The Walking Dead Recap – 3×11 “I Ain’t A Judas”

The Walking Dead 3x11

The Gov is such a perfect villain. He’s so evil without saying anything at all. It’s just the look in his eye. Did you guys notice he got a proper pirate patch for his peeper? Finally! In this episode, we see Rick attempt to pull it together, Michonne dish out some of the worst stink eyes we’ve seen from her in a while and Andrea try to come to her senses about The Gov and fail. Let’s get down to the dirty deets.

Rick The Walking DeadRick: When your adolescent son (who shot his mom in the face) tells you it’s time to step down… it’s time to step down. Just sayin’. Why don’t you just let Daryl run the show for a bit? So, Andrea shows up at the prison and Rick doesn’t trust her. When she starts telling him that they should try to work things out with The Gov and join Woodbury, he’s pretty much just like, “F*ck you, bitch” and walks away. I don’t really blame him. Just 24 hours ago, The Gov shot up the prison with no regard of who he killed. He could have killed Carl. By the end of the episode, it looks like Rick might be in a better place mentally. Then, ALERT THE MEDIA, Rick held his baby and actually looked happy about it. He didn’t even see ghost Lori the entire episode. That has to be a good sign, right?

The Gov The Walking DeadThe Gov: This mother f*cker is bonkers. He lined up every able body in Woodbury to create a little army. He didn’t even care that the one kid had asthma. So rude! His little rat of a side-kick ran and told him that Andrea was trying to go out to the prison without telling him. The Gov told him to help her. He obviously has no regard for Andrea, and I’m sure he never really did. He is completely hell-bent on killing Rick. To make things worse, Tyrese and his gang are at Woodbury getting patched up when The Gov comes in to say hello. Tyrese spills the beans that they were at the prison and say that Rick’s a freaking psycho and they’ll help him get into the prison. Really? I feel like Tyrese is a smart enough guy to realize that The Gov is no good. Hopefully, he figures that out before he builds him a 3-D model of the prison made of toothpicks. This is so bad. Someone kill this joker already!

Andrea The Walking DeadAndrea: She leaves the town to head for the prison. She takes a page from Michonne’s book, cuts off some walker’s arms and then curb stomps him in order to use him as a decoy. #fiercebitch. She runs into Tyrese and Co. in the woods (remember Rick went nuts and made them leave?). They’ve never met each other which is highly inconvenient because Andrea tells them about Woodbury, and when they ask her what the French she’s doing in the woods with a walker on a leash that looks like those robot claw grabber toy things you can buy with about 550 tickets at the arcade, she’s like, “Oh, just on my morning jog.” Right… okay. Maggie spies Andrea coming towards the prison gate and alerts the group. They help her inside (well Rick all but punches her in the face) and she reunites with the group. Seeing her with all of them again warmed my f*cking heart. She belongs with these people. Michonne and Andrea get to talk for the first time in what seems like forever. It’s easy to forget these two have such a history. Michonne drops the bomb that The Gov sent Merle to kill her. Are you getting it yet Andrea? Apparently not, because when she’s back in Woodbury and has the chance to kill him while he’s sleeping, she can’t do it. Girl, be the fierce woman you are and END HIM!

Daryl The Walking DeadDaryl: Carol is the only person that he’ll listen to. When she calls the prison their “home” after telling him she’s glad he’s back, he calls it a tomb. I know you’re upset about your situation Daryl, but this place is a step up from your previous situations over the past couple of years so you should appreciate that. Then, she tells him that his brother is no good for him and he just smirks and chuckles. If anyone else tried to say that to him, he’d rock their face with his bow. I just hope Daryl can keep his brother in check at the prison. I don’t want to see Daryl have to be torn between his asshole bro and his Team Prison family. Oh, and I’m still waiting for Daryl and Carol’s relationship to go to the next level. All in all, there was definitely NOT enough Daryl in this episode. I’ll be expecting a Daryl overload next week.

Merle The Walking DeadMerle: I told Merle last week to jazz that nub back up and apparently he listened. He started putting a new blade on it using Duct tape. Every quality redneck knows that Duct tape fixes everything. Lamps, TVs, car bumpers, leaky roofs and even nubs. Merle has a talk with Hershel about how crazy The Gov is and then goes to try to clear the air with Michonne. She’s not having it. You wouldn’t either if someone chased you through the damn woods trying to kill you. Merle has a lot of work to do if he wants to reclaim a spot in the group. Everyone is against him right now. I don’t think he’d dare do anything at the prison because he’s totally out numbered. However, I do think if it came down to it, he’d sacrifice someone to save himself (Shane style). Let’s just hope that Merle can get his shit together, because if he pulls one more dick move, I’m done with him.

Hershel The Walking DeadHershel: I say this every week but, Hershel is wise as f*ck. He tells Rick to shape up, get his head together and do something. He’s right. Now is definitely not the time to have a psychotic breakdown, but then again, when is? Hershel has a little chat with Merle in the prison. I mean, what are the chances that two people who lost limbs because of Rick end up in a prison having a heart to heart? Merle surprises the shit out of us by reciting a Bible verse. I thought he probably just read Hustler Mags that he picked up from whatever road-side gas station he just raided. #CharacterDevelopment. Merle does share with Hershel how bat shit crazy The Gov is. They’d all be wise to listen to this. Hershel spends the rest of the episode just being awesome in general and making grand-fatherly comments like a f*cking boss. I would like someone to create a pocket-sized toy Hershel that when you pull the string on his back he says some wise shit to make you feel better about your life like, “At least you don’t have one leg in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Marinate on that.” God, that would be so awesome. I’m a f*cking genius.

Next week, it looks like Team Prison is on the offense and attacking Woodbury. Hopefully they left the prison guarded well enough since Tyrese knows how to get into the prison and seems pretty willing to share this intel with The Gov. Will Andrea be able to betray The Gov? Will Rick’s hallucinations stop long enough to take him out? And will Carl really be ready to step up to the plate? Leave your thoughts, comments and predictions. Until next time…



2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Recap – 3×11 “I Ain’t A Judas”

  1. Violet

    I am def pissed at Andrea. No way I would have left my peeps! She is part of them. And I knew she wouldnt take out the Gove , because thats just too easy. I am beyond livid that she slept with him after he talked to her, and after she found out what he did to her friends. I think she didnt stay because Shane was dead. I truly hope Tyrese will figure the Gov out before betraying the group. I heard he was going to be a main part of the show, so I guess we’ll see. DEF not enough Daryl in this epi, and Hershel just makes me happy 😀

  2. teamtsd Post author

    I think Andrea will still side with Team Prison in the end, but it would definitely have been too easy for the Gov to die in his sleep. When he goes down, it’s going to be epic and dramatic. I think she only slept with him to make him trust her again, though. Tyrese is a pretty big part of the comics and from what I’ve heard, he’s a good guy so I’m waiting for him to come to his senses. It will probably take Rick saving him and his crew or something like that. I like Tyrese already so I’m excited for more of him.


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