Being Human Recap – 3×07 “One Is Silver And The Other Pagan”

Our favorite little supernatural family is in a lot of trouble. In this episode, Aidan has to deal with Victoria from Twilight who’s trying to use Kenny for his blood, Sally meets up with an old pal, and Nora blames Aidan for Erin’s hospitalization. Let’s get right down to the dirty deets.

Aidan Being HumanAidan: When Aidan goes to see Kenny (aka Bubble Boy), he comes across another vampire, Blake. She’s an 11-year-old (vamp years), ginger bitch who’s told Kenny she’ll give him the gift of eternal life. The deal is, Kenny sustains Blake until he’s eighteen and then she’ll turn him. When Aidan goes back to the hospital later to see Kenny, he finds that Blake has taken way too much blood from him and he gets straight pissed. He really cares about Kenny. Blake tries to play the victim and then says, “We could run Boston.” Really, bitch? Aidan’s like, “Been there. Done that. Get out mah face.”  He is NOT having it. Aidan tries to tell Kenny that the relationship between a vampire and their maker is complicated, but Kenny tells him he has to get out of this hospital no matter what. I don’t blame him a bit. Aidan tells Blake that he’s going to turn Kenny himself so she can just go fly a f*cking kite. Deuces, Blake!

Bubble Boy isn’t the only thing going on in Aidan’s life. He happens to see Nora’s friend, Kat, again. She is having trouble with the pipes under her sink and Aidan offers his help. They bond over their shared love of history and Kat’s obviously impressed by his knowledge of old-ass shit. Usually, a bottle of Grey Goose and 12 Boneless Mild Wings from Buffalo Wild Wings impresses me, but to each his own. Kat shows up to the hospital to bring Nora food and her and Aidan talk until Nora shows up and acts like a little bitch about it. That doesn’t stop Aidan from going to Kat’s house later that night to ask her on a date. I feel like having a lady in his life is probably the last thing that Aidan needs right now. He has people who are trying to hurt him, and Kat will end up in the crossfire. Guarantee it.

Sally Being HumanSally: Remember Bridget from Season 1? Yeah. She’s back… with a (questionable) black bob and a new hobby. Sally and Bridget have lunch where Sally explains that she’s not a zombie, just a reanimated corpse that can accessorize. Bridget’s new hobby just happens to be taking part in a Wicca group. Couldn’t just pick up cross-stitching or scrap-booking Bridge? Anyway, she invites Sally to a Wicca group meeting and while Sally doesn’t really want to, she eventually caves. She goes to the meeting and pretty much looks at everyone like they’re a bunch of crazies (because they are). She realizes that the passed “loved ones” they think they are connecting with are just old geezer ghosts taking over their bodies for perverse reasons. Hey, the after-life has to get pretty f*cking boring. I’m sure people can get quite crafty. Sally tells Bridget that the reason she feels her “mind empty” is because she’s getting possessed, not because she’s doing cool witch shit. Sally wants her to forget about her and the whole ghost world so that she can move on and have a normal life. When Sally goes home and gets ready for bed, she puts on her PJs, makes a cup of tea and brushes out clumps of hair. Yeah, you heard me. Clumps of hair. In fact, it looks like her scalp is rotting. Donna, what the hell did you do? #SaveSally

JoshJosh: After getting bitched out by Nora for trying to stand up for Aidan in the slightest, he has a little talk with Liam. Josh asks what the f*ck he’s up to with Erin. He knows that he has something to do with Erin trying to hurt Aidan. Josh’s attempt to threaten Liam had literally NO effect on Liam. Like… zero. Liam doesn’t give two shits. Josh meets up with his sister at the hospital (he literally calls her “Sis” instead of her name to remind us who the f*ck she is), and he talks to her about wanting to marry Nora. I feel like with everything going on, he would have put the proposal plans on hold, but whatever. #priorities. His sister already knew what was on his mind, because she brought him their Grandma’s gorgeous engagement ring. Stop bringing up Julia by the way. Nora is 100x better than her. Although, I’m starting to question how I feel about her. Which brings me to…

Josh and NoraNora: Yeah! Let’s all defend the rando, troubled teen-wolf we met literally 2 or so weeks ago! Get a grip. I love you, but you don’t even know this girl. Nora automatically jumps to conclusions about Aidan’s actions. I think she forgets that she too, is a monster capable of murder. Oh wait, she DID murder someone. If she accidentally busted out of her storage unit mid-change one night and killed some people, Aidan wouldn’t judge her because he’s her FRIEND. Nora wants Josh to admit that Aidan did something wrong and puts him in a horrible spot by asking him, “If it came down to it, which one of us would you choose?” Oh, I’m sorry. Are we in fifth grade again? Josh is an adult. If he wants to have a best friend and a main bitch, then he can. We’re about to see Nora straight lose. her. shit because Liam killed Erin. I repeat, LIAM KILLED ERIN. I hope it doesn’t take her too long to figure out it was him so she can spend her energy hating him instead of Aidan. Oh, and RIP Erin.

Well, it looks like the gang is in a shit ton of trouble. Blake left the hospital but I’m not sure she’s out of the picture just yet. Aidan has to decide whether or not to give birth to a new fanged-son. If he does, I hope he realizes that between finding a viable food source for his progeny and keeping him from murdering a bunch of people, there might not be a lot of time to court a lady. #JustSayin. And what the hell is up with Sally’s scalp falling apart? I’m sure Donna conveniently forgot to mention a pretty important part of bringing her back. In next week’s episode, Josh pops the question to Nora and Aidan gets tortured by Liam for information on Brynn. Until next time…



Music from the episode

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