, not just the show, but real life shit. I’m very glad to report that Supernatural actually gets it right when they talk about and hunt all the different creatures. I give a lot of credit to the writers of the show for keeping it real and actually following the myths and legends. One problem though, I think Dean said that Bigfoot’s aren’t real in some episode a few seasons back. Well, in this case… Dean is a fucking liar. One day, we will find that son of a bitch… one day.

I think Crowley is just misunderstood. He’s not a bad demon, he’s just doing his job. Being King of hell has to be a bitch and he gets a bad rap for it. Nobody likes the IRS man either. He flat out ruins people’s lives with his audits and bullshit. But at the same time, he gets a paycheck, attends BBQ’s, and would probably be an alright guy to drink beer with but he would still audit the shit of out you if he had to. It’s the same with Crowley. He will shake your hand while stabbing you in the face and still apologize for using a dull blade. Let’s be serious, he’s too classy to stab you in the back. You get what you pay for, and Crowley is just a demon doing his job. Keep it up big man.

I love Sam and Dean. As a man, I admit this and am completely at peace saying it out loud in public, too. Even though some of my co-workers might think I may or may not wear ladies underwear when I go out on the weekends because I rank Supernatural right up there with the Walking Dead, and defend it, but you know what, fuck them. However, at times, I do get concerned with Sam and Dean’s “Burt and Ernie” like relationship, but I don’t have a brother so I can’t really relate. They literally move heaven and hell for each other and that’s pretty cool no matter who you are.

I’m not thrilled that Bobby died. I liked his character. He was like Whistler from the Blade movies. The ghost angle was alright too, but I’m glad they did kill him off officially because he didn’t need to hang around like a helpful Slimmer from the Ghostbusters. I do envision the final scene of the series whenever they do end it as Dean, Bobby, Sam, the Mom, John Winchester, those two chicks from the bar that blew up, the old grouchy black hunter guy that Bobby stabbed, the Joe Dirt guy from the bar that knew things, and probably one or two other characters from the show all kicking it in heaven in a final scene drinking beer or sitting around a campfire or at that hunters-only bar or something. Castiel will probably be there too. Who knows, but that’s my bet. Any takers?

Also, here’s to Dean kicking the shit out of those redneck hunters that killed them in that hotel and sent them to heaven. Remember when Dean said something to the effect of “When I wake up, I’m going to be pissed”? I’m waiting to see that reunion like Tiger Woods waited on his ex-wife to take the kids and leave for the weekend.

One thing I’ve been wondering about lately: where is the archangel to protect Kevin Tran like an archangel did for Chuck? I’m pretty sure Castiel said that archangels are tied to prophets to protect them. Well, Kevin Tran’s archangel sucks. One possibility, maybe Chuck is God? He did disappear in that one episode after finishing a book. Just saying.

I’m finally caught up to season 8, but not all the way. I’m down to paying per episode on Amazon and I’m completely cool with it. Soon I’ll be ready for Wednesday night with the rest of the world of Supernatural even though I guess the show is on some kind of break right now which is just fucking fantastic. Who knows if I’ll be allowed to write again. You may or may not hear from me in the future. If you like, you can follow me on twitter at @bradsmith319. I don’t really tweet anything funny or cool but even a blind squirrel can find a nut every now and then….



Okay, so I added the “xoxo” part at the end. Besides the bash on my beloved Vampire Diaries, I’m super proud of him for letting his Supernatural freak flag fly. Maybe you guys will hear from him again in the future. #FangsOut

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