Just off to save the world (again) in that muscle car. #NeverGetsOld

Just off to save the world (again) in that boss muscle car. #NeverGetsOld

Well guys, it got real in this episode. Not only were there hell hounds, there was a horny horse tamer and a family more bat shit crazy than the Kardashians. Sam and Deal still saved the day, of course. Now lets get down to the dirty deets:

"Live a normal life? HA. I just choked on my roadside burrito. That's hilarious."

“Live a normal life? HA. I just choked on my roadside burrito. That’s hilarious.”

Sam: Is he the little brother or big brother? Sam really stepped up to the plate, and he has been doing so consistently for the last couple episodes. All Dean wants for Sam is for him to live a normal, fulfilling life. What Dean refuses to accept, though, is that Sam can’t live a normal life. I mean the guy’s a damn HUNTER OF SUPERNATURAL DEMONS. How can someone find peace with themselves after that? How can you have kids without wondering whether some crazy black smoke is going to blow up their asses and possess them till next Tuesday? You don’t know, and you never will. #realtalk. Sam has accepted this and is going balls deep into whatever it takes to save the world. Think about how far Sam has come. In the first couple seasons he was still aimed at wanting a “normal” life. Sam has grown up to accept the path his life has taken, and he won’t let Dean babysit him anymore. #YouDoYou #SaveTheWorldAndStuff

Dean holding handcuffs? Um...#yesplease

Dean holding handcuffs? Um…#yesplease

Dean: Don’t let the Sam recap discourage you. Dean Winchester is the epitome of #pureman. You define what Greek Gods are made of, and you have the jawline of an Egyptian bust. I could sing your praises till I was blue in the face, and then keep subconsciously talking about you. Everyone gets how you want to be the martyr and conquer the three realms of hell yourself, but no man journeys alone when they have a hot brother who’s willing to help. You can’t go into a fight against the King of Hell guns/demon daggers-a-blazing all rogue. Did Braveheart’s William Wallace go into battle alone? No. He took his brothers with him, and they fought together. You’d think he would know this considering he role-played that exact character two weeks ago. Let’s just toss that gif in there again:

See how badass that is? I bet Crowley would shit his pants if he saw that.  #JustSaying. Don’t worry, Dean, you and Sam won’t succumb to the depths of Hell. Unless, of course, season 9 is set there. #HOLLA! #SPNSEASON9 #NotThatItsASurprise #FanGirlHashtagFreakOut

Puts a WHOLE new meaning to dysfunctional family.

Puts a WHOLE new meaning to dysfunctional family.

The Cassidy Clan: These guys are just a big ball of white trash millionaires. Like I’m talking snowball effect of crazy assholes. They have a Hugh Hefner wannabe for a dad, a washed up teen queen pop star with an excessive drinking problem, a brainwashed real-housewife, and a slutty sister who studies abroad. The Winchesters thought that they all had sold their souls at the crossroads at one point, and so they locked them all in a room to see who would geek out first. (Remember, if you are being chased by Hell Hounds, you start to hallucinate and go cray-cray). Think the boys got their hands full? Just wait. Guess who the Crazy Cassidy’s sold their soul to? CROWLEY. #notkidding. It’s like they can’t escape that mother. Any-who, the hot ranch-hand, Ellie, was also included in this hot mess. She sold her soul to Crowley so her mom could play golf in Arizona. Really? That’s it? You couldn’t have thrown a pair of Tiffany studs in there? Whatever. Dean, of course, saves her in her too-tight tank-top and distressed jeans. She left to go run and hide, and the family was set free. Oh yeah, one of the daughter’s got mauled by a Hell Hound. She slept with the her sister’s husband though so that shits just #karma.

Needs a shower and a kleenex. #stat

Needs a shower and a kleenex. #stat

Kevin: Boy was a HOT.MESS. in this episode. He hadn’t showered for a month and was on the verge of having a massive addiction to pain killers. You’d think the word of God would be a little less perilous and a little more righteous. #justsaying. Sam and Dean swoop in and have an intervention Supernatural-style and make Kevin take a shower and a nap. After a little R&R Kevin calls the boys to tell them he found the way to send all the demons back to Hell for good: the three trials. Sound familiar? Buffy fans will remember a similar path that spike took to get his soul back. #legitshit. Anyways, Dean of course is like, “All me bro. Go live your life and be normal.” We all know how that turned out.


I love episodes that are about the season’s main story-arc. So much shit happens you have to watch it twice. Which means you get to re-watch this:

Clark Kent ain’t got nothing on this.

What do you guys think will happen with the rest of the trials? I honestly don’t care, as long as the boys take their shirts off next. Until next time…



See next week’s trailer here.

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