The Walking Dead 3x12

Last night’s episode was…weird. But, it was totally necessary. Rick admitted he’s bat shit cray, Carl once again annoyed the hell out of us (even though he did get Lil’ Ass Kicker a crib), and Michonne kind of got on our good side. Let’s get down to the dirty deets:

"And you all thought I was crazy..."

“And you all thought I was crazy…”

Rick: Geez oh Pete’s mister, you have lost your marbles. However, I saw glimpses of the old Rick last night. The old Rick would never have left crazy Morgan alone in his city of stakes and booby traps, either. And I take the part about Rick losing his marbles back. Rick is as stable as a coma patient (pun intended) compared to that Morgan joker. Rick sees hallucinations of his wife in a wedding dress, and this guy has made his walls his own personal journal. I’m not talking about a journal you wrote in when you were twelve with a 1-5 ranking of the boys you liked. This guy had rando serial killer words and a map of the whole town the Grimes’ used to live in. Which is completely practical considering…it doesn’t f*cking matter anymore. Anyways, I think the point of this episode was to show the audience that Rick will be OK. They had to throw another kind of crazy in there to show that Rick isn’t as bad as everyone thinks he is (well, sort of). At the end of the episode Rick straight up admitted to Michonne, “yeah I’m a looney, so…you drive.” Michonne was all like, “yeah, that’s cool. I used to talk to my old boyfriend. Who’s dead. #nobigs.” Then they moved on. Oh, and stole some poor man’s really nice duffel after he was mauled by Walkers (and begged them for help, which they refused). #apocolypseproblems #survivalofthefittest #getwiththeprogram

"Bitch, don't you touch my cat sculpture!"

“Bitch, don’t you touch my cat sculpture!”

Michonne: I always knew she was a crazy cat lady pre-apocalypse! (Did you check out that sweet cat sculpture she snaked from the restaurant? #weird) She really stepped it up in this episode. I honestly don’t believe she has any ulterior motives. She just wants to belong! I mean think about it, she’s never been a bad person, just kind of bitter and stubborn. We also never saw her around children before, and seeing her interact with Carl showed a softer, sincere side. I mean she didn’t have to get that picture of Carl, Lori and Rick for him from that Walker-infested restaurant. But seeing his stupid little face get all sad about it had some sort of effect on her. Or, she was just hoping he’d get mauled by Walkers or lose that damn sheriff hat. Either way, we gained a whole new perspective on Michonne. I think we even saw her, *GASP*, smile?! Maybe not, she could have just been thinking about slicing Carl’s head off. #toofar?

"I love risking other's lives for no reason but my selfish, childish motives."

“I love risking other’s lives for no reason but my selfish, childish motives.”

Carl: UGH. You’re such a brat! Yeah, let’s leave your nut-job dad with the even nuttier Morgan in a room full of enough guns to start WW5, just so you can paint the town red all for a damn picture. Da fucque is wrong with you? Then, you take Rick’s only defense (Michonne) and risk her life while she baby sits you. You drive me INSANE. It was kind of badass though how Rick was all perched and military-like about to make a move on Morgan, and Carl just walked up like a freaking boss and BOOM. Shot him. Rick was all worried that Carl would be “upset” for shooting a non-Walker. Um, Rick…he shot his mom IN THE FACE. (After he watched her give birth to his baby sister.) Give me a more traumatic scenario, and I’ll give you my Vampire Diaries Con Gold Pass Ticket. Ok, I won’t do that. But really, Carl is fine. The guy didn’t even die. And even if he did, Carl would just go mope in a corner somewhere and cause more trouble that would ultimately put more people in danger, and then probably die. It’s what he does. I guess he has a purpose: f*cking shit up. More than we can say about Morgan, though…

"The difference between you and me, Rick, is that I KNOW I'M CRAZY!"

“The difference between you and me, Rick, is that I KNOW I’M CRAZY!”

Morgan: Dude?! What happened? You were so with it way back when you saved Rick in season one. Right…? Actually, let’s think about this for a second: you kept your son in a neighborhood full of Walkers, where he couldn’t talk too loud, laugh, or enjoy the outdoors. Oh yeah, and his mom was “walking” around outside 24/7. Come to think of it, that’s some pretty psychotic behavior. Like, f*cked up. Shoot your zombie wife and get your son out of there (he died, PS. #RIP)! And don’t get so damn pissed about the walkie talkie. So, what, like eight months later you decide to turn the walkie on, and you really expected Rick to be like, “yeah, bro! I’ve just been sitting here waiting for you!” God. What an idiot. So his solution is to create a Lord of the Flies-like lair and write creepy ass shit on the walls. Let’s not forget about the hundreds of guns he hoarded, too. At least Rick and Crew militia’d up. They will be locked and loaded when it comes to the showdown with the Gov. Hell yeah!

So like I said, last night’s episode was totally bizarre, but totally necessary. Rick has admitted he has a problem, #firststeptowardsrecovery, and he seems to be in a somewhat stable place for what’s to come. The Prison Gang is now armed with weapons till the end of the zombie apocalypse,  and from the look’s of next week’s preview they are going to need them. Apparently, Andrea seems to fall for another one of the Gov’s lies and schedules a “peaceful” meeting between him and Rick. Come on, girl. We all know he is using you and your naked body double to do his dirty work. #youresmarterthanthat #notreallythough

Until next time…



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