Remembering Jeremy Gilbert

1994 - 2013We bid adieu to little Gilbert in episode 4×15 “Stand By Me”. We knew that someone was going to die in season 4, but never did we think that it would be him. His death leaves Elena with literally NO family at all and Bonnie and Matt will no doubt suffer from his passing as well. We are so sad to see him go. He was just starting to step it up and get some action. We already miss him dearly. In honor of him, let’s take a look back at some of our favorite (sad and happy) Jeremy moments over the past 4 seasons. Make sure you have a box of tissues nearby. Here we go…




Jeremy when Elena busts in on him in the men’s room in 1×01:

Confused and in pain after he sees Vicki die in 1×07:

Jeremy trying to comfort Tyler in 2×01 after Mr. Lockwood dies:

Jeremy and Bonnie’s first kiss in 2×14:

Jeremy and Elena before Jenna’s funeral in 2×21:

Jeremy and ghost Anna kiss in 3×07:

Being a badass and decapitating that hybrid to save Elena in 3×10:

Jeremy and Matt sharing a drink in remembrance of Alaric in 3×20:

Jeremy and Elena working together to kill Kol in 4×12:

Bonnie and Jeremy’s little moment in the cave & seeing him shirtless in 4×14:

Watching Jeremy and his belongings burn with the Gilbert house in 4×15. RIP:

Are you crying yet? Yeah… thought so. Leave a comment and share your favorite Jeremy moments of any season. Gone, but never forgotten little Gilbert.

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