The Vampire Diaries Recap – 4×15 “Stand By Me”

So, how is everyone coping after this episode? If you’re handling the aftershock like me, that means you barely got any sleep, had to use extra concealer to hide the puffy bags under your eyes and have listened to this song 50 times in the past 12 hours. Needless to say, I’m having a difficult time coping. Julie Plec, the entire cast and the crew truly outdid themselves with last night’s episode. Just incredible. This has to be the most intense and heart breaking episode in TVD history. Their faces…

F*CK! It was all too much. I was pretty much sobbing through the entire episode. In 4×15, we saw Elena in a deep state of denial, Rebekah still hunting for the cure, Bonnie go completely off her rocker and watched one of our beloved characters go up in flames. Let’s get down to the dirty (and highly depressing) deets.

Elena TVD 4x15Elena: Can we say Emmy Award winning performance boys and girls? For the first half of the episode, we watched Elena completely deny the fact that Jeremy was really dead, still holding on to the hope his ring would save him. She was being irrational and refusing to release the body to Meredith. She didn’t even realize that Jer was stinking up the whole house. I hope at some point Stefan ran to Wal-Mart to get some Febreze plug ins or something because that house had to be smelling rank as f*ck. Vampires have a heightened sense of smell, so I imagine Stefan and Caroline were trying to hold in their vomit the whole time. Elena was so out of it that she didn’t even realize that his corpse was decomposing until later. So, Elena started soaking the house with lighter fluid and she was all like “I’m gonna burn this mother down,” and Stefan and Caroline were like, “You better not… you better not!” (#OrangeCountyReference) Stefan realizes that Elena is straight losing it and calls Damon because he knows the only way to stop her pain is to invoke the sire bond. Damon shows up just in time to watch Elena flip her damn lid and light a match. He keeps her from burning down the house the first time. When Elena finally passes through the denial stage of grieving, she has a mental breakdown and realizes that Jeremy really isn’t coming back. This was the saddest thing we have ever watched on The Vampire Diaries. Stefan tells Damon to help her and Damon puts his arms around her and tells her to “turn it off.” Wait, say what? She does eventually burn the house down (sans-humanity), saying it’s the best cover story they have for Jeremy’s death. Jesus. We’re about to see an Elena we have never seen before. I don’t know whether to be excited or scared.

"Ugh, being perfect and saving the world is exhausting."

“Ugh, being perfect and saving the world is exhausting.”

Damon: We say it every week, Damon is a character writers dream about, women fantasize about, and men question their sexuality over. He is so goddamn selfless it’s sickening. He stayed in those creepy ass woods with an immortal psychopath on the loose to look for Bonnie, all in order to bring her back to save Jeremy and put Elena’s mind at peace. Did you die when you saw Damon say to Bonnie, “I could hug you right now”? AND THEN HE HUGGED HER?! I jack-hammered my stomach with my knee I was so #impressed. Damon has come so, so far. He is literally my favorite character on the show. JP and team write him so well, and they always stay true to his core. I wasn’t even mad when he told Elena to “turn it off” when she was scratching her face off and crying about how much her life sucks balls. Wouldn’t you turn it off if your mom, dad, biological mom and dad, legal guardian, aunt, friends, and now brother all died because you were some supernatural doppelgänger with blood that makes the most terrifying creatures on the planet? I mean really. Damon knew it was what she needed. He hasn’t even used the sire bond to his advantage. He puts her first before EVERYTHING. However, and I can’t believe I am saying this, I don’t even think that I like Damon and Elena as a couple…at least not right now. Seeing Elena have pure, genuine love is so captivating that I can’t measure anything to it. Since she is sired to Damon, well…we don’t know if it’s as real as she thinks it is. I can’t wait for this sire bond shit to be over so we can see them truly be in love.

"Watching people die never gets easier...*queue insta-brood*

“Watching people die never gets easier”…*queue insta-brood*

Stefan: First things first. Your coat was vintage class last night. And your hair? It hasn’t looked that good since 2011. #welldone. Now to the dirty deets…your love confession to Damon last night?! #holyshit. I LOVE how the brother bond was addressed. Damon says something to Stefan about why he commanded Elena to turn it off. He talks about how he would feel if he lost his brother, and he wouldn’t be able to handle it. #brozone #brolove. Stefan is all like, “oh shit…you’re right.” Damon even put his hand on his shoulder. God. Last night was such an emotional roller coaster. Stefan has been letting Damon take the reins lately, and I’m not even mad. Stefan is in a weird place right now, and he’s not really level-headed. Sure, he is putting Elena first, too, but Damon is the one taking care of things and getting shit done. #ClassicDamon. Stefan recognizes that, and he’s letting Damon do his thing. This speaks volumes about Stefan. He knows when he needs to step back and let others do shit, because he knows it’s for the greater good. I’m ready for Stefan to get all Rippah, though. I don’t really want him to go asshole crazy, just be the sexy badass that he is when he lets go of his humanity. You know you want that shit too.

#GirlInterrupted #batshitcray

#GirlInterrupted #batshitcray

Bonnie: Why does Bonnie ALWAYS fall for Shane’s manipulation tactics? Bonnie wigs out when Shane tells her that Jeremy is dead, and he uses that as motivation in convincing her to kill TWELVE people in order to bring him back. Is this a joke? I really hope at that point in time Shane was actually Silas and using mind control, otherwise I’m really disappointed in Bonnie’s life choice (although, that’s nothing new). The fact that she’s so gung-ho about murdering a bunch of people makes me think that she’s not in her right mind and Silas has something to do with it. Here’s my question. Why the f*cking French would they all just let her go home and hang out by herself after they just listened to her little spiel about massacring a bunch of people and bringing every supernatural creature from supe-purgatory into the real world? WHY?! I know everyone was super concerned about Elena because she was losing her damn mind and making it rain lighter fluid up in her house, but Bonnie’s about to bring on the apocalypse so you should probably not leave her alone. Just saying. I feel really bad for Bonnie, though. This entire season she’s been used and conned. Bonnie, I don’t know how many times we have told you to get the hell out of dodge and never look back. I’m afraid it’s too late now because it looks like Silas is in Mystic Falls and has officially made you his bitch. Aw snap!

That. Face. #idie

That. Face. #idie

Matt: It’s been a long time since we’ve given Matt his own section of the recap, but let’s be honest, he totally deserves it this week. The first sob-fest inducing scene of the night was Matty walking in the room and seeing Jeremy lying dead in the bed. There is still something very special between Matt and Elena. They’ve grown up together, and of all the people in Elena’s life right now, he knows her the best. Watching these two hug it out was moving as f*ck. Matt takes Elena to the stoner pit to show her some graffiti on a wall and gives her a little pep talk. If anyone knows what she’s going through, it’s Matt. He lost Vicki just last year so he understands how it feels. Granted he hasn’t lost his mother, father, Aunt, and guardian, but whatever. He tells her there is always hope. *lost my shit* I would LOVE more scenes this season between these two. Their friendship and love for each other is pure and it takes us back to the beginning of season one when things were so much easier. Then, there was the scene of Matt crying in his truck over the loss of his best friend.

Holy shit balls. Seeing Matt Donovan cry is the worst. I just wanted to jump through my TV and hold him and tell him that everything’s going to be ok… and touch his abs. I really hope Matt stays human. Lord knows someone in this town needs to have a heartbeat and their humanity fully intact.

Yeah...your boyfriend's dead.

Yeah… your boyfriend’s dead.

Caroline: Ok, so Tyler’s totally dead. Caroline called him more than I called my ex-boyfriend after he dumped me at my eighth grade formal, and she didn’t even get a courtesy text. Klaus is gone…Tyler is MIA…yeah. I’m going to say he got daggered by Mr. Mikaelson himself. I’m anticipating an episode where crazy Silas gets Bonnie to bring back all the supes for a hot minute, and Tyler’s ghost ass will show up. * queue Caroling losing her shit * Marinate on that for a second. I love scenes with Caroline, Bonnie and Elena. No matter what, they are all best friends for life and are there for each other. Even when one of them is acting like a f*cking lunatic. *cough, Bonnie, cough* I love how Caroline has no filter. She does not sugar coat it and she shouldn’t have to! Killing twelve innocent people just to bring back a bunch of supernatural crazies is insane. Sure, she would love to see Lexi/Alaric/Jer/etc., too, but she doesn’t want them back if it means resurrecting crazy mofos like Esther and Daddy Mikaelson. #heardthat. Preach it sister. Someone has to put things in perspective.

"I'm so pretty and fierce. Ugh."

“I’m so pretty and fierce. Ugh.”

Rebekah: Why are you wandering in the woods looking for a cure that you will never get? Her blowout was even starting to damper. I would totally be down for a Rebekah/Katherine show down, though. Someone needs to put that bitch in her place. I love me some Katherine, but she killed Jeremy! #unforgiveable. I mean, Elena is your blood, girl. Sure, you didn’t kill him with your own backstabbing hands, but you put him in the line of fire and let the most dangerous immortal being drain him dry and snap his neck. What the f*ck is wrong with you? I hope Rebekah kicks her ass. And Bex, quit being scared of shit in the woods. You’re a fracking original. You could back handspring off someone’s face and then make them literally kiss your ass. #ownit. I’m still confused about her stumbling over Shane’s disgusting body. So…Silas is Shane? Shane is Silas? It looks like Silas took the form of Shane to manipulate Bonnie. Which (pun intended), would explain her hallucinations and inability to “expression” herself out of the worst hot mess we’ve ever seen her in. Sorry, got a little off track from Bex, but my mind is going a million miles a minute right now. #TVDDoesThatToMe.



Jeremy: I can’t believe we are actually saying goodbye to Jer. I didn’t see this one coming. It seems like just yesterday he was smoking joints in the stoner pit, wearing black nail polish, slangin’ pills at The Grill and hopelessly in love with Vicki (J + V). Watching Jer, his sketch books and his Chucks go up in flames made me cry like a 13-year-old girl who just got followed on Twitter by The Biebs. It’s just so unbelievable. I already miss him. Good bye little Gilbert. We’ll never forget you.

Rest in peace little Gilbert.

I’ll say it again. This episode, and the performances all the actors delivered, deserve awards. Lots and lots of awards. Fingers crossed that no one else has to die this season because I don’t think I can emotionally handle it. Damn you Julie Plec for causing permanent damage to my tear ducts. They’ll never be the same after that episode. In the next episode (which airs March 14, 2013) Elena will be donning her cheerleading uniform again (yes!), snacking on humans in broad daylight and bearing it all in front of Damon and Stefan. Losing JerBear and Damon turning Elena’s humanity off has certainly changed everything. And so a new chapter begins…

Until next time…



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