The Originals – Fan Art

In anticipation of a Vampire Diaries spinoff show about the Originals (created by Julie Plec), fans have been putting their creativity to work and dishing out some amazing art. These are too cool not to share. Enjoy!

Tumblr: theloupgaroux

Tumblr: theloupgaroux

The-Originals-promo-pictures-the-originals-33684626-419-629 The-Originals-promo-pictures-the-originals-33684624-1233-1850untitled The-Originals-the-originals-33691657-1280-1790 proxy BDtfGoqCYAEbnt5 BDxoaTrCAAAbZ4h

Have you created your own Originals spinoff art? Share it with us! We’d love to see it.

Details on the Originals Spinoff

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