Remember the TitansLast week’s episode was every nerd’s dream. I have been fantasizing about being a Greek Goddess/marrying a Greek God since I was 12. Don’t act like you weren’t, either. Being draped in ivory silk and bathing in rose petals and 2% milk never sounded appealing? #GetReal. Anyways…Dean and Sam were in the batcave investigating a case about some joker who was found frozen and dead in the road from being hit by a car with a bird eating his guts, and all of a sudden he disappeared in, like, two seconds. The cop that witnessed this insisted that it was a zombie, but Sam and Dean being the PRO-FESSIONALS that they are were like, “Um, yeah, you crazy. Everybody knows zombies aren’t real.” Really, Winchesters? Tell that to Sheriff Rick:


Anyways, Dean and Sam (well, Sam really), discovers that this crazy mofo is…A GREEK GOD! They witnessed him coming back from life themselves while in a morgue where his temporary corpse was laying, and then brought him back to their hotel room to figure out what da fucque was wrong with him. After Sam figures out that he is Prometheus, the boys dive into how they can save him from For those of you that aren’t familiar, the Greek myth of Prometheus is that he stole fire from the Gods after Zeus took it from the humans. (Really, Zeus? What a dick.) After Zeus caught Prometheus doing this, he cursed him with dying EVERY day for all eternity. Oh, and it doesn’t stop there. He dies a different way every time: heart attack, hit by a bus, choke on a potato chip, you name it. I’ll give Zeus one thing, the man sure is creative and doesn’t run out of ideas. When you live for eternity you have to entertain yourself somehow, right? Don’t want to end up like this bitch:


So if you think that’s the worst part, just wait. It gets worse. Apparently, Prometheus let his hormones get the best of him, and he conceived a child with some chick at the bottom of a mountain like six years prior. This kid has the same curse, too. #GREAT. So not only do Sam and Dean have to save a frackin’ Greek God, they have to save his bastard son. #LifeOfAHunter. The boys summon Zeus to talk negotiations, and it doesn’t go as well as planned. Zeus shows up, and his aura just screams asshole. They trapped him in some kind of spell (similar to the ones they use for demons), and Zeus was not happy. He got all sassy and wouldn’t negotiate with them at all. I love how Dean had like no fear from any of Zeus’s threats. God of gods, Zeus, shows up in a Hugo Boss (pun intended) tailored suit with lightning coming from his fingertips Heroes-style:

and Dean’s like, “Yeah, whatever. You’re fingertips don’t intimidate me. I’m outta here.” Dean is such a badass. Pretty sure I’d be shitting my pants if Zeus was real, let alone five feet from me. Prometheus on the other hand…he looked more like a Patagonia model than a God, but that’s just me. Anyways, Prometheus’s baby mama fell for Zeus’s thousands-of-year-old tricks, and broke the trap. THEN (if things could possibly get any worse), Artemis shows up. For those of you who slept your way through Greek Mythology in your freshman courses, she’s the fierce bitch who is the Goddess of Hunters. She has been slacking lately, though, and has basically been her dad, Zeus’s, bitch since forever. *Side note*: her true love is also Prometheus. Sam and Dean get to her weak spot (Prometheus and his eternal suffering), and get her to stand up to Zeus and save Prometheus and his baby mama and son. Prometheus ends up getting put in the line of fire, and dies from her mythical/magic arrow. #GreekTragedy #TrueToForm. Shit was sad, but the son was saved, so all is well.

“Yay!” (Ok, so I just wanted a reason to use this .gif, *sigh*)

I love episodes like this. Supernatural truly steps outside the box when it comes to creating and giving us something fresh and original to look forward to on Wednesday nights (or whatever night it is for our international lovelies). This hiatus blows, but I can’t wait for the return. Give us Cas! And even Crowley for crying out loud! Until next time…



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