Being Human Recap – 3×06 “What’s Blood Got To Do With It”

Being Human Syfy 3x06

This season is causing me some major anxiety. I think I’m getting way too emotionally attached to these characters. In this episode, Sally almost killed her brother, Erin’s in cahoots with Liam and Donna proves that she’s the one in control. Oh, and we got to see some pretty sweet Revolutionary War era flashbacks of Aidan and Bishop. Let’s get down to the dirty deets.

Aidan and Bishop Being HumanAidan: This was probably one of the coolest episodes ever because I love me a good vampire birth flashback scene. We already knew Bishop turned him, but we didn’t really know how it all went down. Long story short, Aidan (armed with a sweet pony and mutton chops) saw Bishop draining soldiers and went after him. He realized that Bishop wasn’t human but he still tried to fight him because it was the right thing to do. Bishop is like, “You’re a bad ass. You’ve got spunk. I’m going to turn you.” Aidan’s like, “You better not.” Then Aidan wines about being a vampire, gets turned, wines some more and then eats one of his comrades. Bam! And that’s the story of how Aidan became the most awesome creature on the face of the planet. I feel like Aidan should write a book about all his life experiences. It would be the most amazing, mind-blowing book ever. I’d read the shit out of that.

Anyway, so Aidan goes back to work and Bubble Boy starts asking him questions about being a vampire. Turns out, he wants to be turned into a creature of the night. Can you blame the kid? Vampires are f*cking ligit. They can’t (usually) die or get sick and he wouldn’t have to live in a glass hut inside a damn hospital anymore. However, there are also some pretty solid reasons why turning him would be a horrible idea. For one, there’s a vampire plague and Bubble Boy is Aidan’s only source of clean blood. Then, there’s the fact that he’s like 16 years old. Dude, just wait a few years. No one wants to spend eternity as a teenager. There’s also the fact that Aidan would need to look out for this kid and show him the ropes. He’s got enough shit on his plate right now and that house doesn’t need another emotionally damaged teen living in it. Their posse is dysfunctional enough as it is. Speaking of damaged teens, Aidan came home from work and went in the fridge to get his dinner. Little did he know, Erin had spiked his blood with her own and it poisoned him! The last scene we saw, was him lying on the kitchen floor with blood coming out of his eye balls and Erin standing over him with a stake. Seeing him like this just kills me.

Aidan Being Human

Son of a bitch! This is too much. How is Josh going to react when he realizes that Erin’s been brain washed by Liam and trying to gank his bestie?

Josh Being HumanJosh: I feel so bad for Josh in every episode. He’s such a good dude. He just wants to live happily ever after with Nora, save his friends from dying and keep the house clean. Josh’s moments with Erin in this episode were cute, even though she was being completely fake. He walked in on her in Aidan’s room and expected the worst, but she tells him she was looking for a place to turn on the next full moon. Josh tells her he’ll get her a storage unit right beside Nora’s so they can change together. Aw! Isn’t that so sweet? Erin would rather run free in the woods, and I don’t blame her for that. I really believe that even though she has ulterior motives, she looks up to Josh. I mean, he has given her a home and SOME stability which is better than her previous situation. P.S. I’m still sticking to my theory that Josh isn’t completely human and that killing Ray just broke the curse of having to turn on every full moon. I’m waiting for something to piss him off enough that he hulks out and turns into a werewolf. Something is going to happen, because he can’t be a human for too long. That’s not the way this show works.

Sally Being HumanSally: She had it rough in this episode. There’s a knock on the door and when she goes to answer it, she sees that it’s her brother. Well… shit. She tries to hide from him for a while but he eventually runs into her. She can’t bear the thought of losing her brother (even though he seems like a shady character) so her and Josh visit soup kitchen Donna for help. Donna, in typical dark magic bitchy fashion, tells Sally she can’t help her. Sally gets the bright idea to hold her at knife point and force her to help. That doesn’t work at all because Donna uses her witchy joojoo to levitate Sally and strangle her. This bitch is serious. She does have SOMETHING she can do, though. She tells Sally that she’ll take away the curse of her killing whoever she sees from her past in exchange for her soul when she dies. Sally jumps all over that and agrees, even though Josh tries to get her to stop and think about it for a minute. I get that family’s important and shit like that, but who knows what Donna is planning on doing. We all know it isn’t something good.

Max, I need to talk to your for a second. Are you listening? Okay. Stop pouting and being a little bitch. Sally barely knows you and she’s obviously really close with her roommates. If she doesn’t want to talk to you about her family issues, then you should just leave it at that. Just because you had a super hot bonding sesh on the grieving couch and she told you she liked your french toast, doesn’t mean you’re privy to all the details of her life. If you think the fact that she has family issues and won’t tell you about them is bad, wait until you find out she’s a reanimated corpse who’s sold her soul to a ghost-grits-guzzling witch who works at a soup kitchen. #ManUp.

Erin Being HumanErin: You little trickster. In the beginning kitchen scene, I really liked her. I felt like she was a part of the family the way she stole Aidan’s orange zest french toast and sprayed whip cream straight into her mouth. It was almost like she fit right in. I knew that Liam was up to something and I thought maybe he turned Erin, but NO! He jedi mind-tricked her into thinking they’re “family” and convinced her to kill Aidan by doping his blood with her own. You are officially back on my shit list chica. I want to like you, but if you continue to come between Josh and Nora and attempt to kill my future husband again, I’ll reach through my TV and end you myself.

I just want to mention how much I loved seeing Bishop in this episode. He is such an awesome character and I’m a big fan of Mark Pellegrino, so I’d like to see him in some form or another in every episode. Please and thank you.

Things are not good for our gang. Not good at all. Sally is going to have to figure out how to keep from dying because Donna’s going to be on a soul quest. Maybe Aidan can turn her so she’s immortal! Aidan will have to decide whether he wants to turn Bubble Boy or not, which I’m 100% won’t end well no matter what he decides to do. Josh is going to have to step up to the plate and deal with Liam because he’s getting out of control. Oh, and I really missed Nora in this episode. In next week’s, Sally starts shedding and Nora defends Erin. Until next time…



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